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Work Requests in Trumbull

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Trumbull. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Trumbull and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Trumbull, CT
Vicinity of Church Hill Rd in Trumbull
I am a realtor at an inspection and the basement is very wet. I'd like to get a quote for waterproofing.
Vicinity of Country Lane in Trumbull
We have a few cracks but the water appears to be coming up from the ground. We have a little water not a large amount that accumulates.
Vicinity of Manor Dr in Trumbull
Waterproofing and finishing basement
Vicinity of Huntington Tpke in Trumbull
Too much rain causes already basement drains to flood up... Mainly started to become worse when next neighbor back filled his backyard. Who happens to be one of your customers...
Vicinity of Hedgehog Rd. in Trumbull
Due to the recent heavy rainfall our basement is flooded. Over the years we've had leaks which I've patched. In the house over 30 yrs. have never experienced this amt. of water. Would appreciate a call ASAP. Thanks
Vicinity of Oakland Dr in Trumbull
Water coming from the wall/floor corner in the basement when it rains. we need a sum pump in that area of the basement. thanks
Vicinity of Washington Street in Trumbull
We have an inground, installed sump pump (10+yrs) which no longer is working. I'd like someone to look at it, replace the pump, and/or perform any necessary maintenance so that it works properly keeping our basement dry.
Vicinity of Longmeadow Road in Trumbull
I have a leak coming in from a wall in the basement
Vicinity of Colonial Drive in Trumbull
The humidity level in a separate part of my basement (not really a crawl space, more like a second basement) gets very humid. Prior owners extended the house about 4' deep and 40' wide, and created essentially a small basement space (again, not really a crawl space). It gets very humid unless I leave the door open to the main basement (which has a santa fe dehumidifier). I'd like to do something permanent with this smaller basement space so I don't have to worry about it in the future (and don't want to keep the door open between it and the main basement).
Vicinity of Mariner Cir in Trumbull
I would like to get ideas and quote on what finished one half of my basement would be. Basically when you walk down stairs I want a door on right with access to the unfinished side which will house storage electrical panel, furnace and oil tank and washer dryer. When you go down and walk to the left I want it to be finished open space with access to washer dryer via door toward the back for the room. The space would be about 19ft by 22ft rectangle on the side I was wanting to be finished where it would be used as den and office.
Vicinity of Greenbrier Rd in Trumbull
Footing of basement floor leaking in one small area in the corner
Vicinity of Crown Street in Trumbull
Looking for an estimate to fix leaking basement door foundation.
Vicinity of Green St in Trumbull
Small leaks in little spots in the basement.... cracks... and not sure where the water is coming from cause it is so weird that it only shows up in a few spots.....................and i have some ideas about things.................. but not sure. i was never a home owner. live here now after taking care of my parents..........but i lived in NJ 34 years and worked there and came back here 16 years ago and have done so much to this home..........................................i just wanna make sure the right stuff is done............ thank you.
Vicinity of Elliott Road in Trumbull
My basement is humid (approx. 80%) which is resulting in some mildew/mold. We have a humidifier that has worked well until September. We have a sump pump (however, it does not work and it is messsy). Visible water tends to leak during heavy rains through the bilco door area and one of the chimney flues. Ideally, we would like to address the following: fix the sump pump; fix the humidity; and fix the leaking. Not sure how to handle any mildew or mold growth, as well.
Vicinity of Meadowview Dr in Trumbull
Water in basement when it rains. Need yo find cause of problem and fix it
Vicinity of Garden St in Trumbull
We have a damp basement - got a lot of water with flash flood - dont have a sump pump
Vicinity of Lull Water Road in Trumbull
There is water coming in the garage and I see the ciderblock has an opening outside that leads to this area in the garage.
Vicinity of Lull Water Road in Trumbull
There is water coming in the garage and I see the ciderblock has an opening outside that leads to this area in the garage.
Vicinity of Reservoir AVE in Trumbull
Mold and getting any further floods I m not in a flood zone area, but my neighbor did some work on his back yard and it may have caused the problem I have the Town investigating it. Meanwhile I have had considerable amount of damage.
Vicinity of Thorburn Ave in Trumbull
Basement flooded with rain last week. It is finished so we ripped up the floor but want to have it looked at and any work needed done. House does smell very musty. Cracks in foundation. Basement needs insulation.
Vicinity of Leonard Pl in Trumbull
We have a finished basement, however we continuously get water during heavy rains
Vicinity of Harwood Terrace in Trumbull
Our basement was flooded from the storm. We need to dry it out and treated for mold.
Vicinity of Stella Street in Trumbull
Would like to refinish the basement so that it is used as a space for kids and dry storage.
Vicinity of Grove Street in Trumbull
Hi, I just purchased a home in Trumbull and the basement is semi finished. I would like to have someone take a closer look with a professional eye and give a few recommendations. I have a feeling the previous owner painted the concrete floor and didnt do any sealing or finishing properly. Thanks, Patrick
Vicinity of Tashua Rd in Trumbull
Garage is damp and humid
Vicinity of Vixen Rd in Trumbull
Need repair on sunken walkway.
Vicinity of Calhoun Ave in Trumbull
We have water seeping in through the basement walls during heavy rain storms. We have a walk out basement and this problem didn't start occurring till we removed pachysandra that was in a large bed in front of the house. We would like to have our basement and lower garages waterproofed.
Vicinity of Sturbridge Lane in Trumbull
Looking for a price to purchase and install the smaller dehumidifier you offer to go in my basement.
Vicinity of Old Tree Farm Lane in Trumbull
Water entering basement in and around Bilco door.
Vicinity of Salem Rd in Trumbull
I would like a quote for the sani dry air system for our basement also sump needs service
Vicinity of Ascolese Rd in Trumbull
Waterproofing the basement
Vicinity of Ascolese Rd in Trumbull
Waterproofing the basement
Vicinity of Ascolese Rd in Trumbull
Waterproofing the basement
Vicinity of Ascolese Rd in Trumbull
Waterproofing the basement
Vicinity of Lobsterback Road in Trumbull
In the need for concrete leveling in the basement of my home
Vicinity of Horse Tavern Rd in Trumbull
Water in one corner of house. Currently finished. Would need evaluation of area and also to have basement refinished/updated.
Vicinity of North St in Trumbull
Hi there, Our house has uneven floors, and while the house is almost 100 yrs old and the floors have been uneven for a considerable amount of time, we'd like to look at solutions to potentially level or just make sure that the floors are correctly supported. Thanks! Jessica
Vicinity of Mitchell Road in Trumbull
Looking to finish our basement
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Trumbull
My garage wall is tilting forward(cinder blocks) and we have water entering into garage and also the storage room behind garage has water coming in.
Vicinity of Mallett Dr. in Trumbull
I would like an estimate for the cost of remodeling my basement. I would like to convert the area to living space.
Vicinity of Putting Green Rd in Trumbull
We have a partially finished basement that we are looking to make more liveable. Most importantly, we have, for the first time, had a mouse problem this winter. We are hoping to get some help with sealing the basement and replacing the drop ceiling where we believe they have been spending time. We are also looking for a consultation on other improvements we could make to maximize storage and be able to use this space as a living area. Hope to meet soon!
Vicinity of Civkin Drive in Trumbull
Recently purchased a home in Trumbull, have not moved in yet, water seeps into basement (likely through hairline cracks in foundation) when there is heavy rainfall (e.g. Sunday night through Monday). Looking to schedule an inspection/consultation and then remediation ASAP.
Vicinity of Putting Green Road in Trumbull
Front walk and stairs collapsing.
Vicinity of Twitchgrass Rd in Trumbull
Water leakijng in basement
Vicinity of Teeter Rock Road in Trumbull
Finish basement and build in bar, seating, renovate basement bathroom.
Vicinity of Teeter Rock Road in Trumbull
Finish basement area and install bar and bench seating.
Vicinity of OLD GREEN RD in Trumbull
I want a quote for a partial refinishing. Very basic, or so i think..
Vicinity of Rangely Drive in Trumbull
Sloping kitchen floor at area where full basement meets crawlspace. Foundation appears to be damaged and caused floor sloping.
Vicinity of Cobblers Hill Rd in Trumbull
Water in basement from every rain. Getting worse since now flooding. Coming in at the seams.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Trumbull
Interested in finishing my basement
Vicinity of Dayton Road in Trumbull
Basement water
Vicinity of Hills Point Road in Trumbull
Wanted the basement updated.
Vicinity of Lorma Ave in Trumbull
Water in basement
Vicinity of Cottage ST. in Trumbull
Install sub pump and basement finishing. Replace floor, walls and ceiling.
Vicinity of Craig Lane in Trumbull
We currently live in NH however we own a home in CT that we rent out. We recently got water in our basement and this was the 2nd time in the last 6 years that it happened. The house is on a slope so it had to be through the front of the house somehow (the back of the house is a walk out basement). The first time it happened there was a small amount of water along the wall in the basement that's the front of the house. This time there was more water that came in so we ended up ripping up the carpet and pad that was there and the basement is currently drying. However we would like to have someone come out to take a look to see how we can prevent the issue in the future. We are hoping to list the house for sale next year so we would prefer not to have to invest a ton of money into this project but would like to help prevent getting water on our basement floor.
Vicinity of Elliott Road in Trumbull
We just need French drains and new sump pump.
Vicinity of Spruce St in Trumbull
I found a hole in one in one corners of the house that affects one of the columns and is allowing water entering the basement. Also I would like to get an estimation to keep my basement dry, probably installing a drain system.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Trumbull
65 year old, free standing garage. I want to renovate but the town said that I must stabilize a concrete block wall, bowed in over time.
Vicinity of Sound View Ave in Trumbull
I should like to do a partially done basement.
Vicinity of Fawn Meadow Drive in Trumbull
On a house inspection testing found a radon reading above 4.0. Need a quote for a radon mitigation system prior to sale.
Vicinity of Franklin St in Trumbull
This is actually for my daughter's home in Trumbull but I would be the contact person
Vicinity of Sarenee Circle in Trumbull
Wet crawl space
Vicinity of Putting Green Rd in Trumbull
Settlement in foundation 10 years ago. Never properly fixed. Need to discuss different options to properly support
Vicinity of Koger Road in Trumbull
I am looking to purchase this home. I can get you in there it is vacant.
Vicinity of Meadow Rd in Trumbull
I would like to idea what I can do and what it will cost. This is for a future remodel. I have a full basement where I'd like a full bath (shower), laundry area, storage area, and finished entertainment/play/bar area. Utilities are in the basement along with the attached garage.
Vicinity of Eleven O'Clock Lane in Trumbull
Damp basement (unfinished) water puddles in one corner; quote on dehumidifier and sump pump. Also wanted your thoughts on function of existing gutter leaders to existing storm drains.
Vicinity of Lillian Dr in Trumbull
I just noticed two small in width cracks in the foundation along the back side of the house.
Vicinity of Horse Tavern Rd in Trumbull
Dehumidification with auto sump
Vicinity of Towerview Drive in Trumbull
Connecticut Basements has previously installed a dry basement system in the house. In this case, the garage floor slab is sunken on the house side of the garage ~1+ and the is a diagonal crack across the center of the garage floor.
Vicinity of Four Seasons Lane in Trumbull
Looking for a quote to finish our basement
Vicinity of Heavenly Lane in Trumbull
Need to finish the basement
Vicinity of Chatham Drive in Trumbull
Completely unfinished basement, about 1500 sq ft
Vicinity of Fawn Meadow Drive in Trumbull
I have recently purchased a new house and have noticed a fairly large crack in my basement concrete floor.
Vicinity of Primrose Dr in Trumbull
I have a sump pump installed in one corner of my basement which cycles about every half an hour ONLY in the winter months. I believe I have water under the floor at the other corner because I can hear it gurgling due to the radon fan pickup located nearby to that corner.
Vicinity of Shelton Road in Trumbull
We have a crawl space under a family room addition. The floor of the crawl space is cement. It is not a dirt floor. The room above the crawl space, the family room is constantly freezing. We believe there is inadequate insulation. There are also vents on either side of the family room foundation walls which causes very cold air flow. We'd like to have someone look at this and give us suggestions on what to do. Thank you.
Vicinity of Normandy Rd in Trumbull
I'm seeking a quote for finishing my basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Booth Hill Road in Trumbull
Had flooding in our unfinished basement in the past. We are considering finishing the basement and want to explore all options on how to keep any future flooding to a minimum.
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Rd in Trumbull
Finishing my basement
Vicinity of Griswold Ave in Trumbull
Basement has seepage issues around edge and in middle from cracks Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Edison Road in Trumbull
I would like to get a quote for a leaking corner of the basement.
Vicinity of Aspen Ln in Trumbull
Basement finishing/redesign
Vicinity of Crown St in Trumbull
Looking for a crawl space seal system space is 13 X 15 with about 3 walls good access no obstruction open area
Vicinity of COLONIAL DR in Trumbull
Hi. We are interested in finishing our basement. I'd like to setup an appointment for an estimate. I work from home so almost any day/time is good for me. Thank you. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Fresh Meadow Drive in Trumbull
I have a dry basement that needs to be refinished.
Vicinity of Elaine Street in Trumbull
We are planning to finish our basement and will need to deal with water-proofing the existing, unfinished space.
Vicinity of Smith Drive in Trumbull
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Parkway Drive in Trumbull
Basement renovation. Stone foundation damp and musty. Walls look like they need to be sealed.
Vicinity of Mariner Circle in Trumbull
We are experiencing some mold and humidity issues yet the basement is dry... Visible cracks in cinderblock in basement- Are they a concern? Most of the basement is "finished" but we are looking to update.....
Vicinity of Magnolia Rd. in Trumbull
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Hill Circle in Trumbull
Selling home and need to correct a seepage issue in a corner of a finished basement.
Vicinity of Putting Green Road in Trumbull
Slab in garage has developed numerous cracks. some of which leak water when we have a lot of rain. would like to patch cracks rather than replacing slab
Vicinity of Partridge Lane in Trumbull
Have a cement block wall about 5 ft high in garage, which is up against ledge on 1 side and is leaking water when it rains.
Vicinity of Ruth St in Trumbull
My crawlspace needs to be inulated floor is cold
Vicinity of Huntington Tpke in Trumbull
Cold and damp crawl space cold air leaking into other parts of home via crawl space
Vicinity of Long Hill Rd in Trumbull
Water weeping through an old repair in the foundation of my home.
Vicinity of Winslow Rd in Trumbull
Backup Sump Pump. Outside drainage of sump pump discharge.
Vicinity of Leffert Rd in Trumbull
Water in basement from rain.
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave in Trumbull
When it rains our basement floors get wet. I'd like to determine the source of that moisture, fix it so that no moisture can enter, and remove/remediate any wall/flooring that has mold damage.
Vicinity of Craig Lane in Trumbull
Looking for Crawl Space Vent covers to be installed.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Drive in Trumbull
Moldy basement. Purchased home with finished basement which is unusable for anything, including storage, due to the amount of moisture/mold.
Vicinity of PINEWOOD TRAIL in Trumbull
Vicinity of Inwood RD in Trumbull
In heavy or prolonged rain get some water in finished basement. Would like estimate on correction.
Vicinity of Edison Rd in Trumbull
Need a ballpark estimate to get a sump pump installed with battery backup. My basement flooded a month ago with 5 inches of water. Had already corrected gutters. There is no sump pump now and the basement floor will need to be cut. Not sure if my house has a perimeter drain but the water eventually went down a 1 inch hole in the floor after I had pumped part of it out.
Vicinity of Shelton in Trumbull
Basement floods. Need an estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Moose Hill Road in Trumbull
Just bought our house 3 months ago and seller said there were no leakage issues in basement. Well, yesterday we noticed leaks in three different parts of our unfinished basement - not huge - but enough that they needed to be sopped up with towels. So we would like it checked to see what the issue could be and potential remedy. thanks
Vicinity of Shelton Road in Trumbull
Basement Finishing
Vicinity of Chalon Road in Trumbull
I am beginning new construction on a single family house, and I would like a price on a sump pump system. My excavator will be digging the foundation next week, and he will install the basin, so I will need to pick it up soon. Thanks, Stephen
Vicinity of W Lake Road in Trumbull
Just looking to have someone come out to our home and get some quotes on finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Hillandale Terr in Trumbull
We would like to begin finishing our basement which is quite large. Our only concern is a bit of water that seeps in during a large rain storm. Would like to know if a sump pump is recommended as well.
Vicinity of Craig Lane in Trumbull
Base went waterproofing
Vicinity of Church Hill Road in Trumbull
Considering finishing our walk out basement. need design and layout.
Vicinity of Indian Road in Trumbull
Need to fix up basement
Vicinity of Oakland Dr in Trumbull
Clean and dry basement
Vicinity of North St in Trumbull
Damp basement and crawl space in 1920's home that flood typically once a year with an inch or so of water. Basement walls are porous and flaking. Windows are probably original. We also have a radon abatement system I want to make sure is still working properly.
Vicinity of Cranbury Dr. in Trumbull
Looking to finish basement that is already partially finished.
Vicinity of Ironwood Rd in Trumbull
Hoping to remodel basement
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Trumbull
I would like to have a free quote on the Sanidry Dehumidifier system for my 650 sq ft basement which would require ducting into two finished areas (23 x 10 ft each seperated by a dry wall and a door) with the equipment being installed in the third unfinished area (approx 8x10 ft).
Vicinity of Huntington Tpke in Trumbull
We would like to improve the waterproofing in our basement with crack repairs and other such things.
Vicinity of Woodhill Rd in Trumbull
Need to insulate the floor in my crawl space
Vicinity of Washington Street in Trumbull
During the recent snow, freezing, and rains, water came up through a crack in the floor of our basement. There were a few points of water seeping in at the joint between the wall and the floor around the basement, but the main area was the crack. Our basement area contains one sump pump in a corner opposite this crack and one pump in a crawl space adjacent to the crack.
Vicinity of Teller Rd in Trumbull
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Elliott Road in Trumbull
Water in basement and would like to finish
Vicinity of MacArthur Rd in Trumbull
Beginning to consider finishing a portion of our basement and need to get ideas for what can be done and what it would cost us.
Vicinity of Church Hill Rd in Trumbull
We would like to finish 1/2 of our basement into a room for kids, we put a/c in last year so there is duct work, would like to know if it is still possible to make the room.
Vicinity of Sanford Avenue in Trumbull
Our basement is currently half finished. There is paneling on the walls, carpet, heat and a drop ceiling. We would like to have it updated (walls, ceiling, lights, floor, windows, etc) and we are motivated to get it done quickly. We would like to schedue an estimate a your earliest convenience.
Vicinity of Rocky Hill Road in Trumbull
Crawl space and foundation repair
Vicinity of Botsford Place in Trumbull
I am interest in obtaining a quote to finish my basement. there would only have to be minor waterproofing involved--otherwise I am mostly interested in finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Round Ridge Trail in Trumbull
We do not have a water problem but a mold and musty air problem. We have crawl spaces which may be the issue. Need someone to come out and offer solutions and estimate. 2,000 sq ft ranch. built around the 60's
Vicinity of Tait Rd in Trumbull
Looking to finish the basement and do some waterproofing as well.
Vicinity of Old Sawmill Rd in Trumbull
Hello. I already have a finished basement living room. However I am interested in turning my basement utility/storage space into something more attractive and functional. If you do these types of jobs, I would appreciate a call. Thanks, Regina Hobbs
Vicinity of Three Trees Lane in Trumbull
Estimate for Radon mitigation
Vicinity of Century Drive in Trumbull
Is it necessary to buy both the drainage system and the dehumidifying system or do they work independently of each other. Would you please respond by email as I am travelling. thank you very much.
Vicinity of Glen Spring Dr in Trumbull
Dampness on basement walls, perhaps some hidden mold growth
Vicinity of Main Street in Trumbull
Requesting consult on basement finishing
Vicinity of Lull Water Avenue in Trumbull
Looking for an estimate for wall panels.
Vicinity of Great Brook Road in Trumbull
Basement waterproofing...
Vicinity of Driftwood Lane in Trumbull
We have an existing sump pump system that is constantly going and the basement has damp musty odor. It seems that the old curtain drain around the house should be able to takeaway more or the water so that it doesn't flow directly into the house. Is there a way to redirect waqterflow and keep basementg drier?
Vicinity of Pondview Avenue in Trumbull
We are interested in having your company come out and give us an estimate on waterproofing our basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Palomino Pass in Trumbull
We want a quotation for our basement which is quite reasonable for us. Thank you.
Vicinity of Vintage Road in Trumbull
My driveway pitches down toward the doors of my double car garage. At the base of the driveway in front of the garage doors I have a gravity drain pipe. When it really pours, sometimes this drain backs up and water gets into my garage. I am looking to have a drain installed inside of the garage (the entire width) just in front of the doors, and then run a drain pipe to the opposite side of the garage to a sump pump where it will get pumped outside. I am looking for a quote to perform this work.
Vicinity of Calhoun Avenue in Trumbull
I have a 1500 sq ft finished basement, but we are considering updating this space. on one occassion we had some water enter the home on the side and its coming from an area that is behind/ underneath a closet space. We want to figure out what the problem is, and how best to mitigate it. It happened once, when it was dry for about 2 weeks, then we got a quick burst of rain. ON the flipside, On the days in april and march when we had torrential rains, nothing. Please call me.
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