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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: Wet Basement Transformation in New Canaan, CT

Friday, October 7th, 2016 by Danielle Lariviere


This basement in New Canaan had mold and water damage to its walls and floors. The corners of the walls were almost completely black, and you could start to see it spreading wider and wider. Mold exposure is not only bad for your home, but it is also detrimental to your health. Moldy, damp environments often cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. This home owner was interested in waterproofing their space, and ridding it of any mold and water problems. They gave us a call at Connecticut Basement Systems and we turned their basement into a healthy, clean space!


After a free, no obligation estimate, we were ready to transform this damp den into a safe space. We wanted to ensure that this homeowner's residence would stay healthy and safe for years to come, and this required installing our industry leading waterproofing products.

First, we put in our SuperSump premier sump pump. It offers an effective and economical solution to your wet basement problems. It comes with an airtight sump lip that keeps odors and humidity out, and protects your sump from debris from the basement floor.

Secondly, our WaterGuard Below Floor Drain was also installed. This product will channel any water that enters the home into its piping, into the sump pump, then out of the home. It is installed out of the "mud zone," where mud under the floor can potentially clog the perimeter. This way, it won't become blocked like traditional below floor drains would.

Finally, to help keep humidity levels down to prevent mold spore growth, they had our SaniDry XP put in. An ENERGY STAR rated dehumidifier, this product works relentlessly to keep humidity levels below 50% at all times. When humidity levels are below this number, mold usually has a very hard time surviving in most environments. This dehumidifier is a powerful blowing motor that works to keep dry air circulating throughout your space, deplete any moisture, and clean the air as it works. 

If you have a basement that needs waterproofing, let us help you! We have been proudly serving homeowners for over 28 years. We continue to pride ourselves in our trustworthy employees and reliable products. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate!

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