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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Glastonbury. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Glastonbury and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Glastonbury, CT
Vicinity of Main Street in Glastonbury
I have water leakage from the foundation into a hall and 2 rooms
Vicinity of Diamond Lake Rd in Glastonbury
Hi! We have a concrete pool deck. A quarter of the deck (2-3 separate sections have settled over the winter. Previous owner has already had the area lifted at some point in the past (we've only owned home for 1 year). Had pool inspected - it looks great. It's just the surface concrete.
Vicinity of Redbud Lane in Glastonbury
I just need a very basic basement cleaning and maybe some drywall/ceiling/flooring put in. thank you
Vicinity of Main Street in Glastonbury
Basement is unfinished. We would like to see if finishing it is feasible within our budget.
Vicinity of Feldspar Ridge in Glastonbury
I have a crack in my basement wall that runs from top to bottom and around a sewer pipe. water comes into the basement through this crack when it rains/snow melts. not sure if the remedy is to patch/fill the crack, grade the land outside or a combination of the two.
Vicinity of Overlook Rd in Glastonbury
Tilting Chimney
Vicinity of Butler Drive in Glastonbury
Dampness In basement; no actual, but stains on concrete. Wondering if I need a curtain drain in the yard before I try to waterproof the basement.
Vicinity of Long Hill Drive in Glastonbury
My basement smells musty which also includes my garage/house. I would like to talk about options.
Vicinity of Imperial Drive in Glastonbury
Purchased a home that has several cracks in the foundation. Suspect drainage and frost heave are a problem. Front stoop has been heaved up. Would like an inspection and advice. Thanks.
Vicinity of Marlborough Rd in Glastonbury
Getting water in the basement. Need sub pump
Vicinity of Hillstown Road in Glastonbury
Basement already has drains and sumps but floor is wet.
Vicinity of Sunrise Lane in Glastonbury
Looking to finish basement.
Vicinity of Great Swamp Rd in Glastonbury
Polylevel concrete around pool
Vicinity of Palisade Terrace in Glastonbury
Water damage to my basement via a faulty dishwasher. Dishwasher has since been repaired, however I need an assessment of what needs to be repaired or replaced, as well as completing the work. Impacted areas include ceiling and celling tiles, walls, and carpet.
Vicinity of Evergreen On in Glastonbury
We are looking for help with window well covers.
Vicinity of Brookhaven Dr in Glastonbury
Water is leaking into our basement. However it only comes in certain spots
Vicinity of Colony Circle in Glastonbury
Minor foundation repair to prevent moisture near one wall
Vicinity of Zenith Ln in Glastonbury
We have water leaking into the basement from the cellar door stairwell. There is an area next to the foundation where the concrete is crumbling. A moderate to heavy rain will lead to water streaming down the wall, then entering the basement from where the foundation meets the stairwell. It's getting worse with each storm.
Vicinity of Olde Stage Rd in Glastonbury
Need price quote for sump pump system on new construction
Vicinity of Great Swamp Road in Glastonbury
We have water that comes into our unfinished basement through cracks in the foundation. We have a grading problem outside and a dry well that can't handle all of the water. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Conestoga Way in Glastonbury
Humid basement with lots of moisture. Worried about possible mold
Vicinity of Butternut Drive in Glastonbury
We have moisture or a leak in our basement. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Griswold Street in Glastonbury
New basement windows.
Vicinity of Hebron Ave in Glastonbury
Wet basement during rain.
Vicinity of Lake Shore Trail in Glastonbury
Basement floods in spring for 2 to 4 weeks.
Vicinity of Cavan Lane in Glastonbury
Very, Very minor problem. House is under contract to be sold. One pinhole leak is in need of fixing in order to close sale. Buyer will not accept Dry-Lok as a solution - even though it would probably do the job.
Vicinity of Neipsic Road in Glastonbury
Looking to remodel the basement as in additinal space for family/kids with separate space for laundry room and utilities. It was previously finishedvbut is currently partially demo'd.
Vicinity of Mountain Road in Glastonbury
Wet basement
Vicinity of Ash Swamp Rd in Glastonbury
Looking to finish our basement.
Vicinity of Manchester Road in Glastonbury
Small house built in 1800s -- less than 800 sq ft wondering how much it would cost to install a 6mil vapor barrier in the crawlspace?
Vicinity of Morgan Drive in Glastonbury
We need to waterproof and hopefully finish our basement
Vicinity of Palisade Terrace in Glastonbury
We get some water seeping into our basement in the spring and would like that problem fixed. We are thinking it's a grading problem and hope that is something you guys do.
Vicinity of Parker Terrace in Glastonbury
Musty smell, flooring, ceiling panels.
Vicinity of Mark Drive in Glastonbury
Looking for basement waterproofing and finishing estimate
Vicinity of Summersweet Drive in Glastonbury
Looking to finish our basement to create extra room with full bath
Vicinity of Orchard Lane in Glastonbury
Hi, I will would like to have an estimate to add an egress to my basement.
Vicinity of Oakwood Dr in Glastonbury
Have a finished basement.... dry (except in recent hot water tank temperature sensor failure and tank pressure relief valve opening). Would like to put in a sump pump to eliminate the issues if it ever happens again. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Spruce Lane in Glastonbury
I would like to install an egress window in a finished basement. Can you provide a quote?
Vicinity of Crestdale Rd in Glastonbury
I would like to have my basement finished as a separated unit. I would like to get your quote and see what services you would provide. Thanks, Majid
Vicinity of Gideon Lane in Glastonbury
I have mold problem in a finished basement. The area of origin seems to come from the bottom of a stairs, where the water pump is located. I'd like to have someone come and give me an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Buttonball Lane in Glastonbury
Need to determine and fix water source in basement. Water pretty widespread.
Vicinity of Juniper Lane West in Glastonbury
Foundation cracking and settling.
Vicinity of East Lake Shore Trail in Glastonbury
As the street name suggests, I live on a lake, so often get water in the basement, especially during the spring thaw. I have a sump pump. The lake is spring-fed, so there is no flooding, but the water table is high. Is there anything your company can do for me?
Vicinity of Ridgecrest Rd in Glastonbury
Brand New Basement - would like to finish.
Vicinity of Palisade Terrace in Glastonbury
Interested in the cost and installation of the SaniDry dehumidifier system.
Vicinity of New London Turnpike in Glastonbury
What to waterprof and paint 800 sq foot baseement
Vicinity of Shagbark Road in Glastonbury
We would like someone to review possible water damage on the fist floor of our ranch.
Vicinity of Gregory Hill Dr in Glastonbury
We are looking for an estimate on a new ceiling for our basement. We have a drop ceiling and duct work, but it sags and looks terrible.
Vicinity of St. Andrews in Glastonbury
My house is 14 years old and has never leaked. recently one of my 4 small basement windows has been leaking down the inside of the basement. A quick inspection showed that the window well is now attached to the house on one side.
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Road in Glastonbury
Need to repair sump pump system in my basement. I currently have two sump pits with battery back-ups in each that both failed during this past storm, resulting in a flooded basement.
Vicinity of Natchaug Drive in Glastonbury
We currently have a finished basement, however, it is extremely musty and gets moldy very easily. I would like someone to come out to the house and give me an estimate for redoing it with mold and mildew resistant materials. Thank you.
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