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How to Maintain a Dry Basement

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A basement is important to be maintained dry in the home, but because it is built below ground level your basement can be vulnerable to mold.  Mold needs three things to grow: a source of moisture, organic material, and a dark, temperate space with little airflow. If you want to get rid of the mold, then get rid of at least one of those three things. Most walls in homes are a great place for mold to grow. The mold you see on your walls is surface mold that was formed due to a colony of mold that has established itself in the back of the surface. Even if you have concrete walls they are still a perfect spot for the mold to breed and create mold spores.


To keep the mold out of the basement several important things need to be done. First any water that makes its way into the basement needs to be guided out. Our WaterGuard below floor drain, which is the ideal choice for waterproofing is first. The Floor drain is put underground but above the foundation footing. This keeps this drainage system out of the “mud zone”. The WaterGuard drain system prevents any clogging and guides the water into one of our premier sump pump systems. To make sure that the moisture is kept out of the air we recommend a Sanidry dehumidifier which normally removes 110 pints of water per day and is self draining. The walls will also need to be protected from moisture seeping in through the walls. Our CleanSpace basement wall vapor barrier, which prevents leaks and mold growth and is essential for any basement. Given the naturally damp environment of a basement, installing a vapor barrier on a wall is essential for protecting the basement.  


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