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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: Complete Waterproofing in Greenwich, CT

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 by Ben Tripp


This basement located In Greenwich had been having water-related troubles in their basement for years. There were some points in time where the water would be up to three inches of water in the homeowner’s basement. With years of recurring water issues, there was no doubt that this basement was musty, damaged and in desperate need of proper waterproofing. After multiple water issues, the homeowner decided to research for the best basement waterproofing service provider as well as a company that could finish the basement after the waterproofing was complete. That is when the homeowner contacted us, and our very own Sales Representative Douglas Wheeler went out to this home to inspect the basement. After seeing clear water seepage throughout the basement, an appointment to set up proper waterproofing in this basement was made.


The solution our team came up with was to install a proper sump pump within the basement and also a proper drainage system. With these systems working together properly, any amount of basement water can be dealt with and disallow any future water-related issues for this basement. Our crew decided to install a Triple Safe sump pump along with a WaterGuard drainage system.

To begin, our crew had the WaterGuard system installed. This system is put around the perimeter of the basement floors and will collect any water that comes from the ground underneath. The collected water is then filtered into the Triple Safe sump pump, which is an extremely reliable piece of equipment that deters water issues in basements with no problem. The way this specific sump pump works is that it has three pumps that automatically transitions to the proper pump to use at the time. One of the pumps is battery-operated which the system will use if there is a power outage. The other pumps work to take the water collected by the WaterGuard system and pumped away from the house through a drainage line and comes out of a LawnScape grate. This grate is designed to have any unwanted liquids come out of it while also not allowing any small animals, leaves or other small objects to get into the drainage line. With this intricate system, the basement will be kept dry.

After the waterproofing was finished, the homeowner wanted the to have the basement finished to create his ideal basement. After discussing with the homeowner, it was decided that our crew would design the basement to have a washer and dryer room, two closets, a kitchen, pantry, furnace room, and a bathroom. This design was going to involve many of our Total Basement Finishing products, but our crew was able to complete the basement as quickly as possible. As a start, we installed Everlast walls along the perimeter of the whole basement, as well as walls to create rooms for closets and the bathroom. These walls are perfect for any basement as they are easy to install while also not using wood or metal frames or studs which could rot or rust depending on the material. Once walls were put up, our crew installed a ThermalDry tile flooring. The original carpet flooring had to be torn out after years of water issues affecting its smell, coloration, and overall quality. This kind of flooring has specific airspace within the tiles that allow water vapors to stay and eventually dry out while also creating a thermal break to keep floors 8-10 degrees warmer than the usual concrete flooring in basements.

With the walls and flooring complete, 3 doors with new framing were implemented; 1 for the bathroom, one for the closet, and one exterior door that leads to the staircase. All that was left was to install the full bathroom, as well as all electrical components, including a smoke detector and 20 switches, outlets, or jacks. Once the bathroom had all its elements installed and the electrical system was complete, this homeowner was able to see his brand-new basement and the exceptional work done by our crew.

The foreman of this project was Tibor Mrmus and he and his crew was able to transform a once damp and dreary basement into dry and lovely living space in an organized and timely manner. It is safe to say the homeowner was more than pleased with his new basement and it could not have happened if not for our exceptional staff.

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