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The Wearing o' the Green? Not in the Basement!

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Mold Spores

Have you seen signs of green mold in your basement or crawlspace?

That's not a sign that your basement is celebrating St. Patrick's Day. And sadly, mold isn't always green or visible. It can lurk behind walls and ceilings and under floors.

Whatever color it comes in, it doesn't belong in the basement or anywhere in your home. But it often thrives in below-ground spaces where moisture lurks and walls and flooring are made of organic materials (wood, carpeting).

And there are serious consequences to hosting mold in your basement. Check out our summary of mold and dust mite health facts to learn how they affect air quality and your family's health.

If you're looking for a mold-prevention solution, Connecticut Basement Systems offers a two-fold approach:

  • waterproofing services using inorganic, mold-resistant materials
  • our SaniDry,™, a powerhouse basement dehumidifer that also serves as an air filter, capable of drying your basement and then keeping it dry and mold-free.

Take steps today and you'll be hosting a St. Patrick's Day party in the basement next year!