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Work Requests in Plantsville

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Plantsville. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Plantsville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Plantsville, CT
Vicinity of Greystone Dr in Plantsville
One corner of the foundation under my front porch has settled. It has not moved in over three years, so it is now stable. I have probed under the porch with a stick, and there appears to be some voids under the porch concrete slab. The slab is not cracked. Since the foundation is now stable, I'd like to get an estimate for filling the voids and the existing space between the slab and the foundation wall. I am very interested in your PolyLEVEL Polymer Injection.
Vicinity of Frost Street in Plantsville
We have a half finished basement with a closet and un finished other half.the floor is cement and has a huge hump in the middle not really big or nice for kids friends to play in
Vicinity of Pondmill Rd in Plantsville
Recently gutted finished basement of raised ranch which was two rooms and turning it into one lg family room. Would like quotes on basic framing for new room up to full finishing.
Vicinity of Hillside Avenue in Plantsville
Both front porch and side porch steps are not aligned with house; also, there is a large gap on top of side door--door does not align with door frame. Need a free inspection, no obligation estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Great Pine Path in Plantsville
Bought the house in March 2012. Took rug up out of finished basement--still a very strong musty odor. Wanted it evaluated for damage and possible water concerns.
Vicinity of Barbara Lane in Plantsville
We are looking for a quote to finish our basement with a Home theater area, dry bar, gym, storage, and a workbench area.
Vicinity of Summit Street in Plantsville
Would like free estimate on waterproofing cellar
Vicinity of Lagana Ave in Plantsville
We recently had sewers put in our neighborhood and now we are getting water in our basement. We would like to learn about what we need to do to prevent this. I tried calling the number above but I get a message saying I must dial an area code to get connected.
Vicinity of Alpine Trl in Plantsville
Do you service Southington/Plantsville?
Vicinity of Deckert Dr in Plantsville
Please call or email for a time to review our basement and recommend action and quote. Thank you Can you still help if basement is finished?
Vicinity of Old Mill Rd in Plantsville
We need a 2nd opinion since we think the company that came in today was a little too high.
Vicinity of Mulberry Street in Plantsville
Whenever we get a large amount of rain over a short period of time (especially when the ground is saturated this time of year) we occasionally have water come in to our basement from where the walls and floors meet. I am interested in having someone come out to give an estimate (procedure and cost) of what it would take to prevent this situation from happening again. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mt. Vernon Road in Plantsville
Hello, My name is Patrick Hubeny. My wife and I moved into a new home when the C.O. was issued on January 8, 2009 and shortly afterward we discovered some problems with the home so we came up with a “punch list” of items and gave it to the builder. Obviously this is commonplace and we were hopeful that everything would be resolved as promised by the builder. At the time we felt really comfortable that we would have no problem getting it all fixed especially since my wife uncle is one of the partner’s in the building company (that is why we went with them in the first place). The punch list continued to grow and nearly every time that we called one of the subcontractors they refused to come out because we learned that that many of them were not paid for their work by the builder. The builder stopped returning our calls in August of 2009, so we dealt with my wife’s uncle exclusively. He began doing some investigating on his own he realized that his partner and our builder owed people money for other jobs and that there were other “issues”. He took control of everything on his own and started to resolve some of the issues on the punch list. We figured that we would allow him time to get some things done rather than taking legal action and filing a complaint with the state of Connecticut under Chapter 827 - New Home Warranties Act. At this time he is still trying to resolve the issues, but there are so many of them and we have only one-year under the act to file the complaint and seek reimbursement from the state gratuity fund state which falls under Connecticut’s Chapter 827 New Home Warranties Act. So Last week, I spoke with a representative from the state consumer protection department and he advised me to speak with an attorney and get the paper work files appropriately and then make an official complaint. The attorney urged me to have the home inspected and come up with a comprehensive list of things we needed repaired. The company that assessed the drywall decided to take a look in the basement after discovering so many screw pops, drywall cracks and seeing that the doors and windows to not close and open properly. They noticed a few vertical cracks that they did not feel were of too much concern, but those cracks combined with all of the other issues may indicate that the foundation has issues as well. They said that they were not experts in this realm of construction but urged me to call your company because they knew that you could come out make and assessment and provide us with a free repair estimate. The thing is that I need to get this done by January 7th so that it can be part of the paper work that my attorney is filing to the state on January 8th. So I was wondering if you may be able to send a representative out between January 2 and January 6th to assess the situation. It would be greatly appreciated if this is at all possible. I can be contacted at or by email at [email protected] Thank you and Regards, Patrick and Shannon Hubeny
Vicinity of Burritt Street in Plantsville
Hello, Can you please contact me to set up an appointment to inspect a finished basement that has leaked over the past few rainstorms?
Vicinity of South End Rd in Plantsville
I need someone to check for a possible mold issue in my basement. I've been having a constant odor in my nose and metallic taste on my tongue since early Aug. and wondered if it could be a mold issue in my condo.
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