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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Portland. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Portland and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Portland, CT
Vicinity of Scenic Dr. in Portland
Would like to have a basement floor done. Not sure with what as I've been told there is high moisture.
Vicinity of in Portland
I own a small year-round cottage on a lake in Portland, and the basement is disgusting. During wet or humid weather, dampness seeps in through the foundation and the hatch leaks--and a moldy, musty smell permeates the whole house. I have a dehumidifier down there, but its not effective because a)it's too small and b) the cottage isn't my primary residence, I'm not always there to empty it. I need to either waterproof the walls or find a better dehumidifying system, preferably self-draining. So I would appreciate an estimate for both options, and your advice on which way to go. I'm also thinking about finishing the basement in the future to create more living/storage space--I'm not sure of its exact size, maybe 800 or 900 sq ft. But right now I just want to get it dried out because I can't even stand to go down there unless I absolutely have to. One more thing--the house is at the bottom of a fairly steep hill,and the basement steps are practically straight vertical, it's no picnic getting heavy appliances or equipment in and out. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Bartlett St in Portland
Our basement leaks and has flooded in the past. I would like to redo the downstairs for our 3 kids as an extra area where the kids can play. Half the the basement is somewhat finished and the other part is the garage which I would like to close off and have the entire lower level done. Thanks!!!
Vicinity of Rustic Terrace in Portland
We just had a major water problem in the basement. First time, in 20 years, but I guess the snow melt & rain raised water table. Water is now mostly out of basement, and we're drying it. Some water is still coming in from crack between floor and wall along one wall. I'd like to put in a sump. Thanks, rick.
Vicinity of Woodhaven Drive in Portland
Some minor cracks in foundation. Also some mold in basement.
Vicinity of Lisa Court in Portland
I would like an estimate on finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Birch Tree Hill Rd in Portland
Interested in basement waterproofing + basement flooring install. i can't go through these 1-in-a-100 year floods again... two in one year is enough. please call.
Vicinity of Main St in Portland
My cape was built in 1732 w/ a stone foundation partial full basement and crawl space w/newer foundation that appears to have no venting. A perimeter drain was installed in the full section before I bought the house a year ago. I had pest control for insects x1 and had the joists/sills improved before i moved in. I have had trouble w/ moisture, mildew and occasional insects. I am intersted in your ideas and estimates to correct these issues--I love my old house!
Vicinity of Glastonbury Tpke in Portland
2 rooms for mother to move into.. i have drains already in floor.
Vicinity of Michele Drive in Portland
Want to refinish basment and control humidity.
Vicinity of Lake Rd in Portland
Purchasing an older house, some cracks in foundation and very stuffy downstairs. Only a 10x10 are but appears to have water, furnance, and other appliances are built up on blocks.
Vicinity of Stewart Hill Road in Portland
We hava a crack in our foundation that leaks that we would like to fix. Thanks Matt
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