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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: SmartJacks in Yorktown Heights, NY

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa


This Yorktown Heights, NY home had sagging floors which caused by poor soil under the foundation. The homeowners knew that this problem had to be addressed and wanted to find the best solution. After doing some research on the internet, they decided to trust the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems.


On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Brad Glazer arrived at the home to assess the situation. He assured the homeowners that there was a permanent solution to solve their sagging floors with our SmartJack System. SmartJacks are the only solution that address problem soils and stabilize the area. After discussing the solution in great detail, the homeowners decided to follow through with the project.

On the day of installation, Foreman Victor Alves arrived to the home to install the SmartJacks. After reviewing the locations for each SmartJack, the process began with excavation of a 2 inch square deep hole at each location. The holes will be filled of tightly compacted crushed stone. Next, a pre-cast concrete footing is placed on top of the crushed stone and carefully leveled. Then, measurements are made for the jack posts and are cut to the correct length. Each SmartJack is manufactured with a triple-layer, in-line galvanized coating. This triple-layer coating process includes:

  1. A uniform hot-dip zinc galvanizing layer
  2. An intermediate conversion coating enhances corrosion resistance
  3. A clear, organic top coating to further enhance appearance and durability.

The manufacturing of the SmartJacks are what makes our product unique and the best for sagging floors. These jacks can support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 pounds! Lastly, each jack is assembled in the space and is mounted against the girder. Once this is completed, the foundation is stabilized! 

The homeowners were pleased with the entire process, from Sales to Production and now are at ease that their home is stabilized.  

SmartJacks are the best solution for sagging floors and we are confident that our system works. We are YOUR structural support contractors and would be happy to come out for a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Give us a call at 1-855-200-7133 to schedule your appointment today! 

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Brad Glazer

Foreman: Victor Alves

Product: SmartJack System

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