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Work Requests in Wethersfield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Wethersfield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Wethersfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Wethersfield, CT
Vicinity of Southwell Rd in Wethersfield
1. waster getting into basement from hatchway entrance 2. unsure if other areas of basement also have water issues 3. mold 4. basement is "finished" but .... it was done in the 50's - would like to get quote on refinishing
Vicinity of Wheeler Road in Wethersfield
I am looking to finish the basement and look into waterproofing as well. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
Vicinity of Judd Rd in Wethersfield
We have water coming in the basement every time there is a down pour.
Vicinity of Sawmill Crossing in Wethersfield
Crack in foundation water penetration
Vicinity of Olney Rd in Wethersfield
Developed a leak in basement behind paneled wall. Would like to discuss repairing leak, and partial remodeling of basement which would require removal and replacement of tiled floor, ceiling tiles, and at least one wall of paneling.
Vicinity of Timber Trail in Wethersfield
Water leaking from hatchway door and water leaking from basement ceiling by foundation.
Vicinity of Church Street in Wethersfield
Put new windows and almost immediately started to get water in the basement when it rains heavily. The window company has attempted to fix to no avail
Vicinity of Wolcott Hill Road in Wethersfield
Original home built in 1912, basement has moisture issues that need immediate attention. Longer term would like the space to be more usable
Vicinity of Grist Mill Road in Wethersfield
I have 2 concrete slabs that are part of my front side walk that have settled. They are both approx. 6' x 12'.
Vicinity of Tinsmith Crossing in Wethersfield
Fix crack in foundation
Vicinity of Baneberry Ln in Wethersfield
Water coming in to finished basement thru wall - existing problem but seems to be getting worse. We have a sump pump on the opposite side of the basement.
Vicinity of Hubbard Place in Wethersfield
Basement waterproofing and refinishing
Vicinity of Hawthorn Way in Wethersfield
Cracks leaking in basement
Vicinity of Dale Road in Wethersfield
Interested in waterproofing basement, replacing sub pump, replacing sink.
Vicinity of Avalon Place in Wethersfield
Considering refinishing basement. currently have ground water leaking into basement where bulkhead stairway attaches to foundation. water drains across floor to sump, but would like to eliminate leak.
Vicinity of Apple Hill in Wethersfield
Total gut of basement is complete. Now need to complete repair of foundation, waterproofing, and return to usable space. Please contact us to set up an estimate
Vicinity of Fairmont Street in Wethersfield
Brad Glazer did a consultation at my home a while back. I would like to move forward with selecting wall materials and scheduling an installation.
Vicinity of Albert Avenue in Wethersfield
Looking to have someone come out and take a look at my basement as we have been flooding. Looking for a call asap.. thank you
Vicinity of Apple Hill in Wethersfield
Several sidewalk slabs on edge of pool are beginning to sink
Vicinity of Pondside Lane in Wethersfield
Water in basement after heavy rains. Looks like water seeping from center of basement floor. Would like a quote to resolve issue. Thanks
Vicinity of Westmont Road in Wethersfield
Like to dress up basement walls, and waterproof them.
Vicinity of Monticello Drive in Wethersfield
Moved to new home in October. Home inspection noted efflorescence on our concrete walls and dry water marks around form ties. Recommended we consult a water proofing contractor for further evaluation. Have had to dry floor around these notes areas several times this winter with all of the snow and rain. Would like to stop the water from seeping into our basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Field Drive in Wethersfield
I would like to update my sump pump system to incorporate a battery backup system
Vicinity of Holly Lane in Wethersfield
Having drywall split/bulge right on the 'fault line' where a previous owner put on an addition :0( also water in the 'new foundation' in the basement. want to address this ASAP!
Vicinity of STRADDLE HL in Wethersfield
Foundation slap is sinking in one area.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Ave in Wethersfield
We'd like to get a quote on getting our basement waterproofed. Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Previous Customer
Vicinity of Goodwin Park Road in Wethersfield
Basement finishing. Do you guys come out for free quotes?
Vicinity of Clearfield Rd in Wethersfield
We have some water coming in one small corner of our basement during heavy downpours. The area in the basement that gets wet is under our back deck, which was built on top of an old concrete slab. Our concern is possibly the pitch of the soil under the deck or possibly runoff from the way the concrete slab under the deck is positioned. The deck is not new, but this problem has only surfaced recently, within the last few months.
Vicinity of Caliber Lane in Wethersfield
Looking to replace hatch way and look into waterproofing basement. Thx!
Vicinity of Adams Lane in Wethersfield
Transform our walkout basement into an in-law apt.
Vicinity of Harris Hill Rd in Wethersfield
I get lots of moisture in crawlspace
Vicinity of Providence Street in Wethersfield
Basement dehumidification moisture control
Vicinity of Silas Deane Hwy in Wethersfield
Want to get a quote on finishing my basement
Vicinity of Jordan Lane in Wethersfield
Getting water in basement
Vicinity of Ox Yoke Drive in Wethersfield
Concrete steps have shifted resulting in a very tall top step, the steps adjacent to concrete porch (steps are separate)
Vicinity of Olney Road in Wethersfield
I have two old basement windows that need to be replaced. I would like someone to come out to give me a quote. Thank you, Jill
Vicinity of Black Birch in Wethersfield
Enclosed sunporch slab has sunk on the car edge. Slab needs to be raised on the far end to level the floor, and un-rack/level the side windows & doors. Would like your best possible price to level the porch. Thank you.
Vicinity of Prospect Street in Wethersfield
We have a 5X9 section in our concert walkway leading to the front entrance that has dropped approximately 1-2 inches and is causing a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Dudley Rd in Wethersfield
Water from the floor of bulkhead comes into basement during heavy rain or snow melt
Vicinity of Edward St in Wethersfield
Looking for a quote on finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Olney Rd in Wethersfield
Estimate for water proofing.
Vicinity of Sunrise Terrace in Wethersfield
Water coming in at base of chimmney about 5' wide tried a few things but water still there
Vicinity of Fox Hill in Wethersfield
House that we are purchasing has a retaining wall that failed inspection. It is buckling and tilting. The inspector had said that there should be a drainage system put in as well. How much would it cost to repair this wall?
Vicinity of Golf Rd in Wethersfield
Good afternoon, I have two properties in the south end of Hartford and would like estimates on basement waterproofing for both properties. Thank you, Marc
Vicinity of Pine Lane in Wethersfield
Looking for an estimate to repair walls and paint basement floor and walls
Vicinity of Brimfield Rd. in Wethersfield
We have a leak of water coming into the basement via an area around our water main entrance into the house. Would love to have someone come out to take a look and talk through options. Thanks in advance!
Vicinity of Old Reservoir Road in Wethersfield
I am interested in having my basement finished into a recreation/media room, bathroom and a bedroom. If you could please contact me via telephone at your convenience. Thank you.
Vicinity of Merriman Road in Wethersfield
Request for estimate on crawl space repair.
Vicinity of Pine Lane in Wethersfield
Would like basement waterproofing and paint estimate
Vicinity of Nott St in Wethersfield
I need to finish my basement including the Bathroom and some plumbing work in the basement as wel as in the ground floor bathroom. So please give me a estimate as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Brown Street in Wethersfield
Foundation crack - repair needed.
Vicinity of Church Street in Wethersfield
We're looking for an estimate on demo of existing semi-finished basement, small amount of asbestos removal and waterproofing. Thanks.
Vicinity of Stillwold Dr in Wethersfield
My basement floods when we we get heavy rain. It flooded in last nights rain.
Vicinity of Fairview Drive in Wethersfield
Our basement is 3/4 finished. There is water seepage in a wall that is in the unfinished area. This happens every time there is a heavy rain. Could you please contact me with a time when we can discuss repairing this. Thank you.
Vicinity of Crest Street in Wethersfield
I am looking to seal the basement and refinish so I will have a safe usable place for the kids to play. I currently have a bar and wood paneling on the walls but I want to replace the wood paneling and remove the bar to help open up the room.
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