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Work Requests in Enfield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Enfield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Enfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Enfield, CT
Vicinity of Pheasant Hill Drive in Enfield
High ground water table, cracked foundation, water in basement, sump can't keep up.
Vicinity of Booth Street in Enfield
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Gordon Ave in Enfield
We have a sump pump that we believe was damaged and need a new one set up.
Vicinity of Gordon Ave in Enfield
We have a sump pump that we believe was damaged and need a new one set up.
Vicinity of Litchfield Dr in Enfield
The garage & breezeway that were added prior to us buying our home were not properly built. The foundation continues to sink and is pulling the house with it.
Vicinity of Windham Rd in Enfield
Basement is leaking during heavy rains. Coming in through the seem where the wall and floor meet.
Vicinity of Westerly Drive in Enfield
There is a crack in the foundation that is now leaking with a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Hazard Avenue in Enfield
We recently purchased our home in may. The finished basement flooded with a rain storm causing damage and allowing bugs, dirt and water to flow right into the area.
Vicinity of Holly Ln in Enfield
I'd like to get an estimate to seal or otherwise address occasional water coming in from the hatchway. I am unsure if the water is seeping up from the ground, or somehow leaking from above. There are no other water issues with the basement.
Vicinity of West Forrest Drive in Enfield
I was wondering, if you provide this service, the estimated cost for the following; we are refinishing the half of our basement that was finished. In preparation for the new floors we are installing we wanted to have the concrete base professionally ground and leveled to get rid of the paint/leftover carpet adhesive and fix the small undulations and general unevenness. It is a single room approximately 289 sqft.
Vicinity of Varno Ln in Enfield
I am in the process of buying a home. The home inspection was done today and there is concern over the lally columns in the basement. There are four of them and there are rust spots on them. One column in particular has quite a bit of rust and water damage, most likely from a while ago, but over time the home inspector said it could cause trouble. Is there any way you could give an estimate on the cost to replace all four columns? I have photos if you would like me to email them. The address I provided in this request is the address of the home I am buying. Thanks!
Vicinity of Birchwood Road in Enfield
Looking for quote to get hatchway door and stairs replaced.
Vicinity of Nutmeg Avenue in Enfield
A small portion at the very end of our wooden retaining wall is failing and we need it repaired. We'd also would like to price out what it would cost to drill out proper drainage holes / help alleviate the pressure on the retaining wall as a whole. I can send pictures if need be.
Vicinity of Linda Lane in Enfield
I have lived in this house almost 5 years and never had water issues in my basement. Within the past month during major down pours i have water bubbling up into my basement around an area where the main sewer drain runs across my basement floor. I would like to schedule you to come out and access the situation and provide estimates to fix this problem, someday this week if possible. Later in the afternoon works better for me but will work around your schedule if necessary. Thank You!
Vicinity of in Enfield
Basement finishing around 350-400 sqft.
Vicinity of Taylor Road in Enfield
We would like to finish the basement w a bedroom/ sitting area with bathroom.
Vicinity of Lake Drive in Enfield
Crawl Space Access Insulation
Vicinity of Sam Street in Enfield
We've noticed water coming up through our basement floor. We've just bought the house. And are moving in next weekend. We're a bit concerned where the water is coming from.
Vicinity of Welch Drive in Enfield
Basement is leaking, looking to schedule an estimate on cause/fix
Vicinity of Wilstar Circle in Enfield
Concrete slabs around pool sinking
Vicinity of Roosevelt Blvd in Enfield
We have a basement that leaks in certain areas during spring thaw, we want to waterproof the basement and eventually finish the basement
Vicinity of BROADLEAF LANE in Enfield
I want a estimate to finish my basement.
Vicinity of Misty Meadow Rd in Enfield
Crack in basement concrete foundation wall that seems to be bulging.
Vicinity of Glen Arden Lane in Enfield
Looking for the estimate to install 3 replacement basement windows (15.5"x31", I believe). Thanks.
Vicinity of Bigelow Ave in Enfield
Vicinity of Spier Ave in Enfield
Would like to finish basement for a bedroom. Need egress window, no hatchway.
Vicinity of Enfield St in Enfield
Foundation issue, colonial in historic district
Vicinity of Broadleaf Lane in Enfield
Interested in having our basement finished
Vicinity of in Enfield
Have water pooling in one area of the basement. Seems to be coming up from the concrete floor.
Vicinity of Sharren Lane in Enfield
Do you install window wells?
Vicinity of Nancy Drive in Enfield
I need a crawlspace insulated Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Text
Vicinity of Kennedy Drive in Enfield
I have 2 cracks in the foundation. I need an engineer to inspect and a foundation contractor to repair it
Vicinity of Taft Lane in Enfield
We do get some water- not bad, but some and usually only in the Spring when snow melts with a rain event (hard ground). It appears the previous owner had a sump pump but filled it with concrete (we can see the spot and the wiring to support it!) We will be redoing our basement soon and want to address the water issue. We have heard good things about your company and want to see what your recommendation and quote are! Look forward to meeting you!
Vicinity of Bernardino Ave in Enfield
Patio around pool has several slabs needing to be lifted for safety. new liner was put in last week in inground pool Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Text
Vicinity of Pheasant Hill Dr in Enfield
I have an unfinished basement and am getting rain water in from the sides of the bottom of the stairs leading up to the hatch door. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Sherman Road in Enfield
Water in basement every time it rains. White mold on walls.
Vicinity of Lake Dr in Enfield
Basement waterproofing, replacement of 4 windows that are broken
Vicinity of Taylor Road in Enfield
I have a slab foundation/basement that has a crack in it and is unlevel. I'm interested in having somebody out to raise and level the slab.
Vicinity of Florida Rd. in Enfield
I believe that the cove joint on my back left basement wall is leaking. I would like an estimate for an interior drain tile.
Vicinity of Strawberry Lane in Enfield
I am looking for someone to add heat and a/c to our basement. Basically to add vents. I am also looking to add electrical work for a kitchen down there too. Thanks
Vicinity of Candlewood in Enfield
Want to finish basement
Vicinity of Franklin Street in Enfield
Looking to make my basement more accessible.
Vicinity of Alaimo Dr in Enfield
We would like for our basement to have half a bath and a small bar. We also have pillars that we would like to "hide". We want to section off the laundry room and a small area by the stairs for storage. (Email is the best way to contact me )
Vicinity of St Thomas in Enfield
Crack in foundation and water leaking in basement
Vicinity of Linda Lane in Enfield
My husband and I are looking to finish our basement in the spring. We are looking for a basic finishing which includes, flooring, walls, staircase and put walls around the furnace, water heater and washer and dryer. I am looking for a timeframe to get it finished and also a cost. Thank you!
Vicinity of Adams Rd. in Enfield
I would like to have my basement finished. I do not have any concerns about waterproofing or foundation repair.
Vicinity of Sunrise Circle in Enfield
Since the big rain storms basement has been damp. We installed a dehumidifier and it has helped, but still there. We want to see what is going on and what needs to be done to fix.
Vicinity of Green Manor Road in Enfield
I have a ranch house and put in a sump pump about three years ago at one end of the basement and still getting water coming up through my floor where i still need to vacuum up water. We have had 12" of rain in one week and that is a lot of water but my sump is not running continuously. Basement is not finished so it is wide open.
Vicinity of John Street in Enfield
Our basement is having water seepage through cracks in the foundation. We also have an old open curtain drain system in the basement and would like other options.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Enfield
Im having foundation cracks and drywall cracks everywhere..dont know whats causing it or coming from. I would like you guys to inspect the cracks.
Vicinity of Pierce St in Enfield
We need someone to look at our floor (basement ceiling). It seems to be sagging. We want to make sure our house is safe to live in.
Vicinity of Roland St in Enfield
I live in an area with a high water table in a raised ranch. I have one sump pump in the finished basement but the garage area seeps during heavy rain and water came pouring out from that area when my driveway was ripped up last week. I would like to install a sump pump in the garage to handle this half of the house and take the water pressure off from that area.
Vicinity of Carriage Drive in Enfield
Our basement is completely unfinished but it has so much potential to become a family area with a bedroom, laundry room and workshop. We have created an idea but we just don't know where to start. We are looking for an economical way to have it finished.
Vicinity of Belmont Avenue in Enfield
We would like an estimate for basement waterproofing and finishing.
Vicinity of Enfield Street in Enfield
Rubble wall basement or stone basement construction that is leaking. House built in 1700's and it's the original foundation.
Vicinity of Sandpiper Road in Enfield
Water comes in through cracks during prolonged rain. Can fill up entire basement up to 3 inches.
Vicinity of in Enfield
I'm looking to get a sump pump put in my basement. Looking for an estimate. When I get very heavy rains it sometimes leaks into the basement.
Vicinity of Linda Lane in Enfield
Just bought a house .. With three young children we are looking to finish the basement and create a play/office area. The basement is 42x24 .. Thanks!
Vicinity of Broadleaf Lane in Enfield
Basement flooding frequently. in need of new sump pump and sealing of basement.
Vicinity of Enfield Ave in Enfield
I would like to have and estimate on waterprofing my basement.
Vicinity of Bridge Lane in Enfield
Interested in creating living area in our basement
Vicinity of Second Ave in Enfield
I am looking to replace my existing sump pump, single electric pump, with a primary and backup pump and a battery backup. I am interested in how long the battery backups last. I have a sump pump that runs several times a day right now, but in more normal conditions, myabe once a day or a few times a week.
Vicinity of Ohear Ave in Enfield
I would like to know how much it would cost for my basement to be refinished? I would like to put two bedrooms down there. I get water in there so we have a subpump. My whole house is about 1000 sqauare feet
Vicinity of Gordon Avenue in Enfield
Looking for an estimate for basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Vernon Rd in Enfield
Have issues with water coming into basement via cracks in the basement floor
Vicinity of Gordon Ave in Enfield
Diagnosis of severity and cause of foundation cracks and question of repair
Vicinity of Willard Ave in Enfield
Our basement has some spots were we are getting moisture and it is making it musty and smelling because of it. I am looking for an estimate to repair it.
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