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Work Requests in South Windsor

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in South Windsor. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in South Windsor and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in South Windsor, CT
Vicinity of Sandstone Dr in South Windsor
Basement roughed out for bath. Would like to create bedroom bathroom and living room. Storage would be nice. Concern for vent system
Vicinity of Murielle Dr. in South Windsor
We're considering finishing part of our basement. Potentially we'd like to divide the area into two rooms, and add a powder room. We'd like to get a quote from you if possible. Thanks!
Vicinity of Woodland Drive in South Windsor
Selling my home and buyer concerned about water seepage.
Vicinity of Windshire Dr in South Windsor
Basement has a musty smell. Looking into humidifiers
Vicinity of Clinton Drive in South Windsor
Just moved here a month ago and found several instances of efflorescence in basement. Would like to know solutions and options we have. Thank you
Vicinity of Pleasant Valley Road in South Windsor
Make my basement a living area without costing a fortune.
Vicinity of Charing Rd in South Windsor
Large deep cracks in foundation. House id 21 years old. Want to get it inspected
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Rd in South Windsor
Vicinity of Quarry Brook Drive in South Windsor
We are interested in finishing off a portion of our basement.
Vicinity of Kent Lane in South Windsor
Front step back left corner has sunk by 6 to 8 inches. Would like to level it. Saw Poly level information, think it's a good fit for this.
Vicinity of Avery Street in South Windsor
Settling cracks in basement floor near basement hatch and replacement sump pump in back of basement
Vicinity of Ellington Rd. in South Windsor
I recently moved into a house that was built in 1911. The basement is musty and there are several noticeable wet spots around the inside perimeter of the basement after it rains.
Vicinity of Maskel Road in South Windsor
There is a minor vertical crack on the exterior foundation wall, I can provide you the inspection report would you be able to provide a quote?
Vicinity of Pine Tree Lane in South Windsor
Want to know about dehumidify for basement
Vicinity of Bissell Court in South Windsor
I have a small hairline vertical crack in my basement that I would like repaired
Vicinity of Stonefield Trail in South Windsor
Rain water enters basement from foundation seepage near hatchway door. Presume I need a sump pump to evacutate the water outside.
Vicinity of Apple Tree Lane in South Windsor
Water coming into basement from backyard wall...Noticed a thin crack on the wall
Vicinity of Mountain Drive in South Windsor
We would like to finish another part of our basement.
Vicinity of Meryl Rd. in South Windsor
We had a flood in the basement. The carpet, which was glued down with no pad has been removed. There is still quite a bit of glue residue left. The wall board has been removed and the basement dried by ServePro. We would like an estimate to restore what we had.
Vicinity of Lisa Drive in South Windsor
Cracks in my concrete garage floor that need to be fixed.
Vicinity of Frazer Fir Road in South Windsor
I would like to get a quote from you for finishing my basement
Vicinity of Garnet Lane in South Windsor
I want a quote to have my basement finished.
Vicinity of Duck Cove in South Windsor
I would like to get a quote for installing an egress window in my basement. I have a cape style house and the basement is below grade. I plan on finishing the basement in the future. Thank you
Vicinity of Barbara Rd in South Windsor
I would like to update my existing sump pump to a super sump with battery back up.
Vicinity of Lawrence Road in South Windsor
Older home, needs waterproofing in the basement.
Vicinity of Pheasant Way in South Windsor
Foundation repair in Vernon condominium complex
Vicinity of Avery St in South Windsor
Partial finished basement flooding. Would like to demo, waterproof and refinish.
Vicinity of Highland Dr in South Windsor
I'd like an in home estimate/quote for finishing my basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Darlene Drive in South Windsor
I would like to have my basement remodel.
Vicinity of Kent Ln in South Windsor
Our basement is full of mold and water is still coming in. We are working on removing the mold but need help keeping the water out.
Vicinity of Nevers Road in South Windsor
After 35 years in the same home we are now experiencing water coming into our basement. My wife thinks she sees a crack in the foundation in the same area where water seems to be accumulating. I think it is something else so we need someone to point us in the right direction so we know how to fix the problem. Can you help us???
Vicinity of Kellogg Circle in South Windsor
Looking for estimates for basement finishing.
Vicinity of in South Windsor
I and planning to buy a home in South windsor. This is a 3400 Sq ft home and has large cracks in foundation. I am looking for a firm estimate and other time it will take to fix this issue.
Vicinity of Talcott Ridge Rd in South Windsor
We have a leak at the point where the sewer pipe goes out of the home to the public sewer in the basement. It was leaking on last Sunday (after the heavy rain) but stopped since. I need an estimate to fill the hole
Vicinity of Oxford Drive in South Windsor
Presently have a foundation that needs to be replaced. Would like an estimate on different options to be used to reinforce/replace foundation.
Vicinity of Eagle Run in South Windsor
Dampness potential mold
Vicinity of Frazer Fir Rd in South Windsor
We just built a brand new house which requires finished basement. I am looking for a affordable good quality work and liked your work(website).
Vicinity of Andreis Trail in South Windsor
We are interested in finishing our basement for an in-law, we need an estimate to do a living room, bedroom, finish a bathroom and small kitchen area. About 1000 square feet or more to finish.
Vicinity of Brookfield Street in South Windsor
Basement remodeling
Vicinity of Deming St in South Windsor
I believe the water enters through the foundation when we get a lot of rain but I am uncertain. My husband and I main concern is mold.
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