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Work Requests in Torrington

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Torrington. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Torrington and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Torrington, CT
Vicinity of Allen Rd in Torrington
Some water seeping into basement.
Vicinity of Bannon St in Torrington
Water in basement; unknown origin
Vicinity of Mountain Rd in Torrington
Installing a sump pump
Vicinity of Northridge Ave in Torrington
I want my basement refinished with Walls. recess lighting and carpet and was wondering about what this costs
Vicinity of Northridge Ave in Torrington
I want my basement refinished with Walls. recess lighting and carpet and was wondering about what this costs
Vicinity of Saw Mill Hill Rd in Torrington
Would like a quote on a unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Sycamore Drive in Torrington
Waterproof basement floor and walls
Vicinity of Hartford Ave in Torrington
Good morning. Looking to make my basement into a master bedroom. We're looking to combine households and need the space. Would need either a bilco door or egress window as well. Not sure which would be a better fit for our project. I'd love if someone could come out and see what we have and what we'd be working with. Thank you so much for your time.
Vicinity of Trailsend Dr in Torrington
Looks like water getting into basement by a hole in floor
Vicinity of East Main Street in Torrington
Hello, I have three properties that needs an estimate. At one property there are flood with waterbpumps. Is there a way to have a dry basement without water pumps permanently? My second property, there is a crack in the basement. Water came through that crack whenever there is a flash flood. My third property, I would like to finish the basement. My availability hours are mostly after 7pm. If you have experts in your company who can complete the job well, please give us the cost estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Norfolk Rd. in Torrington
Basement floods to 12 inches deep.
Vicinity of in Torrington
Have a seepage of water coming in on the wall behind the furnace whenever it rains. There is a thin crack starting from the top of foundation along side of window to the bottom..have been applying quick rete but it still seeps through.
Vicinity of Northside Dr in Torrington
Need to have garage floor fixed large cracks.
Vicinity of Edgewood Dr in Torrington
We have water in the basement, assuming from a leak in front facing basement wall.
Vicinity of Tara Dr in Torrington
Small leak in foundation in basement Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Shirley Road in Torrington
Just purchased a new home with a basement I would eventually like to have professionally finished. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Seach
Vicinity of Hillandale Blvd in Torrington
Basement floors. Currently have carpet.
Vicinity of Torringford St in Torrington
Looking to have our basement finished in to a entertainment/play room
Vicinity of Weed Road in Torrington
Damp basement
Vicinity of Chatam Lane in Torrington
We have a vertical crack in the foundation of our basement that leaks water when it rains out, Would like an estimate to fix. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Cider Mill Crossing in Torrington
The is a crack about 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide on exterior foundation Inquiring about repair method and cost
Vicinity of University Dr in Torrington
Crack and leak in basement wall
Vicinity of Trotters Way in Torrington
Estimate to finish basement
Vicinity of Heights Dr in Torrington
Concrete front porch has sunk a few inches in front of door
Vicinity of Hoerle Blvd. in Torrington
Water seepage in 3 areas; started week of Aug. 12
Vicinity of Oregon St in Torrington
We are purchasing a home with a partial full basement and two crawl spaces. They poured unsmoothed concrete over dirt and their is standing water in parts of the crawl space.
Vicinity of Hillandale Blvd in Torrington
Wet carpet in finished basement.
Vicinity of Clearview Ave. in Torrington
Our basement had about 1 or 2 inches of water in it recently. Could you give us a quote on keeping our basement dry? Thank you.
Vicinity of Wyoming Ave in Torrington
Recent water in basement, removed with our sump pumps but there is water damage with mold. Water comes in through floor, need to address this as it has been a problem for several years now
Vicinity of Ginger Lane in Torrington
When we have large amounts of rain (3 or more inches) I get some water in my basement. Would be interested in getting a quote to have a sump pump installed.
Vicinity of Settlers Lane in Torrington
We have a verticle crack in the foundation we would like an estimate for repair
Vicinity of Albrecht Rd in Torrington
Leaking foundation wall
Vicinity of Fern Dr in Torrington
Basement size is 20x40 clean empty space. concrete walls and floor. wold like a sump system installed what is the cost. thanks
Vicinity of Wyoming Ave in Torrington
Interested in quote for crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Rock Creek Lane in Torrington
Cracks in basement, water coming in due to rain.
Vicinity of Proprietors Ln in Torrington
Basement Finishing
Vicinity of Wyoming Ave in Torrington
Water in basement again. Need cleanup mold check and waterproofing
Vicinity of County Rd in Torrington
We have a small crack in our basement wall, the builder looks like he attempted to repair it with a hydraulic cement patch, the patch has not held and we occassionally end up with a small amount of water in our basement. We would like to discuss getting this repaired the right way.
Vicinity of White Oak Way in Torrington
I have water leaking in from the seem where the bulkhead meets the house
Vicinity of Benham Street in Torrington
I would like to get a quote on waterproofing and finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Ave in Torrington
I was hoping to get an estimate on what it'd cost to have my basement waterproofed. From what I understand taking care of the exterior concrete would be the only permanent solution. I live in Torrington and the basement is about 800 square feet.
Vicinity of New Harwinton Road in Torrington
I am interested in having a representative visit to evaluate my basement.
Vicinity of in Torrington
We are in the begining stages of planning to purchase a home close to forclosure. We need to have you come out look at the basement and figure out why 3-4 inches of water is covering the whole area. Then we need a price on fixing the problem. The electric and water has been shut off. We cannot buy the home if we cannot fix the h2o problem. We would need to renovate it for living space. Due to the type of funding we are getting from the bank we will not be able to get this home if the water is too much to fix. Can you do this? We will be getting ideas and prices from 2 other companies just so you are aware.
Vicinity of Irving Avenue in Torrington
Hello. I own a 1940's house that is having basement water seepage issues. After the last rainfall, the basement accumulated 7-8 inches of water (most coming from where the wall meets the floor, but one in the floor itself). I was interested in options available to me. The foundation is a stone and mortar foundation. Any thoughts?
Vicinity of Hartford Ave. in Torrington
Small residential home.Foundation is block, built probably late fifties, early sixties. Water comes in near floor to wall area. Usually doesn't leak, only under right circumstances. Hope there is some sort of remedy. Thank You.
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