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Work Requests in Suffield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Suffield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Suffield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Suffield, CT
Vicinity of in Suffield
There was a sump pump and french curtain installed when I purchased the house, currently I am experience pooling of water in the basement. I am looking to seal the walls in the basement Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Overhill Dr in Suffield
Looking for quotes to remedy a wet crawlspace basement.
Vicinity of Harbourside Dr in Suffield
Concrete patio is sinking, I was wondering how much it would cost to poly level it
Vicinity of Mountain Road in Suffield
Need an estimate to raise floor boards over the crawl space.
Vicinity of Hydrangea Lane in Suffield
We have an area of the basement that is leaking and needs fixed. Can you contact me to get details?
Vicinity of Clay Creek Drive in Suffield
I have a section of approximately 10 feet of sidewalk that needs leveling. One end is sunken about 1 inch, the other end 3/4 inch.
Vicinity of Mountain Laurel Way in Suffield
I would like a quote to finish my basement.
Vicinity of First St. in Suffield
My raised ranch has about a 200 sq. ft. section of slab that has sunk up to approx. 3". This is not new damage- it occured prior to me buying the house about 25 yrs. ago. Fortunately, most of the settled section is in the 2 car garage area, however a small section (approx. 5 x 5) extends into the utilities room and basement bathroom of the house. I would like an estimate of the cost to raise the entire section of slab.
Vicinity of East Street North in Suffield
Requesting estimate on french drains and new sump pump for my basement which measures 28ft wide x 36ft lenght.
Vicinity of in Suffield
Looking for an estimate for basement crack sealing/waterproofing due to mild basement flooding from recent snow melt.
Vicinity of East Street North in Suffield
Looking for a battery backup sup pump
Vicinity of Branch Rd in Suffield
I just recently purchased this home in April - the basement is finsihed, but not done very well, and I keep the dehumidfier on full time. Would like to get the indoor/outdoor carpeting out of there and make sure there are no moisture issues etc. Trying to get a budget of what it might cost so I can put it in my budget for next year.
Vicinity of Newgate Rd in Suffield
Just purchased this home, there is water coming in through the floor
Vicinity of Thrall Ave in Suffield
House built in 1860 with original stone on stone foundation and a small slab; early 1990's addition to house with concrete walls and dirt crawlspace; would like to sure up crawlspace as much as possible. Very high water table, sump runs year round.
Vicinity of Jacqueline Circle in Suffield
Our basement has had a leak for years. It is a finished basement where my wife operates a day care concern. The water always comes in the same spot. We installed an outside sump pump and that works most of the time unless we loose power or it becomes overwhelmed. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
Vicinity of Thrall Ave. in Suffield
1960 house was not built with basement sump pump system. 2003, contractor built neighboring house in established drain field. This last week, basement completely destroyed due to flooding from storm. I lost all house operating equipment (boiler, water tank, frig, etc). Would like an estimate on what it would take to dry-out my basement & install a sump pump system, if that would be the best solution to ensure the basement doesn't flood again (I realize I need to have my yard reviewed by a grader).
Vicinity of Cross St in Suffield
Poured concrete to seal door in finished cellar (prior to me moving in) is leaking emmensely; possible leaks in concrete elsewhere. Please call after 5pm
Vicinity of Barry Place in Suffield
I am looking for an estimate for waterproofing the basement. I have one area that gets moisture/wet with large rainfalls, located near the hatchway entrance/exit. Thanks.
Vicinity of Catherine Lane in Suffield
We would like someone to come out and inspect our crawlspace.
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