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Work Requests in Stratford

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Stratford. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Stratford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Stratford, CT
Vicinity of Knowlton St in Stratford
Floor is slanted to one side in the kitchen. Need to ensure foundation and beam has proper support.
Vicinity of Connors Ln in Stratford
When there is significant rainfall, groundwater seems to be seeping through the basement floor/foundation. It appears the water table is relatively close to foundation level.
Vicinity of Wainwright Place in Stratford
Looking for recommendations on how to waterproof my basement. Basement keeps flooding when it rains. Drain backs up and spills into basement door from outside.
Vicinity of Lincoln Street in Stratford
Estimate for a sump pump, shopping for quotes to upgrade our current sump pump
Vicinity of Arrowhead Place in Stratford
Want to know cost of waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Marie Drive in Stratford
We have water coming into our basement in two different areas.
Vicinity of South Ave in Stratford
I have a unfinished basement that I would like to create into a one or two bedroom.
Vicinity of Nichols Avenue in Stratford
I have a dirt crawl space that rodents were discovered in. I have a constant fly problem in my home this summer and I need to get this crawl space sealed properly so I can live with a peace of mind.
Vicinity of Chevvy Street in Stratford
Water sometimes get into basement. We have sump pump. Interested in finishing basement but would like to have water issue looked at. Thanks
Vicinity of Helen Pl in Stratford
Basement was finished in 1978. has some issues in subfloor. want a usable space again
Vicinity of in Stratford
We just moved into the area and would like an evaluation of our basement space.
Vicinity of Warner Hill Road in Stratford
Water is always working it's way into the basement. Would love to have a clean dry basement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fairfax Drive in Stratford
We see water at the bottom of our wood paneling and we are worried there might be mold. We are also expecting a newborn in a few months and do not want to expose the baby to any airborne toxins.
Vicinity of No in Stratford
I don't want basement waterproofing but you didn't have the choice of dehumidification which is something you list that you do. Musty basement. Never flooded
Vicinity of Sunnyside Ter in Stratford
Seeking quote to mitigate efflorescence and spalling.
Vicinity of Woodstock Avenue in Stratford
Want to partially finish basement. starting with window replacement.
Vicinity of Hilltop Drive in Stratford
We have discovered water in the basement that we believe is coming through the foundation. We would to have it waterproofed and possibly discuss finishing the basement. We were given a quote last year so we would like to update it.
Vicinity of Matthew Drive in Stratford
We'd like to finish our basement space.
Vicinity of Chanda Drive in Stratford
I have stamped concrete around in ground pool that is lifting
Vicinity of Third Avenue in Stratford
I am concerned about humidity in the crawl space. House is in a flood zone and has hard wood floors on the first floor.
Vicinity of Allyndale Drive in Stratford
I am looking for basement finishing. I do get water that seeps through
Vicinity of Oakbluff Ave in Stratford
Front porch top is setting
Vicinity of Champion Terrace in Stratford
Minor/Nuisance water in basement during spring storms. Looking for simple solution to waterproof semi finished basement
Vicinity of Nichols Ave in Stratford
Looking for a quote to finish my basement.
Vicinity of London Terrace in Stratford
Need a sump pump
Vicinity of Marchant Drive in Stratford
Finished concrete crawl space with Smell coming from it.
Vicinity of Franklin Avenue in Stratford
At the door that goes to the cellar doors we have a water issue. I have to keep a towel at the bottom of the door for heavy rain. When its just the heavy rain the towels get wet, that's it. But with huge rain storms that is when we get about an inch of water around that area. Would love to figure out what is the cause and how to fix it
Vicinity of Crown St in Stratford
We are looking to add two bedrooms and a bath to an unfinished basement
Vicinity of North Ave in Stratford
We have an unfinished basement where the washer/dryer is and lots of the kids toys. I hate being down there because it is so dirty. I'd like some ideas and a quote on what we can do with the floors and walls so that they are not peeling.
Vicinity of Euclid Avenue in Stratford
The town sewer clogged and backed up into our finished basement. The entire basement had to be gutted. Need to have it remodeled. Looking to get an estimate for a waterproof system
Vicinity of Claudia Drive in Stratford
Sealer is cracking. Water dribbles down wall. More and more efflorescence developing.
Vicinity of Sedgewick Ave in Stratford
Water leaking in laundry room
Vicinity of Graham ST in Stratford
I get a leak on my foundation and I try to fix it myself .it can not be done and still leaking every time it is raining.
Vicinity of Harvard Avenue in Stratford
We are buying a house with a "finished" basement. Our intention is to make it a studio apartment for my mother. Upon inspection we found that the basement was not insulated and it looks like water has come up through the the floors so no waterproofing.
Vicinity of North Avenue in Stratford
Want to waterproof the basement and insulate the walls
Vicinity of Tucci Dr in Stratford
When I had purchase my house in 2009 you had done an estimate for basement waterproofing. I am looking to sell and have buyers inquiring and would like to provide an updated estimate.
Vicinity of Emerald Place in Stratford
Cracks in wall leaking
Vicinity of Chickadee Lane in Stratford
Basement floods after moderate-heavy rain. Comes in through foundation as well as from underneath the floor. I believe we are located above a high water table. We already have a sump pump installed. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Stratford
Basement seems damp so we will need a solution to that but also am interested in finishing the space.
Vicinity of Rustown Dr in Stratford
I believe I need to have my entire sump pump set up redone. The current one makes a lot of noise, the discharge pipe shakes a lot and the pump seems to go off non-stop whenever there is water in the ground.
Vicinity of Washington Pkwy in Stratford
I have a moisture problem in one corner of my basement not sure where/why the water is there. No accumulation but moisture on sheet rock and rug is wet.
Vicinity of FOREST RD in Stratford
Water seeping in one section of floor in basement after heavy rain like we had this past week. We plan to put in flooring to finish that section of basement.
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Road in Stratford
This is my fathers house. Has had water leakage (flooding) since house was built (1950's). Has sump pump. Needs waterproofing to sell house. I need estimate ASAP. Do you charge for estimates?
Vicinity of Chickadee Ln in Stratford
Want cost efficient, low financing. We want our basement turned into comfy living space
Vicinity of Goldbach Dr in Stratford
Vicinity of Kenwood Ave in Stratford
Lighting Some water concerns Flooring
Vicinity of Krueger Lane in Stratford
Water coming in when we get heavy rain. Area of leak is hard to reach as it is behind electric service boards. Some seepage along another wall when heavy rain.
Vicinity of London Terrace in Stratford
Water in the basement with mold growing. Need remediation.
Vicinity of Van St in Stratford
My house has a sump pump, however I recently noticed a lot of water in my basement after heavy rain that appears that it's coming from the foundation walls on the opposite side of the basement Where the pump is.
Vicinity of Windsor Ave. in Stratford
There is a sump pump and a French drain. I'm concerned with the system put in place being ineffective. We recently bought the house and the inspector said as much. Possibly there were corners cut as well when the original system was put in place. The kitchen level smells must from the basement especially when it rains. Moisture can be observed on the foundation
Vicinity of Lincoln St in Stratford
Value to my house ,I need extra room
Vicinity of N Peters Ln in Stratford
Interested in knowing cost of finishing basement
Vicinity of Sharon Rd in Stratford
Washing machine drain leaked and caused water damage to old existing vinyl floor tiles. Interested in floating sub-flooring and new flooring on top.
Vicinity of Riverton Terr in Stratford
My basement is small and have pipes that's are low.
Vicinity of Hilltop Drive in Stratford
We would like a quote about finishing our basement. I can only be available after 6:30 or weekends. Thank you, Colin
Vicinity of Allyndale Dr in Stratford
Sinking front stairs, sidewalk has created a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Success Avenue in Stratford
I'm having water in my basement
Vicinity of Whippoorwill Lane in Stratford
Water seepage into basement after heavy rain, has happened three times in last 6 months. Fully finished basement, want to protect from further damage and continuous cleanup.
Vicinity of Biscayne Dr in Stratford
Basement finishing
Vicinity of Middlebrook Rd in Stratford
Looking to install 2 egress windows in the basement
Vicinity of Harding Ave in Stratford
I want to convert my basement into a one bedroom apartment for my guests
Vicinity of Old Spring Road in Stratford
We have 2 old basement windows that are very worn around the edges. One of them doesn't close anymore. We would like to replace them.
Vicinity of Elm St in Stratford
The basement wall is bending and I would like to get an estimate on how much will it cost me to fix it. thanks David
Vicinity of Main St in Stratford
Hello. We are purchasing the named house. There is water in the basement, and we would like to know the cause and have the problem repaired.
Vicinity of Judson Place in Stratford
Windows and walls in basement
Vicinity of Swanson Avenue in Stratford
I need to replace drywall, paint walls, install baseboards, bathroom vanity and floor tiles. Thanks, Viviana
Vicinity of Sedgwick Avenue in Stratford
I just am looking for an estimate to finish my unfinished basement
Vicinity of Parkway Dr in Stratford
Water coming through basement wall when there are heavy rains
Vicinity of Newton St in Stratford
I need to encapsulate a 95 sq ft crawl space accessible from full basement.
Vicinity of Porter St. in Stratford
I would like to get an estimate on having two window wells installed.
Vicinity of Third Avenue in Stratford
We would like an estimate on some basement work.
Vicinity of James Farm Rd in Stratford
Vicinity of Bowe Ave in Stratford
Im looking for someone to come out to see the basement and give me a quot,,i need everthing in the bassment fix,,waterproofing,basement finishing,foundation repair,mold problems,,u name it,,i think we have it, Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Swanson Ave in Stratford
Just looking to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Mt Pleasant Av in Stratford
Would like solutions for a musty crawl space, possibly a fan/vent system
Vicinity of Douglas Street in Stratford
We have never had water in our basement. We have about 1061 sqft of open space. Looking to finish half or a little more. Looking for a estimated quote before we have someone come out.
Vicinity of Huntington Road in Stratford
Our church basement had mold recently. Remediated, but humidity was high and would like a price to install a dehumidifier downstairs to address the issue.
Vicinity of William Street in Stratford
We need to finish the basement to increase entertainment space. It is partly finished already but we need to open it up.
Vicinity of Harding Ave in Stratford
Sump pump backup system,also winter freezing prevention.
Vicinity of Lincoln Street in Stratford
Just shopping for estimates.. previous owners partially finished the basement and mold and lots of moisture and bugs were found behind the paneling. AND they carpeted a back room that was supposivley a bedroom. My husband and i attempted to redo it ourselves but don't have the time at the moment due to work. Also original 1958' stairs and windows are in need of replacing.
Vicinity of Shirley Drive in Stratford
Looking to get a quote to seal and finish my basement Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Tavern Rock Road in Stratford
Damp basement. Want to dry and finish. Possibly with a bathroom
Vicinity of Flagler Avenue in Stratford
Waterproofing and Mold
Vicinity of Collins in Stratford
Basement is getting water in it from Foundation !!
Vicinity of North Abram St in Stratford
Considering to finish basement and make sure that it is water and mold proof.
Vicinity of Light Street in Stratford
I think water is coming in under my rug
Vicinity of Hawley Glen in Stratford
I have an unfinished basement that I would like to have finish with adding a full bathroom.
Vicinity of Franklin Ave in Stratford
My father had redone our basement but I'm not too happy with how it came out. Would like some ideas on how we can re-do it to fit our needs and how much a project like that would cost.
Vicinity of South Ave in Stratford
I am having issues with my main sump pump as well as backup. I added a new float as a temporary fix, but would like a quote to repair the system/install a new backup pump
Vicinity of Wilbar Drive in Stratford
Need to finish the basement and build a half-bathroom/laundry room
Vicinity of Evelyn St in Stratford
Water in my basement and want to look into waterproofing
Vicinity of Corinthian Ave in Stratford
Just want to make the basement a livable space
Vicinity of Sheppard Street in Stratford
Our basement gets water maybe once or twice per year and we are interested in fixing this.
Vicinity of Shanley Street in Stratford
Basement windows
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave in Stratford
Water in basement when it rains really hard Need a solution to the problem
Vicinity of Meadowlawn Rd in Stratford
Sinking patio and sidwalks
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Rd in Stratford
From the melting snow, we've noticed a small amount of water entering the basement. We are interested in a quote to fix the drainage issue.
Vicinity of Riverton Terrace in Stratford
2 Basement crawl spaces. The upstairs house is cold in those areas. is there a way to insulate them so that the upstairs is not so drafty.
Vicinity of Beers Place in Stratford
No real concerns, just shopping around for the best deal.
Vicinity of Hollywood Avenue in Stratford
Need a quote for two sump pumps (installed)
Vicinity of Powder Mill Drive in Stratford
Townhouse. Requesting an estimate for basement partially finished. remove humidity and use for living space.
Vicinity of Springview Avenue in Stratford
I'm interested in getting a quote on finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Bronson Rd in Stratford
Want a dry mildew free basement to convert to a n additional living area in my house
Vicinity of Early Ave in Stratford
I have a mold problem in my basement. my husband and I would like to get it fixed
Vicinity of Wyoming St. in Stratford
Mold/Humdity issues in basement of 1300sq ft. cape. Non finished basement with sump pump.
Vicinity of Canaan Rd in Stratford
We own our house for 12 years and always had a damp basement. However, recently we had a broken pipe that caused a flood and we had to get rid of everything.
Vicinity of Parkway Drive in Stratford
With all the rain this year I'm getting water in my basement which is causing a lot of mold. I have three dehumidifiers going, but that doesn't solve the problem I'm having a lot of trouble with the mold problem and I'd like a dry cellar. Thank you.
Vicinity of Washington Parkway in Stratford
Good morning, We recently purchased a house where you did a radon remediation back in October. We'd like to get an estimate on a few items; -Basement is musty. Recommendations to fix -Basement is damp (not wet). Recommendations to fix - Exterior stairwell/entry way to basement has issues (drainage is incorrect and has bit of rot on lower sill) Recommendations to fix. Please contact me when you can. Thank you
Vicinity of Park View Lane in Stratford
After heavy rains I get water seeping in. I don't know if I need more sump pumps or if I need a whole drainage system. I'd like your advise and price. Please contact me. Thank You.
Vicinity of Knowlton Street in Stratford
I have a basement that when there is a lot of rain can have some flooding. I have a pedestal sump pump but would like to see if more can be done.
Vicinity of Lobdell Dr. in Stratford
Water in basement every spring after snow melts and ground thaws and heavy rain with sump pump already installed.
Vicinity of Rose Street in Stratford
Flooding in basement
Vicinity of Sulik Terrace in Stratford
Hello, I'm looking for an estimate for the installation of a 2x2 basement drop-ceiling grid. Approximate room size is 16'x22'. Likely only grid install is necessary, but depending on tiles available could purchase through you as well. Would be looking at coffer-like tiles for middle, and flat border tiles.
Vicinity of Rockwell Avenue in Stratford
Need to get an estimate on correcting a water issue in basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Euclid Avenue in Stratford
Hi, We live in a raised ranch. Water comes into the bottom level, finished in-law apartment during every heavy rain fall. The sump pump works but I believe the foundation around the house requires repair. Please contact me to arrange for a free no obligation inspection and estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Drome Ave in Stratford
Water in basement that is not draining into our sump pump correctly. Moldy, smelly basement with no ventilation. Wanting a free quote and information on payment options.
Vicinity of Reed St in Stratford
Moisture causing discoloration under painted cinderblock
Vicinity of Bittersweet Ln in Stratford
Water is coming into the basement, I would like to understand the cost involved and options to avoid this from occurring.
Vicinity of Robin Lane in Stratford
We get some water in the basement along the backside and near the bulkhead stairs on the backside of the house. We have a pump in the basement that was installed before we bought the house and it does work. We would like to get pricing for putting drainage around the foundation on the exterior of the house. Please call or email. Thank you, Paula
Vicinity of Albert Ave in Stratford
I need to have a dehumidifier system in my home.
Vicinity of Chickadee Lane in Stratford
I need an inspection and estimate for waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of Prospect Drive in Stratford
Sump pump install.
Vicinity of Wilbrook Road in Stratford
I'm in the process of buying this home. After our most recent rainstorm we noticed a significant amount of water in the basement. During the home inspection we noticed what appeared to be a patched cracked foundation on the b-side of the house. Coincidentally the excess water was only found on that same side of the basement. Eventually we would like to finish the basement but we're concerned with the possibility of having a cracked foundation.
Vicinity of Main in Stratford
Basement steps from Bilco doors leaking
Vicinity of Wilbar Drive in Stratford
Looking forward to finishing/renovating my basement. would like an estimate. please call me anytime.
Vicinity of Elm St. in Stratford
I need an estimate for a project that should have been done long ago ... we have a space in the basement at the bottom of the stairs that is under an enclosed porch. It needs to be cleared out and sealed. I'd take a look at doing it this season if it is something that could be done soon for remainder of winter. Or in the fall if it couldn't be completed for at least some of the cold weather. Can someone look at this space for me and advise and give a $ quote? Thanks, Cynthia
Vicinity of Milford Ave in Stratford
The basement continues to flood during heavy rain. I would an assessment of the problem and an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Bulmer Drive in Stratford
Water seems to be leaking into the basement where the floor and the walls of the foundation meet, after we get heavy rain.
Vicinity of Ridge Road in Stratford
Durring really large Rain storms my basement seeps. I would like an estimate to fix the problem. Chris
Vicinity of South Avenue in Stratford
Requesting free estimate on basement waterproofing/finishing. Not sure exactly what I want to do with the basement yet, I would like to determine what my options are during the estimate. Please contact me via email to schedule a date for the estimate.
Vicinity of Mercer St in Stratford
We are looking to get a quote on basement waterproofing and finishing.
Vicinity of Main Street in Stratford
Recently, I have begun getting water in my basement. I believe it is coming up through the floor. With this last storm, I had about3 inches of water. I would like to have someone come out ant tell me what would have to be sone to waterproof the space and give me an estimate of cost.
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