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Work Requests in Southington

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Southington. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Southington and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Southington, CT
Vicinity of Mt Vernon Rd in Southington
Damp crawl space
Vicinity of North Ridge Ct. in Southington
Getting water in our basement
Vicinity of Rochela Drive in Southington
Finishing the basement without concerns over moisture, mold, and mildew.
Vicinity of Old Turnpike Road in Southington
In past I've gotten small amounts of water in the basement and has forced me to remove drywall. I would like to get a quote to waterproof the basement as well as some finishing.
Vicinity of Little Fawn Rd in Southington
Water coming in from window
Vicinity of Bridle Path Drive in Southington
Looking to finish my basement.
Vicinity of Curtiss St in Southington
Water pooling on basement floor despite sump pump system
Vicinity of Hitching Post Dr. in Southington
We have a fairly large unfinished basement. Would like to convert it into an open area, plus a couple rooms and bathroom. Gathering quotes to gauge cost of project.
Vicinity of Meriden Waterbury Tpke in Southington
Water leak between top of foundation and sill near basement window and chimney area. Typically only during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Stonegate Rd in Southington
We get a small amount of flooding in our basement near our bilco doors. It seems the water is coming up from the floor and passing through to our basement. We currently have a sump pump and would like to drain the water from the bilco area into the sump pump.
Vicinity of West Ridge Road in Southington
I am currently under contract on a house in Southington with a sloped sidewalk and patio that is causing the foundation to get wet and produce mold. I would like a quote for both the patio in the back and the sidewalk on the side of the garage. I am looking for an alternative to ripping up both areas and re-pouring concrete. I would need an estimate ASAP as I received my inspection report yesterday and need to provide quotes to the seller mid-week.
Vicinity of Thistle Lane in Southington
I have a split level home and get a little water in one area of my basement. I would like to know if you fix those issues as well as make the room into living space. I have a 20 year old daughter who is looking for her own space.
Vicinity of West Center Street in Southington
Vicinity of Interstate Park Dr, in Southington
Pricing to furnish basement with kitchen
Vicinity of High Tower Road in Southington
Looking to finish basement, basement stays relatively dry but during heavy rain storms we do accumulate some water in the corners.
Vicinity of College Avenue in Southington
Want to move into a house before early October. Only thing holding back signing contract is a complete crack that isn't overlapping in the foundation. It's about 4-4.5 feet tall and around a foot in depth. I need to know what a foundation repair like this would cost and since I havn't signed the contract and won't until I find a price out for this type of issue I was wondering if I could just get a quick estimate for the fix. Once again it's around 4.5 feet tall by about 12 inches wide, straight through crack in foundation of 930 sq foot split level home. Crack is in boiler room in lower level. Thank you and I hope for a quick response.
Vicinity of Meander Lane in Southington
1. 4X8' landing sinking, needs poly lift. 2. Basement Exit leaks and fills with water 3. Sidewalk settle, needs poly life
Vicinity of Holly Hill Dr in Southington
Need a quote on finish basement
Vicinity of Bishop Ave. in Southington
No concerns - just want a quote and maybe some ideas on finishing my basement that is partially finished. It is a smallish area that is used for storage at the moment but would like another living space in addition to a storage area.
Vicinity of East St in Southington
Wet basment
Vicinity of Empress Dr. in Southington
I would like to finish my basement. The majority of the room would be for watching TV and relaxing. I would like include a bar in the design with the possibility of a sink.
Vicinity of Yorktown Rd in Southington
Concrete garage floor section sinking. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Queen Street, in Southington
I am a property manager that has 2 units that are getting wet basements during periods of heavy rain
Vicinity of Coolidge Street in Southington
Looking to get a quote on 1,400 sq ft basement finishing for this Fall.
Vicinity of Old Turnpike Road in Southington
At least once a year I get water in my basement. I've recently removed the carpet but I'm concerned about more water damage as well as any mold problems. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of N. Summit St in Southington
Little spot of water in the basement from heavy rain. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Glen Eagles Drive in Southington
We would like to finish our basement into a theater area and a play area for children
Vicinity of Hilltop Drive in Southington
Have an existing sump pump with no liner that has backed up and gets clogged. Am interested in getting upgraded system with pit liner.
Vicinity of Macintosh Way in Southington
Vicinity of Pondview Drive in Southington
Would like to finsih my unfinished basement. Framing, electrical, and sheet rock. Would like to turn it into a mancave.
Vicinity of Riverside Court in Southington
Looking for a quote on a basement waterproofing system to be installed in the next 30 -45 days
Vicinity of East Street in Southington
8-900 sq ft walkout basement. Looking to finish it with small kitchen, small bathroom and decent sized play/tv area.
Vicinity of Rochela Dr in Southington
We have a new Toll Bros house with an unfinished basement. I would like to finish off a small section of it for my home office.
Vicinity of Knollwood Rd in Southington
Need basement with office, playroom and family room. Need to remodel bathroom in basement to include shower.
Vicinity of Old Turnpike Road in Southington
Basement leaking, standing water in residential apartment building, despite the use of wet-vac. Tenants complain of bad, musty odor.
Vicinity of Crest Rd. in Southington
We would like to finish our basement as additional living space.
Vicinity of Mckenzie Dr in Southington
Water in basement
Vicinity of West Street in Southington
I would like a quote on finishing my condo basement.
Vicinity of Kuhr Dr in Southington
Vicinity of Woodruff Street in Southington
My basement has had some water, has cracks in the floor. I would like to finish basement with another living area, laundry area, 3/4 bath and an extra bedroom.
Vicinity of West Pines Drive in Southington
I would like a quote to refinish about 2/3 of our currently unfinished walkout basement. We do have one small area where water comes in during very heavy rains that would also have to be addressed. Thanks!
Vicinity of Amber Lane in Southington
We are looking to have a drop ceiling installed in our partially finished basement. Lighting has not been completed.
Vicinity of Berkley Ave in Southington
Getting ready to purchace a home and there is water in some of the corners of the basement. We would like an estimate on waterproofing and basement finishing.
Vicinity of Seaside Ave. in Southington
New home construction - helical piers
Vicinity of North Summit St. in Southington
We get water in the cellar and have for years. We have a semp pump already with a hole.
Vicinity of Blatchley Avenue in Southington
Basement Waterproofing
Vicinity of Knights Ct in Southington
I would like to get a quote on finishing our basement
Vicinity of Woodruff St in Southington
Meed major help, wet basement & cant get out of my own way with the install....I NEED A PRO!!!
Vicinity of Orchard Hill Drive in Southington
Seeking estimate for basement finishing. Made previous inquiry but had to attend to other house improvments. Ready to seriously do the job at this time.
Vicinity of Crest Rd in Southington
I would like more information regarding a basement remodel.
Vicinity of Winter Park Rd. in Southington
My basement is has an acrid, moldy smell and I would like to like to waterproof it so I can store thousands of children's books down there without them absorbing a basement smell.
Vicinity of Oak Street in Southington
I would like to obtain an estimate to waterproof my basement. The basement is a stone foundation that that currently experiencing some seapage
Vicinity of Dunham Street in Southington
Dehumidification Problems ?
Vicinity of Main Street in Southington
We need a contractor to level a concrete sidewalk area a Southington High School by mud jacking and possibly grinding.
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