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Work Requests in Ridgefield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ridgefield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Ridgefield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ridgefield, CT
Vicinity of Keeler Drive in Ridgefield
One section of basement leaking water...
Vicinity of Lee Rd in Ridgefield
I have a couple slabs around the pool that are sunken and need to be lifted. Requesting quote.
Vicinity of Maple Shade Rd in Ridgefield
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in Ridgefield
I'd like an egress door or window installed in my basement. The foundation is poured concrete.
Vicinity of Keeler Drive in Ridgefield
We are interested in getting a quote to waterproof our basement and finish it.
Vicinity of Barrack Hill Rd in Ridgefield
I have a water leak as indicated by wet sheet rock and suspect it's coming from below.
Vicinity of Topstone Rd. in Ridgefield
I would like to finish my basement. The area I would like to finish is about 900 sqf. As of now it is partially finished.
Vicinity of New Street in Ridgefield
Looking for preliminary estimate on finishing basement. Looking to gather quotes now and do work within next 1 or so. Please call during the week only.
Vicinity of Silver Spring Road in Ridgefield
We just bough a new house. After the rains, we have found an area in the basement that is very wet.
Vicinity of Hussars Camp Place in Ridgefield
Wet floor in the basement after heavy rain. not sure how to tell if it's a gutter problem or water table problem.
Vicinity of Cooper Rd in Ridgefield
Hello - homeowner since March, found a foot of water in my crawl space on Friday, not sure of the source. Also concerned about mold and vapor barrier looks like a mess. If Ridgefield is too far then local recommendations would be greatly appreciated, otherwise thank you for your time! - Walker
Vicinity of Lewis Dr in Ridgefield
Have a small leak in the unfinished part of my basement after rainfall
Vicinity of Parley Road in Ridgefield
I have a partially finished basement and I am looking to get some ideas/quotes
Vicinity of Wilton Rd E in Ridgefield
Basement wall / foundation issue leading to uneven floors.
Vicinity of Harrison Court in Ridgefield
We have a small basement room about 12 ft x 4 feet that is located under our front porch and has some minor water seepage and a musty odor. We would like to waterproof it and turn it into a wine cellar. We'd like an estimate please :) Thanks!
Vicinity of Danbury Rd in Ridgefield
Concrete pad behind building has settled on one side.
Vicinity of Rochambeau Ave. in Ridgefield
Want to cover block masonry with zenwall
Vicinity of Titicus Ct in Ridgefield
Need proposal to finish basement
Vicinity of Mountain Rd in Ridgefield
We have a partially finished basement, but we need to rip up the floor, waterproof it, and put down new flooring. We also have some unique exposed stone but looking for ideas on how to better insulate. Email is best way to contact.
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill in Ridgefield
I'm seriously interested in purchasing this home in Ridgefield. I'm a licensed Civil Engineer and have concerns on cracks in the foundation wall and floor and would like to have a contractor check it out for repairs and costs before going into contract. After the purchase, I would like the foundation repaired. Thank you.
Vicinity of Seth Low Mountain Rd in Ridgefield
Foundation repairs done long before us are now showing some crumbling of foundation in a 10+ foot segment. We live on sloped yard and house hasn't been level since we moved in 17 years ago so settling happened long ago. Built in 50s. I can send a few picture of helpful. Thanks. Ken
Vicinity of Keeler Drive in Ridgefield
Wet area in one corner of the basement, some mold. We want to find the source of and eliminate the mold and moisture as step one. Step two would be to finish the basement, but we may only do step one this year depending upon cost.
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Ridgefield
Our garage (at basement level) appears to have a crack in the foundation and water/moisture under gladiator flooring.
Vicinity of Ivy Hill Rd in Ridgefield
I would like to have a dropped ceiling installed in a new cottage's basement. 8' ceiling with 12" ducts Roughly 25' x 13'. Thanks for your help. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Deer Hill Drive in Ridgefield
Water is entering our garage and the slab has settled and cracked, allowing even more water in. we need to re-level the front portion of our garage slab so that we can then re-grade our driveway to divert the water away. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Hobby Drive in Ridgefield
Damp floor. Humidity Refinish basement
Vicinity of Fulling Mill Lane in Ridgefield
Foundation in house is leaking and concrete is soft. Would like to make appointment to have someone come give me estimate
Vicinity of Florida Road in Ridgefield
I am looking for a quote for some polyleveling for my pool deck. I have a few 3'x6' slabs that are uneven.
Vicinity of West Lane in Ridgefield
Water seepage from ground during heavy rains - we need to repair that, install a sub pump, and waterproof the basement with the long term goal of finishing it.
Vicinity of Walnut Grove in Ridgefield
Water in basent in all 4 corners the 2 corners in rear of house were much worse than the 2 in the front
Vicinity of Nutmeg Ridge in Ridgefield
I bought my house in April-- it had been sold as having a "finished" basement with new carpet. Now, 3 different times the carpet has been soaking wet and I don't know why and would like the basement dry. The area that is wet borders the systems room and I am not sure if the water is coming through the ground, pipe or from the systems room. A large part of the basement is completely dry so I am not sure what is going on.
Vicinity of Sugarloaf Mountain Road in Ridgefield
My crawl space and unfinished basement are damp and smell of mildew, making the house smell bad too. Need to clean up and seal crawl space.
Vicinity of Encampment Place in Ridgefield
Finish 4000 sq feet basement.
Vicinity of Ned's Mountain Rd in Ridgefield
Refinish the basement
Vicinity of Pin Pack in Ridgefield
Need estimate on waterproofing a basement
Vicinity of Powderhorn Dr in Ridgefield
Water in my basement
Vicinity of Bennetts Farm Road in Ridgefield
Hi, We currently have a finished basement (just a big empty room at the moment) and are looking for ideas or solutions to partition a part of the room and create a large storage closet. It would involve the framing and installing the closet doors. Is that something you guys cover? If so, I would like to get an estimate this week. Thanks, Shelby
Vicinity of Topstone Road in Ridgefield
Unfinished basement on antique (1897) house. Cement floors and rock walls. The ceilings are too low for any type of rec room - but would like to be able to store things down there without feeling "icky" about it- so probably waterproofing and some basic finish.
Vicinity of Glen Rd in Ridgefield
My garage leaks water inside through the foundation. Please call to set up an appointment.
Vicinity of Nod Rd in Ridgefield
I am looking to simply frame out our basement to deter rodents and improve the appearance.
Vicinity of Bennetts Farm Road in Ridgefield
We have a water seepage problem in the basement, as well as an old sump pump that is not up to code. We would like to waterproof the basement so that we can finish it to add to our living space.
Vicinity of Danbury Road in Ridgefield
Water seaps inside one section of finished basement (unsure if it is an inside or an outside drainage/foundation issue)
Vicinity of Bob Hill Road in Ridgefield
Would like an estimate on refinishing my basement
Vicinity of Scott Ridge Road in Ridgefield
Water coming into basement and soaking on the block walls as where the footing sits and the block wall sits on top of it
Vicinity of Pond Road in Ridgefield
We have a dirt crawl space under 2/3 of our 1945 house and are interested in your crawl space solutions.
Vicinity of Wooster Hgts Dr in Ridgefield
Sagging walls insufficient sopports
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Ridgefield
I'd like an estimate on putting a thermal dry tile floor in a laundry room in my basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Barrack Hill Road in Ridgefield
My basement is musty and damp and I am thinking of painting it with Drylock. I see your panelling products and want to get an estimate prior to making my decision. If someone is available this saturday in the morning that would be great. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield
I think I have a leak behind my front stoop, it hasn't been too bad but now it's coming in like a sieve in this heavy rain. Would this be the kind of thing you could fix?
Vicinity of Farmingville Rd in Ridgefield
We just purchased a 215 yr old farmhouse that has water issues in the basement. We aren't looking to finish the basement, but would like to waterproof the existing basement.
Vicinity of Island Hill Avenue in Ridgefield
Would like to have a quote for a sump pump installation and perimeter channels along one wall of my basement.
Vicinity of High Ridge Avenue in Ridgefield
Hi, we have a 133 year old home with a dirt basement. Looking to find out the best solution for the damp, musty, dirty basement. We have a fieldstone foundation as well. If you could come for an estimate on a Tuesday or Thursday, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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