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Work Requests in Windsor

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Windsor. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Windsor and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Windsor, CT
Vicinity of East Street in Windsor
Water, moisture and bugs in the basement.
Vicinity of Warham St in Windsor
Would like an estimate for replacing old, antiquated sump pump.
Vicinity of Tamarack Dr. in Windsor
Leaks from the wall. Awful smell
Vicinity of Merriman Rd in Windsor
The most recent rain storm caused a flooded basement due to backup from the stormwater catch basin. There is a lot of new development behind my house (uphill) that I believe is putting the existing storm system above capacity. I came home to a sandy wet mess, and after cleaning it all up, need to figure out how to fix it for good. I've lived here for 4 years and have had a flooded basement 2 times so far. The other time it was caused from the actual pipe being completely clogged due to roots. I have since been snaking out and treating the pipe with foaming root killer to make sure it drains to the catch basin. I see my pipe outlet, it is pretty close to the very bottom of the basin due to the required pitch of the pipe, which I think caused the backup from rain surge. The pipe is completely open now and is free to drain. Not really sure what I should do. -Perhaps install a sump Pump in the same location and just pump it outside my house to daylight and let it run down my (minimally) sloped driveway and then into the street basin? Makes me worry about freezing during winter, can get cold in New england. -Replace the entire line (damaged by roots), and install a sump pump to perhaps be able to pump the water to the outlet in the basin (even though it could be completely submerged during heavy rain?) I need to still cut out all my sheetrock and insulation because this time I didnt notice in time, and the mold is already visible in some spots. Very big headache... Not sure if insurance would even give me the time of day for something like this, but look forward to hearing from you guys.
Vicinity of Old Village Circle in Windsor
Our basement recently got flooded and we are looking into options to prevent it from happening again. We also require a quote on how much it will cost to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Old Village Circle in Windsor
We have a recently finished basement and with the recent downpour we had groundwater come in. Would a sump pump save us from this happening again? The house is 3 years old and we haven't had this happen before.
Vicinity of Sheffield Dr. in Windsor
Worried about previously finished space
Vicinity of Mountain Rd in Windsor
Finish basement
Vicinity of Green Manor Ave in Windsor
We need to have the basement floor, walls, and ceiling done.
Vicinity of Mayflower Road in Windsor
We have a crack in the foundation that will leak water with heavy rain, or intense melting of snow. The crack has been repaired by previous owners, although is currently not holding. We have a patio outside of where the crack is, so we are looking to fix this problem from the inside out, if possible.
Vicinity of Juniper Rd in Windsor
Purchasing home and need to know if there are any issues with basement due to moisture. Home inspector has concerns.
Vicinity of White Rock Drive in Windsor
The basement would be an added space. We are looking for a family room and small bedroom and 1/2 bath for our basement.
Vicinity of Giddings Avenue in Windsor
Wet basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Holmes Drive in Windsor
Currently have a unfinished basement, would like to turn it into another bedroom/living area with a very spacious closet. Would possible like to add another small bathroom with a shower.
Vicinity of WARHAM STREET in Windsor
Water table in basement ongoing fill up subpump run nonstop. Looking for consultation.
Vicinity of Winthrop Road in Windsor
We have a crack in the foundation of our family room. It is a raised ranch.
Vicinity of Eastview Drive in Windsor
We have a sun room addition on our home that I think is sinking. It has crawl space under it. Floor is lifting and cracking in walls and ceiling.
Vicinity of Alden Rd in Windsor
I recently bought the house and want to know how much would cost to finish the basement. I would like it to use it as living space.
Vicinity of Craig's Rd in Windsor
When it rains really hard water comes into basement in 3 different areas
Vicinity of Carriage Way in Windsor
Foundation cracks
Vicinity of Tobey Ave in Windsor
My house has a major slope that has got worse over the ten years I have been here. It seems to be poor construction and the lack of proper footers in the basement,
Vicinity of Seymour in Windsor
Need a estimate
Vicinity of Lochview Dr in Windsor
I have an unfinished basement and I need to finish part of it to make a bedroom.
Vicinity of Clover St in Windsor
Vicinity of Sylvia Lane in Windsor
Crack in foundation, need repair quote.
Vicinity of Mountain Rd in Windsor
Basement finishing and fix foundation where old garage door was built into house and moisture is getting in (basement is a walkout).
Vicinity of Pierce Boulevard in Windsor
Patio around our 18 yr oid Inground pool is cracked and sinking in many places and needs repair
Vicinity of Windsor Ave in Windsor
We need a quote on making our basement completely dry.
Vicinity of Highland Ave in Windsor
I have a crack in my foundation that needs to be repaired asap
Vicinity of Hampden Place in Windsor
Need a more permanent dehumidification system for basement
Vicinity of Robin Road in Windsor
Sunken concrete sidewalk.
Vicinity of Tamarack Drive in Windsor
Water leaking into basement, only in one area
Vicinity of Carriage Way in Windsor
Wall leakage in basement
Vicinity of Sawka Circle in Windsor
Wet basement
Vicinity of Rainbow Road in Windsor
Cost for finishing the basement.
Vicinity of Breakwater Lane in Windsor
I want to finish my basement Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Faneuil Street in Windsor
Add moisture vapor to crawl space; strengthen & support floor joists; add insulation in crawl space
Vicinity of Wyndemere Lane in Windsor
We would like to have a finished room in our basement to use as an office space at one end and an open den area at the other end. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Quail Hollow Drive in Windsor
I have mold in my basement and garage add a result of some water damage. I am looking for a way to eliminate the mild and prevent further damage.
Vicinity of Fitzmaurice Cir in Windsor
Looking to get a quote on finishing basement, no moisture concerns other than a musty smell.
Vicinity of Snnyfield Dr in Windsor
Basements water leakage
Vicinity of Windsor Avenue in Windsor
Vicinity of Trapper Circle in Windsor
We are looking to put a subpump in our basement. Would like to get an estimate of the cost. Thanks Email is better as it is hard to reach me by phone.
Vicinity of Prospect Hill Road in Windsor
Looking for quote to finish my basement. The main concern is that our ceilings are too low:(
Vicinity of Clover Street in Windsor
Hi, I am looking for an estimate to finish a basement
Vicinity of Rood Ave in Windsor
Open sump is constantly filling up with water that smells bad. Sumo pump is running a lot. Neighbors don't have the same problem.
Vicinity of Michael in Windsor
My basement leaking
Vicinity of Pond Bridge Road in Windsor
I have a slight 2-3" leak in the basement foundation in the corner where the wall meets the floor.
Vicinity of North Worthy Street in Windsor
Hello, I have been living in my home for the last 7 years and have always had a small seepage problem during heavy rain. Nothing big enough that I couldn't clean up from time to time. However, over the last 2 years it seems as though I have been having to clean up more often. The seepage occurs where the foundation meets the slab. Also there seems be a poor floor repair made by the previous owner that can have water seep through the floor during the heaviest of rain. I would be interested in having someone come to take a look and explain my options and the costs involved. The home is currently for sale and it has not only been a nuisance but a concern for several potential buyers. Thank you in advance, Robert
Vicinity of Park Avr in Windsor
Would like an estimate for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Giddings Ave in Windsor
I am a new home owner that does not know the history of my unfinished basement, so I want to be proactive. I would like quotes for waterproofing and finishing.
Vicinity of East St in Windsor
Mold & moisture
Vicinity of Briarwood Drive in Windsor
My basement gets wet
Vicinity of Kennedy Rd in Windsor
Possible mold and mildew problem in basement (which leaks on occasion) and curious about radon levels.
Vicinity of Scarborough Road in Windsor
Looking for a quote on waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of Adam Hill in Windsor
We are having wet basement problems with dirt and mud coming in also. Tried digging on the outside of the house at the foundation to locate the problem and have not found the problem yet.
Vicinity of Pebblebrook in Windsor
Would like an estimate on completing the basement.
Vicinity of Robin Rd in Windsor
Looking for estimate to remodel basement approx. 1400 sq ft.
Vicinity of Ely Circle in Windsor
Currently have a sump pump. I need an estimate on how much it would cost to have the sump pump drain outside instead of in my basement sink. Hope to hear from you soon Thanks
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