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Work Requests in Stafford Springs

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Stafford Springs. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Stafford Springs and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Stafford Springs, CT
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill Rd in Stafford Springs
Basement floods when it rains, its also starting to get moldy the water just sits there. i have a dehumitifier thats 3 years old but it may just be a pos. not sure what to do
Vicinity of Crow Hill Rd in Stafford Springs
Have a house built in 1810 with a stone foundation with the stones pointed with mortar about 50 years ago that has decomposed. Basement is dusty and dirty. Would to find a way to repair/cover the walls and create a clean basement. Has a cement floor but covered with dirt, dust, etc.
Vicinity of Wales Rd in Stafford Springs
Looking to get a quote on finishing off my basement.
Vicinity of Bellrose Street in Stafford Springs
I recently purchased a home. I have a full basement and am looking to get a quote on finishing it. My mother will be coming to live with me and am interested in renovating the space for her. It has plumbing already. There is a big sink, toilet and a "portable" stand up shower. i would like to make that in to a full bathroom. there are currently no walls around it. It is a typical basement, all electrical panels, furnace and oil tank. i need to know if possible to contain those. And also, if it is possible to make an exit to the outside. The only door at this point is to the main part of the house. There is no hatchway. Please advise... Thank you
Vicinity of Magauran Drive in Stafford Springs
Buying a house and the inspector found walls in foundation that were bowed out. How much to reinforce the walls? or should i not buy the house?
Vicinity of Stafford St in Stafford Springs
I have a sump pump system, but would like to have a battery back up system installed.
Vicinity of Hopyard Road in Stafford Springs
Looking to have an inspection done with an estimate to fix a small water leak, and paint/seal the basement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Conklin Road in Stafford Springs
Settling foundation corners. Plugged curtain drain.
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in Stafford Springs
I am buying anew home that has a slight water through the bottom of the basement door with a heavy rain. Can oyu evaluate and estimate cost to fix on Feb 5th?
Vicinity of Edgewood Street, in Stafford Springs
Condo built in 1988 with bare cement walls and floor plus there is no ceiling--just pink insulation hanging down through beams. The dampness comes through the walls and bugs collect on the insulation. I need to address these issues but not necessarily take on the expense to fully finish the room. Suggestions?
Vicinity of Spellman Road in Stafford Springs
Dirty. smelly crawlspace; damp cellar walls
Vicinity of Beffa Road in Stafford Springs
Probably just need a dehumidifier. Thanks
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