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Work Requests in Bloomfield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bloomfield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Bloomfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Bloomfield, CT
Vicinity of Adams Rd. in Bloomfield
Occasional water leakage in basement.
Vicinity of Barnard Lane in Bloomfield
We have sump pumps in the basement but at least one doesn't seem to be working as there is standing water and mold. Need to address sump and basement clean-up.
Vicinity of Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield
Total basement remodeling and water proofing
Vicinity of Foothills Way in Bloomfield
Hi there, We just had a home that we are hoping to purchase inspected and there is some water damage in the basement. We'd like an estimate so we know a)what the ballpark cost will be to fix the issue and b)timeline so we can arrange a time for you to begin work after closing on 9/27. Look forward to speaking with you! Thanks. Kim
Vicinity of Stone Hill Rd in Bloomfield
Just want to get the basement re-done and feel more open and fresh. Were also going for the movie theater/game room desighn.
Vicinity of Schuyler Lane in Bloomfield
Egress window and window well in basement
Vicinity of Berkshire Rd in Bloomfield
Smell in basement
Vicinity of Brentwood Dr in Bloomfield
We just closed on our first home. The basement is unfinished and smells musty. We are looking to put a room and a 1/2 bathroom in the basement. We would appreciate an estimate.
Vicinity of Harding Ave in Bloomfield
Mold. Water under flooring
Vicinity of Elizabeth Ave in Bloomfield
I need an open floor plan with a living room, playroom and bedroom.
Vicinity of Grant Hill Road in Bloomfield
Looking to finish basement with basics and just full bath enclosure.
Vicinity of Rockwell Avenue in Bloomfield
I want my basement "finished".
Vicinity of Wintonbury Ave in Bloomfield
Basement, mold, water damage Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Burr Rd in Bloomfield
We get water in our basement. Poor drainage around foundation. Foundation holes never plugged? Also garage foundation is getting water. We would like to resolve the issues.
Vicinity of Blue Hills Ave. in Bloomfield
Water comes in the basement from hatchway area.
Vicinity of East Harold Street in Bloomfield
Efflorescence and crumbling on basement walls of unfinished side (house was built on wetlands in late 1950's).
Vicinity of Tyler Street in Bloomfield
Finishing a basement.
Vicinity of Hampton Lane in Bloomfield
Cold air and rodents
Vicinity of Yale Circle in Bloomfield
I have a basement that needs to be waterproofed, and finished professionally.
Vicinity of W Eggleston St in Bloomfield
Very humid and smelly
Vicinity of Filley Street in Bloomfield
A few small cracks with high water table causing lots of water in our basement
Vicinity of Cliffmount Dr in Bloomfield
Water in basement also damp
Vicinity of Park Avenue in Bloomfield
Sump pump battery back-up system
Vicinity of Cottage Grove Circle in Bloomfield
Window in crawl space leaks when heavy rain. need new piping for sump pump discharge line
Vicinity of Arthur Drive in Bloomfield
Our basement walls are flaking and the floor has dampness showing. Would like an estimate of how to correct this. Also, the house is over 50 yrs.
Vicinity of Guernsey Road in Bloomfield
Have some water getting into the basement, would like an estimate for repair/waterproofing
Vicinity of Beach Road in Bloomfield
Basement floods everytime it rains - HELP
Vicinity of Park Ave in Bloomfield
I have an existing sump pump (not submerged). I need repair to the walls of the sump pump hole, to stabilize the existing sump pump and protect it from debris. Also, I need a battery back-up sump pump.
Vicinity of Brentwood Dr in Bloomfield
I would like to have my sump pump maintained or replaced to include a battery back-up. I also need a crack repaired in my basement. Any assistance you can give would be great. Thanks in advance. -Tasha-
Vicinity of Spring Hill Ln in Bloomfield
I'm interested in getting a free quote to repair a couple of crack on my basement walls which leak water through when there is a lot of rain coming down. I also have cracks on my basement floor, although, no water has ever leaked through.
Vicinity of Wadhams Rd in Bloomfield
We are looking to waterproof our basement and are also looking for estimates on completely finishing it as well.
Vicinity of Grant Hill Road in Bloomfield
Crawl space has ground water.
Vicinity of Brentwood Drive in Bloomfield
I just recently purchased a home and would like some assistance with basement waterproofing. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I may schedule an inspection and estimate. Thanks in advance.
Vicinity of Woodland Ave in Bloomfield
My parents basement floods all the time due to some structural damage. Need fixed before the rain season. all this snow
Vicinity of Park Ave. in Bloomfield
Just purchased this home. Note several small leaks in basement and garage after hard rain. Also note that yard has drainage problems.
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