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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: WaterGuard System in Seymour, CT

Friday, February 8th, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


This Seymour, CT basement had a constant water problem every time it rained. This made the entire environment dreary and uninviting. The homeowner wanted his basement to be dry all year long. This frustrated him especially since he was a new homeowner! Wanting a solution, he researched his options and decided to call the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Steve Machnicz arrived at the home to inspect the basement. He noticed that there was discoloration on the walls which is an indicator of water in a basement. However, the main problem that Steve had noticed was that there were insufficient sump pumps which would be the reason for a wet basement. With insufficient sump pumps, water is more than likely to be a nuisance in a basement. 


The solution for this basement was to replace the insufficient sump pumps with a system that would be able to handle any amount of water. A Water Guard system paired with a Triple Safe sump pump was the perfect solution. 

The Water Guard system is installed below the ground around the perimeter of the basement floors and collects water internally. The water is then channeled through the system and is lead to the Triple Safe sump pump. The great benefits to this most reliable sump pump are: there is a three-pump system that adjusts automatically to meet pumping requirements, a battery-powered pump protects from flooding during power outages and there is a removable, airtight lid reduces noise and allows for easy inspection/service. The water that is led to this sump pump is discharged away from the home through a discharge line and through a Lawn Scape. This entire system is what is going to keep this basement dry all year long,

The homeowner also wanted his basement to have a brighter and more welcoming feel so he decided to install our EverLast windows which allow a lot of natural light into the basement and are energy efficient. Paired with the windows are our SunHouse window wells which are installed outside of the window which will prevent dirt and plants from covering the brand new windows. 

Foreman Krzys Wilk and his team installed all of our products professionally and efficiently. By the end of the project, the basement was transformed into a welcoming and dry area that the new homeowner was pleased to be in.

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