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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: FlexiSpan in Yorktown Heights, NY

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa


When a basement has a crack in its wall, it can become a concern to the homeowner. Especially if this crack leaks air and moisture into the basement. This was the exact problem this Yorktown Heights homeowner had to deal with in her basement. She wanted a permanent solution that would fix her leaking wall crack. After seeing our advertisements, she decided to contact the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. She called into our Appointment Center who were happy to set an appointment for a free, no obligation estimate. 




On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Chuck Stofko arrived at the home to inspect the wall crack. Upon inspection, he instantly knew that this problem could be solved with our FlexiSpan system. Chuck explained in great detail how this product would solve the problem. After consideration, the homeowner knew that this would be the perfect solution for her basement wall crack and decided to move forward with the project. 

The advantages of FlexiSpan include:

  • Cannot leak or reopen like mortar-based repairs
  • Permanently stops water leakage through basement wall cracks
  • Compatible with our WaterGuard perimeter drainage system

On the day of production, Foreman Justin Vizard arrived at the home to install the FlexiSpan system.  The process follows accordingly…

Step 1: Justin applied a flexible sealant along the full length of the crack.

Step 2: A strip of flexible and porous foam is installed over the crack.

Step 3: Lastly, an impermeable membrane is adhered to the wall on both sides of the foam strip. This is a fail-safe treatment that will allow any future seepage of water through the crack to move discreetly down the wall into the basement’s drainage system.  

This system is a permanent solution and will solve all the concerns. Unlike other “quick fixes” such as applying masonry sealant or patching the crack with mortar. These methods are not likely to fix the problem because any slight movement along the crack can break the seal. 

After the entire system was installed, the crack was no longer a worry to the homeowner. She is now confident that her basement will not be an uncomfortable area due to this crack anymore. 

Do you have a crack in your basement wall that leaks air and moisture? Do not let this affect your basement. Give us a call to schedule your FREE no obligation estimate at 1-855-200-7133. 

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Chuck Stofko

Foreman: Justin Vizard

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