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Work Requests in Shelton

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Shelton. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Shelton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Shelton, CT
Vicinity of Walnut Ave in Shelton
I am looking for a quote on installing a sump pump in an unfinished basement
Vicinity of Fort Hill Ave in Shelton
We want a neatly finished basement with comfortable living and entertainment spaces including a bathroom. We want all technical apparatus neatly cordoned off if possible.
Vicinity of DEXTER DR in Shelton
Replace dehumdifier
Vicinity of Autumn Ridge Road in Shelton
I have a finished basement that I'm looking to update/improve. It can use a bit of waterproofing, a new drop ceiling and possibly new walls.
Vicinity of Coram Rd in Shelton
Have a sump pump but still gets water in basement
Vicinity of Maltby Street in Shelton
Water seeps thru everytime it rains
Vicinity of Mohegan Rd in Shelton
Installing de-humidifier
Vicinity of Hawks Ridge Drive in Shelton
New home, basement partially finished seems very damp, Some items showing mold/mildew
Vicinity of Greystone in Shelton
There is water in our basement. Not sure what's wrong or where it's coming from. Since we have a sump pump not sure what's going on. We keep stopping up the water and puddles keep appearing
Vicinity of Stowe Drive in Shelton
I have a partial finished basement that needs to be water proofed and potential French drain. Once that is complete the basement will need to be finished as an office space.
Vicinity of Hearthstone Drive in Shelton
Looking to have a grated trench drain installed in my garage along the wall that is shared with my finished lower level. Water from the cars from rain/snow melt does not drain and reached the sheetrock wall. I already have a sump pump in the garage with french drains on the two outer walls of the garage. Looking to install this grated drain for entire length of the wall and emptying into the sump.
Vicinity of Hickory Lane in Shelton
I have a trench drain to a sump pump that needs to be extended.
Vicinity of Bíg Horn Rd in Shelton
Water seepage
Vicinity of Long Hill Ave in Shelton
Just purchased a house with a crawl space. The hardwood flooring is all bowed due to humidity issues. Other evidence of moisture problems in basement.
Vicinity of Fieldstone Dr in Shelton
We have a raised ranch with the lower level already finished however we would like to get rid of the wood paneling and drywall and redo flooring, looking for someone who can do the entire project instead of hiring multiple trades
Vicinity of Sportsman Drive in Shelton
Musty smell in basement during the summer
Vicinity of English Lane in Shelton
Looking to install a basement dehumidifier that drains automatically.
Vicinity of Maple Ave in Shelton
Small foundation crack
Vicinity of Nicholdale Rd in Shelton
Looking to get a sump pump installed in our basement ASAP. Thanks!
Vicinity of Deborah Dr in Shelton
We have a leak, by way of a crack in our foundation, where a lot of water is in entering our basement. We would like to get an opinion and quote for how to repair and prevent further water issues.
Vicinity of Philip Drive in Shelton
We are thinking about putting an exercise room in part of our unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Horse Stable Circle in Shelton
Walk out basement, partially finished. Want to complete since will be placing house on market in next few years.
Vicinity of Capitol Dr in Shelton
Possibly may need a dehumidifier. Basement was waterproofed in 2013, but has a distinct smell. Looking to eradicate the smell by any means possible.
Vicinity of Little Fox Run in Shelton
We have never had water in our unfinished basement, however recently we have noticed increasing amounts of dark patches that appear to be damp spots on the basement floor. The basement walls appear dry.
Vicinity of Cliff Street Ext in Shelton
Water coming into the basement from at least two areas . I have extended the down spouts and has helped,but I need a permanent solution
Vicinity of Deborah Drive in Shelton
Foundation in garage seeps water in when we heavy rain
Vicinity of Driftwood Lane in Shelton
I live in a raised ranch, downstairs finished basement has poor air quality lately, causing coughing when down there for extended period of time. Almost like air appears heavy to breathe. I have a dehumidifier going and do not see any signs of mold anywhere. How do I know if I have a mold problem if I cannot see any signs of it.
Vicinity of Poplar Drive in Shelton
I would like to get our basement checked for mold.
Vicinity of Nicholdale Rd in Shelton
Getting water in finished basement. Existing sump pump is activating but when it rains heavy water still gets in. House is in a very wet area.
Vicinity of Kneen Street in Shelton
To Provide vapor barrier and pest control AND meet housing code compliance for future sale of building.
Vicinity of Aspetuck Trail in Shelton
I am purchasing a townhouse in Aspetuck Villiage in Shelton with clean but, unfinished basement. I would like to get an estimate on finishing the basement to include a living area, bedroom and a bathroom. Move in is December 20th and want to also now how soon as of that date work could start and how long it would take. Gross basement area is 754 square feet. Thank-you.
Vicinity of Spring Glen in Shelton
Basement floor
Vicinity of Webster Dr in Shelton
We live in a wet area, yard, and have a finished basement that is very damp. I have a sump pump system throughout the basement and garage but need more. We would like to discuss basement design, humidifier and windows.
Vicinity of in Shelton
Stamped concrete front porch has sagged several inches and is not level causing major puddling on front porch. Please contact me ASAP.
Vicinity of Philip Drive in Shelton
We have a few cracks in the basement walls & garage floor. Just need the CT Basement to provide a quote to drill and inject sealant from the center of the cracks. BTW...I am a current CT Basement Customer. Thanks, Tom Lewis
Vicinity of West Street in Shelton
Bought a new home unfinished basement, bulkhead
Vicinity of Bona Vista Terr in Shelton
I had allure flooring in my basement but it flooded & we need an estimate for someone to install new allure flooring (vinyl) since the basement floor is not level in every area - There maybe a different product we can use & I would like to see that also.
Vicinity of Quial Court in Shelton
I have a 20x20 foot lower workshop, was a garage years back however the cement slab sweats and is slippery, this only seems to happen after the heavy rains or else remains dry. Can your company correct this? S.P. Mauri Sr
Vicinity of Elizabeth St in Shelton
Water leaks in basement multiple areas.
Vicinity of C in Shelton
Water in basement, mold and odor
Vicinity of Buddington Road in Shelton
Add a humidifier to my basement
Vicinity of King Street in Shelton
Damp basement
Vicinity of Daisy Drive in Shelton
Very interested in next steps for fixing a water problem in my basement when experiencing heavy rain or winter rain in early spring with frozen ground run-off
Vicinity of Richard Blvd in Shelton
We have a crack in our foundation that had been previously repaired and the repair is breaking and needs to be fixed. Thank you. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Buddington Road in Shelton
We have a walkout basement in-law apartment that my mother is looking to move in to. We are looking to have it updated and also design ideas would be appreciated. We would like to set up an appt for you to come over. Thanks, Lorri
Vicinity of Pawtucket Ave in Shelton
Water leaking through the the perimeter of the basement
Vicinity of Laurel Wood Drive in Shelton
Large crack in foundation wall. We are going to be putting the house on the market and need to get quotes to repair issue.
Vicinity of Roberts St in Shelton
Basement has mold water problems.
Vicinity of Ten Coat Lane in Shelton
I am looking to replace my two basement windows. Would you only replace two basement windows?
Vicinity of Main Street in Shelton
Need fix for wet basement. I am seeing soggy patches on my basement carpet
Vicinity of Meadowridge in Shelton
Water in basement during spring thaw.
Vicinity of Mohegan Road in Shelton
I am getting water in my basement and need help determining the best solution
Vicinity of Westminster Ave in Shelton
Hello…I would like to finish my basement.
Vicinity of Oak Hill Lane in Shelton
I would like to redo my outdated finished basement. It has painted paneling with industrial carpet.
Vicinity of Federal Road in Shelton
We are interested in finishing part or all of our basement. We have some moisture issues. We are looking to see what options are available to us. Thank you!
Vicinity of Lucille Drive in Shelton
We currently have a sump pump installed by the previous home owner that works fine but is not up to code and a bit primitive. We would like to get an estimate on upgrading the system.
Vicinity of Long Hill Avenue in Shelton
I would like to get an estimate on having my basement finished. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Shelton
Wet spot in coner of basement
Vicinity of Rocky Rest Rd in Shelton
Small ranch with block foundation partially built on rock ledge. About half is concrete floor, half is rock. Would like to seal as much of the ledge as possible or do anything possible to eliminate dampness. Need a quick response as this is a rental , and new tenants coming in soon. Thanks, Bob
Vicinity of Deborah Drive in Shelton
Converting dark paneled basement with fireplace into bright room. Dark doors, trim, dark paneled walls painted, drop ceiling, limited lighting, previous water problem (we believed resolved) cement flooring exposed.
Vicinity of North Street in Shelton
We would like to explore our options for the dirt basement under our house. The house has a stone foundation and the house itself is around 200 years old. Ready for a challenge? Thanks for your time. John
Vicinity of Sharon Ct. in Shelton
Cracks in basement floor. Cracks on interior walls above doorways and windows. Popping nails
Vicinity of Cali Drive in Shelton
I have an addition resting on sono tubes with one corner of the addition no longer in contact with its footing. The addition has slightly settled toward this footing. What would it take to stablize and level the addition?
Vicinity of Robin Lane in Shelton
Water coming into basement from the front of the house when it rains ?????
Vicinity of Pearmain Rd in Shelton
Would like to schedule a time for quote to turn our unfinished basement into bedroom/bath; workout room, media room. Thanks
Vicinity of in Shelton
Thinking about finally finishing space. Fairly significant water in area twice in approximately six years. Want to eliminate any and all possibility of water - want to rid space of all dampness. Need foundational assessment as well.
Vicinity of Hawthorn Ave in Shelton
I am in the process of finishing my basement (house is almost 100 years old) and noticed that water does penetrate the stone foundation with heavy rainfall. I believe your company installed a radon system already in the basement approximately 1 year ago and was wondering if you guys would be available to give us a free quote to waterproof the basement. I would actually like 2 quotes: one to waterproof and finish the basement and another to just waterproof it. If you can get back to me that'd be great. Thank you.
Vicinity of Basking Brook Ln in Shelton
We're finishing our basement. I would like to look at a floor vapor barrier before the carpet gets added.
Vicinity of Mayflower Lane in Shelton
I have a fully finished basement. Home is 9-years old. Leakage appears to be occuring at crack, basement wall joint and electrical penetrations. Only occurs when we have a deluge or when we get rain in winter. Downspouts go into an underground collection system and then into storm sewer.
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