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Work Requests in New Rochelle

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in New Rochelle. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in New Rochelle and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in New Rochelle, NY
Vicinity of Brittany Lane in New Rochelle
Cracks in basement that were previously repaired, sump pump replacement and multiple leaks from cracks, windows and other unknown locations.
Vicinity of Saldo Circle in New Rochelle
Crawl space under house has some water seepage on one side of space, there is s sump pump on other side and a french drain
Vicinity of Short Lane in New Rochelle
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Mulberry Ln in New Rochelle
Need new sump pump and waterproofing near garage
Vicinity of Holly Drive in New Rochelle
I would like to obtain a quote on finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Heminway Avenue in New Rochelle
Unfinished but clean basement, low ceilings, concrete floor is not 100% flat... but would like to finish the space.
Vicinity of Hunter Ave in New Rochelle
Would like a quote to replace existing sump pumps.
Vicinity of Verdun Avenue in New Rochelle
Recent mold issues in basement, rethinking waterproofing strategy and how to reduce humidity levels.
Vicinity of Kingsbury Rd in New Rochelle
Water leaks in from the garage ceiling during heavy rains.
Vicinity of North Avenue in New Rochelle
Basement Waterproofing and possible Basement Finishing
Vicinity of Halcyon Terrace in New Rochelle
I am having water issues at the basement and the source is from outside. I have an unfinished basement at the moment but cannot work on it until the water issue is solved.
Vicinity of Holly Drive in New Rochelle
Our finished basement which hasn't flooded in 3 years has been flooding for the past three days with all the rain. There is a french drain down there but there are floor boards over it now
Vicinity of Robert Drive in New Rochelle
Purchased a home in new rochelle. basement is 600 sq ft with about 25 percent finnished. 2 crawlspaces, 1 on each side of the finnished section. i am looking to seal and finnish these crawlspaces to control humidity , and also create useable clean finnished storage areas.
Vicinity of Mulberry Lane in New Rochelle
We had about 2-3 inches of water get into our garage during last nights storm (caused by a faulty sewer on the street which I am currently addressing with the city). It appears that the sump pump in the garage was not working so I'd like to have it looked at/serviced. We also have a leder drain from the house that appears not to be working and thus causing water to get into the foundation. I would like to look at mediating that as well. Thanks.
Vicinity of CHAUNCEY AVE in New Rochelle
Interested in insulating my basement
Vicinity of Brookridge Rd in New Rochelle
Bought a townhouse a year ago. The water level on my property is very high. I have one sump pump that is pumping out water every 15 min or so. I have had 5 floods in the past year. When it rains, there is water either coming from window well at basement or cracks in foundation. Its unclear. I'd like to schedule an appt for someone to come out and assess the situation as soon as possible. Thanks.
Vicinity of Kings Highway in New Rochelle
Old tiny cottage needs sill plates, joists and pockets sistered and repaired, lime repointing, probably life all sides and slip in plastic, foam drain, etc.
Vicinity of Harmon Ave in New Rochelle
We noticed with the snow melt and rain that we have water coming into our basement. We would like this space to be dry enough that we could store furntirue down there and maybe even keep a guest bed down there. We need someone to evaluate project and recommend a solution.
Vicinity of Wilmot Road in New Rochelle
Looking to waterproof prior to finishing basement.
Vicinity of PERTH AVENUE in New Rochelle
Basement mold remediation, wet basement problems.
Vicinity of Fanueil Place in New Rochelle
Persistent moisture in the basement, some seepage in two areas.
Vicinity of QUAKER RIDGE RD in New Rochelle
Please quote for basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Mildred Parkway in New Rochelle
We have five window wells that we would like custom plastic covers built for. If somebody could stop by for an estimate this week, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Vicinity of Hunt Path in New Rochelle
Great amount of water entered our basement via two different walls in the last two days of rain. Water still comes in while it's now sunny outside.
Vicinity of Dora Lane in New Rochelle
Need to update/replace the existing perimeter drainage, and fix some cracks in the wall.
Vicinity of Lester Place in New Rochelle
Dampness from water seepage into our basement. Basement needs waterproofing and finishing; foundation needs inspection and repair. Worried about mold.
Vicinity of Old Country Road in New Rochelle
We are bidding to purchase a home in New Rochelle (the address I entered above). This home had water in the basement the day after the last strong storm (last week). I am concerned about the water proof ness of this basement and would like a cost estimate to water proof. Thanks! Basement ca. 1954 (Bayberry neighborhood), home renovated circa 1983.
Vicinity of Brookdale Avenue in New Rochelle
Recently purchased house, does have some waterproofing systems in place but needs additional and some repairs. Also am interested in what would be required to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Pinebrook Blvd in New Rochelle
We have a basement that sometimes gets water in a big rain storm. We had rug, which we just had to throw away because of a flood, so we are looking for new flooring, that can last after it gets wet.
Vicinity of Disbrow Circle in New Rochelle
We ahve 2 sump pumps atht are working. but we have water seeping in through the basement walls
Vicinity of Hanson Lane in New Rochelle
Need basement done.
Vicinity of Irving Pl in New Rochelle
Complete Basement renovation, to include removing wood panel walls. moving pipes in ceiling to increase ceiling height, etc.
Vicinity of Kenwood Drive in New Rochelle
We have a horizontal hair line crack were water is enter in concrete foundation wall. Their is also a downspout gutter in area which we believe is a major issue. The down spout is connected underground but we cannot tell if it's connected to drywell or clogged under ground. The basement has home made french drain with no sump pump/crushed stone. Three walls have a SF of 81LF by 7' and one wall is 39'-6" by 4'-4" which is interior foundation wall- doesn't seem to have water damage. Not sure if water proofing is needed for interior/exterior. The house was built in 1957.
Vicinity of Clove Road in New Rochelle
Got a Zoeller sump pump that needs installation and PVC pipe that needs to be installed to exit water to the exterior of the house. Currently there is some tubing that only sends water into a sewer/drain pipe inside the house
Vicinity of Dora Lane in New Rochelle
I believe that CT Basement Systems waterproofed and finished the basement in my home while the previous owners were in the home. Over the past couple of days, we have started to have a leak from the outside into our basement. I'd like to find out (1) if there is any warranty for the previous work done, and (2) if someone could come out to look at the problem and let us know the appropriate fix (and price quote for such work, if necessary). I have an appointment already scheduled for November 11 for someone to come look at the installed Triple Safe Sump Pump and Sani-Dry systems, however I'm not sure I can wait that long to have the leak looked at. Please let me know.
Vicinity of Valley Rd in New Rochelle
Would like someone to evaluate basement and provide estimate. Thx.
Vicinity of Hunter Ave in New Rochelle
Hi, I'm off this coming week, and would like to get an estimate on waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of Malysana Lane in New Rochelle
I would like to know what it usually costs to waterproof a large, unfinished basement (home 4600 square feet)..
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in New Rochelle
I am a realtor with Prudential Centennial. You have previously done work for 2 of my colleagues I have a customer buying a house with a water problem, and needs an estimate for waterproofing the basement. Please call me to set up a time to meet.
Vicinity of Saxon Way in New Rochelle
Hello Team, My wife and I live in a home built in 1956, and due to the copious amounts of precipitation we've had lately, we've noticed water collecting in small pools in our unfinished basement. We're researching firms who have the expertise to help identifying the source of the leaks and implement a suitable remedy. Thank you.
Vicinity of Slocum Street in New Rochelle
I would like an estimate for capping joists and sealing our crawl space. Also, would like to consider insulation underneath the first level floor boards.
Vicinity of Alfred Lane in New Rochelle
I have a rather antiquated finished basement that is drafty and needs a new heating system. The basement needs to be wheelchair accessible. Can you do this or point me in the right direction? The heating is the priority at present.
Vicinity of High Ridge Road in New Rochelle
Our finished basement was damaged in a flood due to a sump pump failure. We need to refinish it as 2 feet of Drywall was cut out and removed, the carpet was removed, etc.
Vicinity of Trenor Drive in New Rochelle
Tired of my basement flooding..already have 2 sump pumps which are replaced by me current plumber almost every year>>>>
Vicinity of Harding Drive in New Rochelle
Please email me to set up a time for our estimate. We are looking to water proof and finish our basement.
Vicinity of Risley Pl in New Rochelle
I have an old stone and mortar foundation which needs some attention. Please contact me. thanks.
Vicinity of Aviemore Drive in New Rochelle
We have water in our garage when it rains. The water backs up through a drain in the center of the garage floor. We have had roto rotor clean the pipe, but the water keeps coming in.
Vicinity of Irving Place in New Rochelle
It is an open space including garage. I want to have a workout area, playroom or tv area and office area and storage and close off garage for car.
Vicinity of Irving Pl in New Rochelle
I have noticed mold popping up all over my basement furniture. I need to eliminate this problem. I am currently in the process of overhauling my basement. Which includes replacing old wiring and moving piping. However I feel this mold problem is something that needs to be addressed immedeatley
Vicinity of Coutant Dr in New Rochelle
I have an existing sump pump system in my basement and garage and am interested in seeing about creating redundancy for the systems as well as perhaps running lines underground out to the street, as the pumps currently eject into my front yard.
Vicinity of Lockwood Avenue in New Rochelle
Foundation wall is leaking. Need estimate for repair. Please call at . Thanks.
Vicinity of Edna Place in New Rochelle
Crawlspace repair
Vicinity of Winding Brook Road in New Rochelle
I have a large unfinished basement. I would like to turn a portion of it into a finished laundry room. I currently have a washer and dryer in the basement, but is essentially raw space now. I would like to put floor, walls, and ceiling in the laundry space.
Vicinity of Taymil Road in New Rochelle
Would like to schedule an estimate for basement work
Vicinity of Rose Hill Avenue in New Rochelle
We have just purchased a house with slow water seepage into the crawlspace, basement, and garage. We have noticed damp walls, musty air, and colonies of mold. We also believe there is some wood rot around the perimeter of the house, as a good portion of the frame sits below grade. Thanks.
Vicinity of Seacord Rd in New Rochelle
Help with my basement problems
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