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Connecticut Basement Systems Case Studies: WaterGuard and CleanSpace in Bedford, NY

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Bedford Hills crawlspace was unappealing and would have water and moisture enter quite frequently. This was quite a nuisance for the homeowner because she was concern for the health of the overall environment and wanted a dry basement all year around. She did her research and decided to set an appointment with Connecticut Basement Systems since they are the experts in waterproofing crawlspaces. 


On the day of the appointment, our Sales Representative Josh Kroop arrived at the home to give the free home evaluation. After conducting the evaluation, he concluded that a WaterGuard System would need to be installed in order to control the water issue. To prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace, Josh suggested to line the floors and wall with CleanSpace. Lastly, a SaniDry Sedona was recommended to keep the humidity and moisture down. These products would provide the solution the homeowner was looking for and she moved forward with the production process.

On production day, Sid Avis and his production team arrived at the home to begin the process. First, they excavated the perimeter of the floors in order to install the WaterGuard System. Gravel is put around and on top of the system to allow water to move more freely, then it is paved over with cement. This system is directed to the sump pump which then takes the water and discharges it away from the home. 

Next, Drainage Matting was installed to the floors of the crawlspace to properly discharge water from the floor. Then, the walls and floors were lined with CleanSpace, which acts as a moisture barrier. Not only does this product work well but it is also aesthetically pleasing for the crawlspace.

Lastly, the SaniDry Sedona was placed and installed to help keep humidity low. The SaniDry Sedona not only keeps humidity low, but it also eliminates mold growth, musty odors, and dust mites. This will definitely keep the crawlspace in a healthier condition.  

With all the products installed, the homeowner was overjoyed with the results. All the products resolved all of her concerns and now has a peace of mind of her crawlspace. 

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Project Summary

Sales Representative: Josh Kroop

Waterproof Foreman: Sid Avis