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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: WaterGuard System in Old Greenwich, CT

Friday, August 11th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Old Greenwich basement had reoccurring water issues. The homeowner had a sump pump that clearly was not working. The basement was always damp and smelly. The homeowners needed a solution to solve their concerns. Having water in a basement is always a nuisance and can cause detrimental damage if not fixed immediately. This Old Greenwich homeowner decided to do some research of who would be the best company to hire for this job. Once he saw that Connecticut Basement Systems has been specializing in waterproofing basements for the past 30 years, he knew that they were the ones to call! 


On the day of the appointment, Rick Raucci arrived at the home to give a free, no obligation estimate for the basement. After his inspection, he concluded that a WaterGuard System would need to be implemented to ensure that water would not enter the home. Paired with our other waterproof products, he ensured that they would have a dry basement in no time. The homeowner was excited about the products and agreed that the WaterGuard System would be the right choice for his basement needs.

On the day of production, Kryzstof Wilks and his production team began to install the products efficiently and professionally. 

First, in order to install the WaterGuard System, the perimeter of the floor of the basement needs to be excavated. This system is designed to catch and channel any water that might enter the home. With this said, the system needs to be placed underground to ensure the basement does not come in contact with any water. Once the system is placed, the area is backfilled with gravel. Gravel is used to allow the water to flow freely towards the sump pump. Then, once the system is properly placed, the excavated area is concealed with cement and once dried, it barely looks like there was work ever done!  

Next, we replaced the sump pump with our SuperSump pump. This is where the water from the WaterGuard system is channeled to and the SuperSump pump brings the water away from the home through a discharge line. 

Lastly, a CleanSpace vapor barrier was placed on the walls of the basement. This product prevents any moisture from seeping through the walls. With no moisture entering the basement, it will eliminate any musty odors and will prevent the growth of mold. Not only is a great waterproof product, but the white material gives the basement a clean, fresh look. 

Now, this Old Greenwich homeowner enjoys a clean, dry and odor-free basement, which is everything he wanted! He was very impressed with all of our products and is amazed how well they all work together. 

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Sales Representative: Rick Raucci

Foreman: Kryzstof Wilks

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