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Spring Into Flood Readiness.

This is the season your basements dread. If you live in certain parts of the state, and if your basement is prone to flooding, you may be reading this waist-deep in water right now. Melting snow followed by spring rains often translate into having a lot of extra water. And maybe you've heard – there was a lot of snow this winter, and quick thawing. Be prepared before it is too late!

Any number of things flood your basement. Let's say the power goes out in the middle of the night during a storm, and the sump pump stops pumping out excess groundwater. By morning you may find a pool in your basement. Even if you just get moisture in your basement that is enough to cost you plenty in damages due to mold. NOW is the time to think about having your home evaluated. Here at Connecticut Basement Systems we have everything you need in regards to waterproofing in just one visit.

With our TripleSafe™ Sump Pump System you won't have to worry about the power going out and the basement flooding, because our system comes with a back up battery that operates independently. Our TripleSafe™ Sump Pump System is our most reliable sump pump system. With three pumps, we make sure that your are covered when the rains come. 

If the water comes through the walls or even if they come down the steps, our WaterGuard® system is the ideal choice for waterproofing. This French drain is designed to be installed below the floor slab, resting on top of the foundation footing. This keeps this drainage system out of the "mud zone", where drains can clog. The water flowing through the Waterguard flows right into our TripleSafe Sump pump and out of the home.


Don't you think it's time to prepare for the rains and make sure that you are protected? Get your free waterproofing quote today!