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Work Requests in Yorktown Heights

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Yorktown Heights. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Yorktown Heights and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Yorktown Heights, NY
Vicinity of Crompond Road in Yorktown Heights
My basement is sorta finished but its damp wet moldy and my son and fiance and baby want to move in their also bugs from the dampness
Vicinity of TOMAHAWK ST in Yorktown Heights
We will need help with drainage, our basement gets some water. We want to finish it eventually and waterproof it.
Vicinity of Highbrook Street in Yorktown Heights
Found water in our basement.
Vicinity of Heritage Court in Yorktown Heights
I have a puddle of water near my sump pump and I'm not sure my pump is working properly.
Vicinity of Barberry Road in Yorktown Heights
I need an estimate for repairing and waterproofing my foundation to the footing
Vicinity of Old Yorktown Road in Yorktown Heights
I currently have a sump pump in my basement to help with the excess water under the foundation. I have noticed some other spots in the basement that seem to get wet, especially after a rain storm or snow melting. My hope is to get this basement as dry as a desert in Arizona.
Vicinity of Stonewall Court in Yorktown Heights
Front of garage slab has a void under it Approximately 16' x 4'
Vicinity of Sparkle Rd in Yorktown Heights
It has been brought to my attention during an inspection on my house that the crawl space needs to be done correctly. We have insulation and vapor barrier down but needs to be tidy. I was wondering if someone can come by and give an estimate on how much a job like this would cost. Thank you.
Vicinity of Northmore Dr in Yorktown Heights
I have a swamp as a backyard. Need to install french drains.
Vicinity of Narath Ct in Yorktown Heights
Unfinished basement. Have structural and moisture concerns before doing so.
Vicinity of Baldwin Road in Yorktown Heights
I have an unfinished basement that I would like to have finished. I'm only exploring ideas at this point. More than anything, I'm trying to get an understanding of the estimated cost to see if it's even feasible.
Vicinity of Quinlan in Yorktown Heights
Need to install an egress window in he basemrnt Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Other
Vicinity of Denby Drive in Yorktown Heights
We have just moved into a home and it has an odor. The home has a crawl space. We wanted to have it checked.
Vicinity of White Horse Lane in Yorktown Heights
We have an unfinished basement. Currently, it is all just concrete walls and concrete floor. The ceiling now is just exposed rafters. The house is 8 years old. We are finishing 1,305 sq. ft. of the basement and want to install a drop ceiling. I would like to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Whippoorwill Road in Yorktown Heights
Basement floor damp, possible ground water seeping up from ground Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Ronit Court in Yorktown Heights
Water leakage in my basement cracked walls some mold and mildew on basement walls
Vicinity of Springhurst Street in Yorktown Heights
10 to 12 inches inches of air space above thenexisting soil level.Basement slab uneven.
Vicinity of Pickens Court in Yorktown Heights
My basement is unfinished and has very high humidity. The crawl space is getting some water as well. We would like to finish the basement but first want to tackle the humidity concerns and address any or potential issues in order to keep the basement dry.
Vicinity of Hickory Street in Yorktown Heights
Please call me to schedule an appointment for a quote on installing a French drain system in my basement which happens to be in an 18th century home with a stone foundation. The cement floor lately has more and more wetness which I want to eliminate.
Vicinity of Croton Heights Rd in Yorktown Heights
I recently had a sump pump replaced and was given information about a warranty that I can purchase. My pump is the triple sump pump you install. The warranty is for one pump. Does that include all three pumps that are part of the sump pump system, or just one of those pumps? If just one, is it the pump that was replaced and if so, how do I specify this? Thank you.
Vicinity of Brookdale Street in Yorktown Heights
I have small amounts of water in my sub-basement (crawl space); it seeps up from the concrete floor, & through the wall cinder blocks. There may be some mold on the ceiling trusses, as well as a musty odor. Currently, I have 2 sump pumps, & a de-humidifier down there.
Vicinity of Evergreen Street in Yorktown Heights
Have a sump pump installed,and has worked great (even during this summer with intense storms, and we are on a high water table). Sump is connected to generator, which is manually started. Am interested in possibly putting in a backup battery powered system.
Vicinity of White Birch Drive in Yorktown Heights
Basement waterproofing and finishing.
Vicinity of Hanover St in Yorktown Heights
Looking to turn our unfinished basement into a play area with wetbar and storage area.
Vicinity of Curry Street in Yorktown Heights
Would like a free inspection/estimate of 3 1/2 foot high, 22 by 18 foot crawlspace. Very damp, evidence of water, possible mold. Work phone # is .
Vicinity of Curry Street in Yorktown Heights
Free estimate for remodeling
Mike S. Yorktown Heights, NY
Basement Remodeling
Vicinity of Carol Ct in Yorktown Heights
Basement Remodeling
Vicinity of Hilltop Rd in Yorktown Heights
Interesting in installing a sump pump in basement. Floor tile are gettting separated from water sipage.
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