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Work Requests in Southbury

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Southbury. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Southbury and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Southbury, CT
Vicinity of Lakeside Rd in Southbury
During heavy rain, water seeps into one section of my basement. It's not a lot of water, but enough to wet the carpet and create a musty smell.
Vicinity of White Birch Dr in Southbury
We bought our house just over 2 years ago and half of the basement had been finished by the previous owner. During the final walkthrough, we discovered that the finished part of the basement had a lot of black mold of one of the walls but decided to still go through with the closing rather than forfeit our deposit. There's a small pipe outside that carries the water from the gutter downspout away from the foundation of the house but it looked like the pipe had been moved out of place, allowing the water to drain directly against the house, in the exact spot that the mold was found inside. My husband put the pipe back in place and that hasn't been an issue again. He also ripped out all of the moldy sheetrock, insulation, and carpet from the basement, disinfected the area, and got a dehumidifier. We had intended to refinish the basement ourselves but it's been 2 years and we now have 3 month old twins so I don't know when we will find the time. It's not an emergency to have it finished so I'm just looking to get an estimate to see if it's worth the extra money to have it done or wait until we have time to get around to finishing it ourselves. We don't need anything over the top, but we wanted to waterproof, insulate, and sheetrock, and install some kind of flooring. The stairs leading down into the basement are carpeted so we may want to install carpeting again, over a subfloor, but it would depend on the price. I believe the area is about 300 sq ft.
Vicinity of Burr Rd in Southbury
Water in the basement. You gave me a quote 10 years ago. I countered offered with cash, for a job in the cold months. Your company refused. Let's try this again. RSVP, thanks, Aline Dennison
Vicinity of OLDFIELD HILL RD in Southbury
Damp spots in basement
Vicinity of Bagley Road in Southbury
Water seeping in through foundation along backside of the house.
Vicinity of Old Waterbury Rd in Southbury
We have roughly a 400 square foot basement that would like to finish.
Vicinity of Oak Hill Drive in Southbury
Portion of foundation has sunk 4"
Vicinity of Fish Rock Rd in Southbury
Small entry area in basement (including a closet) needs to be finished. We ripped up the carpeting, now it is just concrete and it is ugly. Want to get it completed before winter sets in. Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Horse Fence Hill Rd. in Southbury
An interest in a quote to finish my basement.
Vicinity of Saddle Ridge Lane in Southbury
36" wide pool patio is settled and pushing the skimmer unit down, needs to be lifted approximately 1/2"
Vicinity of Jacob in Southbury
Damp basement needs redo
Vicinity of TEPI DR in Southbury
Cracked poured concrete slab and side walls. Uneven slab. Possible sinking of house.
Vicinity of Berkshire Road in Southbury
Crawl Space Repair/Insulation, very tight space on dirt floor.
Vicinity of S Georges Hill Rd in Southbury
We have a smelly basement
Vicinity of Roxbury Road in Southbury
Water in basement when it rains and black mold on sheetrock.
Vicinity of Old Woodbury Road in Southbury
I have a completely finished basement which for years was water free. Over the past winter I developed a leak which ruined the flooring. Today i opened the sheet rock walls and found a crack in the foundation. Do you repair these types of situations.
Vicinity of Chain Trail in Southbury
I have a small home with a crawl space- I would like to have a vapor barrier installed in the crawl space....
Vicinity of Purchase Brook Road in Southbury
Water leaks into finished basement.
Vicinity of Low Bridge Rd in Southbury
We are looking into finishing our basement as an additional room.
Vicinity of Bullet Hill in Southbury
Looking to have bacement finished
Vicinity of Lorelei Court in Southbury
I would like to have an estimate for finishing my basement. If somebody can call me to schedule an appointment, that will be great.
Vicinity of Oleson Dr in Southbury
I want to remodel my basement, right now it is a standard, unfinished basement with poured concrete floors and walls.
Vicinity of Charter Oak Rd in Southbury
Just want to get an estimate for slab crack repair and sealing. Slab is approximately 800sf Thanks.
Vicinity of Amos White Rd. in Southbury
My house is an L shaped ranch, approx. 1400 square feet, built around 1952, it has fieldstone foundation without a footing and is surrounded by a 4ft. high cinder block retaining wall on the inside. Is it possible to correct the several areas where water comes in? Thank you.
Vicinity of Peach Orchard Rd in Southbury
Leakage during heavy rain in one area only from floor over finished sheetrock wall installed a few years ago
Vicinity of Grandview Drive in Southbury
Vicinity of Shane Drive in Southbury
Hi, I have crack in my basement foundation and several cracks in the basement floor. I am getting small amounts of water through the cracks. I would like an estimate to repair the cracks and solve the water problem. I am looking to have this work done as soon as possible. Thanks, Andy
Vicinity of Pomperaug Trail in Southbury
About 4000 square foot basement which is flooded to the height of 1 foot. Live on water, due to flood. Insurance will cover remediation and clean up and I need to have a system installed for future water.
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