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Work Requests in Norwalk

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Norwalk. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Norwalk and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Norwalk, CT
Vicinity of Field Street in Norwalk
Leaky basement
Vicinity of Earl St in Norwalk
Redo basement flooring and address dampness
Vicinity of Ponus Avenue in Norwalk
Hi! Our basement is in need of cleaning out and slight refinishing. It's musty, leaky, and hasn't been updated. We don't want an entirely finished basement but are hoping to make some useful changes. Thanks, Brian
Vicinity of Stevens ST in Norwalk
Waterpfoofing sumpump, An d dehumidifier
Vicinity of Strawberry Hill Ave in Norwalk
Looking to finish my basement. Has some water problems
Vicinity of Willow Street in Norwalk
Looking for design ideas and quotes for our unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Eagle Road in Norwalk
I get seepage in the back corner of my basement. I would like a quote for a sump pump.
Vicinity of Tulip Tree Ln in Norwalk
We are interested in an estimate on basement waterproofing and humidity/mold control
Vicinity of Flax Hill Road in Norwalk
Area of stone basement walls needs to be waterproof sealed like the rest immediately.
Vicinity of Old Stratfield Rd in Norwalk
We just bought a house and would love to finish the basement! The previous owner used you guys to install a sump pump so we figured we would try you out as well. We would love to have somebody come by this Friday if possible to check it out and hopefully give us a quote!
Vicinity of Emerson Street in Norwalk
Sagging floors. Home has some timber supports I would like to change to jacks.
Vicinity of West Rocks Road in Norwalk
Found water in basement lots of it - water is still coming in after cleanup. House is 3.5 years old has not happened in the past. No sump pump but there are cracks on the floor - one specific area has water seeping in. Temporary sump pump set up and it's removing the water as it comes into the basement. Need someone to come out ASAP
Vicinity of Maher Dr in Norwalk
Last year we had three massive rainstorms that resulted in a flooded basement (had to replace carpet, etc.). We are thinking of possibly moving in next year and cannot have potential floods coming in when the rain gets bad.
Vicinity of Pheasant Ln in Norwalk
Sometimes I get water in my basement, although I already have sump pumps that run a lot during this time of year.
Vicinity of Glendenning Street in Norwalk
The previous homeowners built a deck (c. ~1995) and extended the kitchen onto the deck footings, which have since subsided. About three feet of our kitchen now slants down about an inch, and the door to the deck is slightly out of true. I suspect that there are some flashing/water infiltration issues as well. We would like to preserve as much of the kitchen as possible while building a proper foundation underneath the space. Also, we will be replacing the deck once the foundation / floor issue is fixed. Looking to get quotes on the cost and approaches for this project.
Vicinity of Rockmeadow Rd in Norwalk
Want waterproof flooring, concerned about costs
Vicinity of Raymond Terrace in Norwalk
The previous owners put up a temporary support post in the basement that needs to become a permanent one. I think that more support posts are needed around the stairwell area to prevent additional floor sagging/uneven floors.
Vicinity of Swale Rd in Norwalk
Vicinity of in Norwalk
Need estimate on repair foundation crack that runs from exterior abouve ground down through basement wall to foor. Repair and Waterproofing needed.
Vicinity of Catalpa Street in Norwalk
Our house is under contract. We would need this to be done as soon as possible. Thanks
Vicinity of Carter St in Norwalk
We have a full, unfinished basement that we are planning on partially finishing over time. While we want to do most of the work ourselves, we would like to look into waterproofing options prior to doing any work.
Vicinity of Indian Spring in Norwalk
Considering finishing a small portion of basement. House previously had waterproofing done by CT Basement Systems. Two small windows would be replaced.
Vicinity of Ivy Place in Norwalk
Water comes into finished basement with moderate to heavy rain
Vicinity of Ponus Ave in Norwalk
Basement finishing
Vicinity of Shorehaven Rd in Norwalk
Our 1137 square foot garage needs engineered flood vents installed to be considered flood proofed. My insurance agent contacted you by phone to be sure this was something that you did, and to determine that the estimate could be done within a couple weeks. Thank you!
Vicinity of Fullin Ct in Norwalk
Water in basement
Vicinity of West Cedar St in Norwalk
Our finished basement flooded once over the summer. Would like to know how much it would be to waterproof.
Vicinity of Fillow St in Norwalk
Looking to get a quote on finishing my basement. Have partial framing.
Vicinity of West Rocks Rd in Norwalk
Water in the basement, + mold, possible foundation repair. Would like to schedule an appointment for the afternoon of 12/26 if possible. Best way to reach me is email, or leave vm, as its hard to pick up the phone during the day. Thank you,
Vicinity of Boulder Road in Norwalk
We are in the planning stages of adding a two car garage onto our existing garage, and turning the existing garage into a family type room. We get some water seepage in the garage and in the basement (on the opposite side of the wall of the garage). We would like to eliminate the chance of any water getting into the new room.
Vicinity of West Avenue in Norwalk
Have a ground water issue, want to manage the water and prevent it from traveling over the finished floor.
Vicinity of Sable St in Norwalk
My basement floods and we need to install a sump pump system and finish our crawlspace/basement
Vicinity of Shagbark Road in Norwalk
Some water in the basement with heavy rain
Vicinity of Lakewood Dr in Norwalk
Hi I need a prixe on walls floor and ceilings
Vicinity of Kossuth St in Norwalk
I would like to know if I could go to my dad's house and give an estimate of what it would cost to fix the basement. ** I can not receive calls, please leave a text message and I will gladly answer.
Vicinity of Glen Avenue in Norwalk
My father in law's home is on Glen Avenue in Norwalk. He gets water in his basement when it rains. He has looked at grading and a new drainage pipe and both were quite expensive. I suggested he also consider a sump pump in his garage to remove the water once it come in. There is nothing of value in his basement except his furnace and hot water heater. Water has come up to within two inches of units where damage could be done to them and his worries he'd need a new furnace. Interested in a ball park price for sump pump installation - create hole in cement garage floor, install cylindar and pump and waste water removal, which would be up about 5 feet to drain into back yard area
Vicinity of in Norwalk
We have had water in our laundry room when heavy rains. Have tried to get someone from your company to come and see what needs to be done, but you seem to be too busy to give appointment. Please HELP, we are an elderly couple, the machines have been disconnected, and we have to run around to get laundry done, plus the cleaning up when it rains. We cannot continue like this.
Vicinity of Esquire Road in Norwalk
Split level home with lower level family room, bathroom, and laundry room. Looking for waterproofing solutions for this area.
Vicinity of Pheasant Lane in Norwalk
There are two visible cracks in the basement we would like to have examined. One crack seems to be from house settling and would need to be water proofed. The second crack under the front house landing looks more serious and would need to be evaluated by a specialist.
Vicinity of Stephen Mather Road in Norwalk
In the two most recent storms we have had flooding in the basement. Some through the foundation. need to explore solutions / options
Vicinity of Comstock Hill Ave in Norwalk
Have several systems you have installed - mold occurring
Vicinity of Rising Rd in Norwalk
We've had water come into the basement several times recently and we believe we need to install a french drain along the side of the house. We'd like a professional opinion and qoute.
Vicinity of Silver Ledge Rd in Norwalk
We have a partially finished basement which recently had water seepage in a couple areas. We are looking to ged rid of the existing carpet and vinyl, waterproof the concrete slab underneath, and get new flooring. The new flooring has to be suitable for a home gym but attractive.
Vicinity of Indian Spring Road in Norwalk
I would like to add Vapor Barrier to my dirt crawl space.
Vicinity of Bobwhite Dr in Norwalk
I have 3 small cracks on 3 different walls and 1 large crack with a wall that is bowing on 1 of the walls as well.
Vicinity of Cory Lane in Norwalk
The basement has flooded three times in the past 3 months. We believe it's the foundation of the house, but we have different opinions. I would love to schedule an estimate/consultation as soon as possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Roland Ave. in Norwalk
Water getting into basement after heavy rains
Vicinity of Indian Spring Road in Norwalk
Repeated flooding in the basement
Vicinity of Creeping Helmock Drive in Norwalk
Looking for an estimate on basement waterproofing and or crack repair due to a recent storm.
Vicinity of Rowayton Woods Drive in Norwalk
I live on ground floor of condo (garden level) with crawlspace beneath. Mold and musty smells in closet, and cold floors from faulty uninsulated crawlspace
Vicinity of Bayne Street in Norwalk
We are buying a new home and noticed some seepage. We'd like an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Mystic Lane in Norwalk
Water in basement
Vicinity of Woodward Ave in Norwalk
I get consistent water in my basement usually after a bad storm or several days of rain. It varies from a puddle up to 3 inches depending on the rainfall amount.
Vicinity of Bluff Ave in Norwalk
We have a pretty serious sloping in the house that results in all the floors in the middle of the house seem to be sinking.
Vicinity of Hilltop Road in Norwalk
I get water in my basement during significant rains.
Vicinity of Saddle Rd in Norwalk
Vicinity of Perry Ave in Norwalk
We have an old basement and moisture seeps thru the walls. I'd like to see what can be done to seal the walls.
Vicinity of Emerson St in Norwalk
Would like to install French drain, we have subpump. Possibly refinish basement
Vicinity of Broadview Terrace in Norwalk
My son's 40 year old cape has a partially finished basement. During torrential rain water will seep through several areas at the foundation floor level. I would like to take advantage of your free estimating service to assess what remedial options are available and schedule an appointment. Thanks
Vicinity of Marvin St in Norwalk
Need to waterproof and finish basement.
Vicinity of Lycett Ct in Norwalk
With the massive amounts of rain the past two days our sewer system had a back up causing flooding in our basement and the destruction of the carpet and furniture. Not an issue we could have prevented but we have had water leak through the walls and cause the carpet to be damp during heavy rain and melting snow. Given the rebuild now we thought this was the time to get everything updated.
Vicinity of Tally Drive in Norwalk
One wall located where a basement window is letting water in
Vicinity of Cornwall Road in Norwalk
Our sump pump failed or just isn't strong enough and with the recent storm we came home to a flooded basement of about 5 inches of water throughout.
Vicinity of Lycett Court in Norwalk
Drainage. Sump Pump.
Vicinity of STONYBROOK ROAD in Norwalk
I would eventually like to finish our basement but we need to waterproof it first. We take on water frequently.
Vicinity of Richelieu St in Norwalk
Basement gets wet when it rains, on some parts of the basement. Does not have a sump pump and it has some mold. Interested in waterproofing the basement, looking for a quote. Thank you, Alison
Vicinity of Friendly Rd in Norwalk
Having some water seap under garage door and into house. On slab, no basement.
Vicinity of Valley Road in Norwalk
Craw space cleaned and waterproffed
Vicinity of Roton Ave in Norwalk
There is a sagging spot in my house. I am not sure if it is settling or the post.
Vicinity of Wilson Ave in Norwalk
We are thinking about finishing our basement this year. It is very humid down there. I'd like to figure out where all the humidity is coming from and how to deal with it. We have a dehumidifier that is filling multiple times a day. The house is 5 years old and we have never had this issue before.
Vicinity of Blake Street in Norwalk
I have water coming into my basement and crawl spaces. It doesn't seem to be a lot of water. But, any water inside your basement is alarming and a concern.
Vicinity of Lockwood Lane in Norwalk
Water accumulates in basement.
Vicinity of William St in Norwalk
Interested in waterproofing my basement
Vicinity of Elmwood Avenue in Norwalk
I need to install a sump pump in my basement before selling. There is already a square cut out in my floor that may be able to be used.
Vicinity of West Cedar St in Norwalk
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of South Main St in Norwalk
To re-model a finished basement
Vicinity of Jackson Drive in Norwalk
Basement & Garage Flood recently, also water gets into the garage even on light rains, possible issue with walls in that corner of garage
Vicinity of Wallace Ave in Norwalk
We have a completely unfinished basement and we would like to explore options to finish part of it.
Vicinity of SOUTHWIND DR in Norwalk
Vicinity of Edlie Avenue in Norwalk
Water coming into basement during horrible downpours.
Vicinity of Ingleside Avenue in Norwalk
Currently I have a half finished basement with quite a bit of humidity. I need to get rid of the humidity and convert the basement into a half gym and half playroom for my children but I want it to be safe breathing air. I would like to get a quote as to how much this would cost and what my options are.
Vicinity of Raymond Terrace in Norwalk
I need my five basement windows replaced because they are old and leaking. One window will need to have a dryer output and one is a square. There is water seepage in my basement from the windows and I am getting the gutters replaced. After those are completed I would like a quote on any water proofing I might need.
Vicinity of Deepwood Lane in Norwalk
We have one sump pump and a back up, but we are still getting water in the basement. It's a finished basement and it has a raised floor under the carpet. The carpet isn't getting wet just want a consult. Water appears to be coming in through the cellar door and along the block walls.
Vicinity of Disesa Court in Norwalk
Waterproofing the basement.
Vicinity of Buttonball Trail in Norwalk
Vicinity of West Norwalk Rd in Norwalk
We are closing on our property on July 9th. We want to waterproof and finish ( make it functional ) . We are relocating the washer and dryer down to basement. Need shelving put up.
Vicinity of Kreiner Lane in Norwalk
We just bought our house and the previous owners had said that the sump pump needs servicing soon.
Vicinity of Orchard Hill Road in Norwalk
During heavy rains, water comes in basement through surface and hydrostatic pressure.
Vicinity of Overbrook Road in Norwalk
Want to get a quote
Vicinity of Pequot Rd in Norwalk
Crawl space repair vapor barrier wall repair
Vicinity of Glasser St in Norwalk
One side of house has a crack under the main beam looks like the house has moved over the last 84 years. I would like someone to come out and see what could be done.
Vicinity of Cutrone Road in Norwalk
Sub pump
Vicinity of New Canaan Ave in Norwalk
My finished basement flooded yesterday 4/16 during the heavy rain storm. I have a sump pump and drainage on part of the basement (that part is fine), but the rest of the basement did not have a drainage system and flooded. I would like an estimate to install a perimeter drainage. Thank you.
Vicinity of Toilsome Avenue in Norwalk
We have a crawl space that needs encapsulation.
Vicinity of Wayfaring Road in Norwalk
We have had water in our basement twice. We'd like to find the cause of the issue and address it.
Vicinity of Southwind Drive in Norwalk
Soil settlement
Vicinity of Admiral Lane in Norwalk
Need to find out how to waterproof our basement
Vicinity of Lenox Ave in Norwalk
The concrete steps in the front of the house are listing to one side.
Vicinity of Sammis Street in Norwalk
I have a sump pump and back up with battery and b/ up battery. Needs to be looked at..
Vicinity of Perry in Norwalk
Hello, We have a 1921 farm house that we purchased last year. The second floor has some uneven floors and we noticed a foundation crack so wanted someone to check it out for us.
Vicinity of W Rocks Road, in Norwalk
I would like to finish my basement and possibly waterproof if needed. I really want to get a rough idea in order to budget accordingly.
Vicinity of Braybourne Drive in Norwalk
Need a new sump pump installed
Vicinity of West Rocks Rd in Norwalk
Basement flooding New sump pump
Vicinity of Gordon St in Norwalk
Small amount of water in basement when heavy rain.
Vicinity of Daphne Drive in Norwalk
I want more usable / inviting space in my basement
Vicinity of West Norwalk Road in Norwalk
We have 4 temporary scewjacks in our basement that we would like to replace with permanent supports.
Vicinity of NOAHS LANE EXT in Norwalk
I want to take care of a water problem in my basement and I want to understand a budget for this project and the time it takes to complete the project. To be honest I am not sure I can do it this year, but I want to be in a position to understand the cost and be ready to execute when the time is right
Vicinity of Deepwood Ln in Norwalk
I just bought the house and need a basic basement
Vicinity of Knollwood Road in Norwalk
I am writing about my basement. During big rainstorms, it leaks into the garage and then spreads into other rooms in my basement.
Vicinity of Pine Hill Extension in Norwalk
Mold musty Odor
Vicinity of Highland Avenue in Norwalk
Hi, Our old house (1870) has some under-size and sagging beams within a crawlspace portion of our basement, which is a mixture of fieldstone and cement base. Need some jacks and guidance from the pros. -Rob
Vicinity of Studio Lane in Norwalk
We are planning to do a Home Reno project in 2018. One of the projects is a basement finishing. We are researching the cost to refinish so we can enjoy the space
Vicinity of Delaware Ave. in Norwalk
I need to encapsulate a 8' x 12 about 100 square feet non storage crawlspace
Vicinity of Scribner Ave in Norwalk
Have a crawl space that needs some love
Vicinity of Witch Lane in Norwalk
I would like a quote to have an area of my concrete basement floor leveled so that luxury vinyl pack flooring can be installed.
Vicinity of Charcoal Road in Norwalk
We just moved into our house and water seems to be seeping into the basement from two walls. It seems like it is pretty consistently damp so we wanted to see what it will take to correct the issue. We aren't sure if there is a grading issue since we have not been underneath our deck yet to investigate.
Vicinity of Lancaster Drive in Norwalk
Replace 9 steel single pane basement windows. aprox 28" wide 18" high.
Vicinity of Pettom Road in Norwalk
Water is leaking into the basement.
Vicinity of Possum Lane in Norwalk
Interested in refinishing our partially finished basement. Waterproofing a must.
Vicinity of Newtown Avenue in Norwalk
We are getting ready to finish a portion of our basement. We need only the interior waterproofed to help prevent dampness and minimal wetness. The exterior of the foundation has already been waterproofed. Also interested in a quote for finishing the basement.
Vicinity of Point Rd in Norwalk
Need a neater garage. Wondering abt the cost
Vicinity of Dorlon Street in Norwalk
Mold coming from crawl space into garage. Need to have the problem evaluated.
Vicinity of Dock Rd in Norwalk
Moisture getting in basement
Vicinity of ALVIN DRIVE in Norwalk
Please contact me for an estimate on sump pump installation
Vicinity of King Street in Norwalk
Looking for an estimate to make a bedroom in the basement with a full bath.
Vicinity of N Taylor Ave in Norwalk
Waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Lockwood Lane in Norwalk
Due to the weather conditions, my crawl space has been taking on a lot of water. I am afraid it's causing damage to the foundation and possibly creating mold. Also, most of the sheeting in the crawl space has holes or removed.
Vicinity of George Ave in Norwalk
Experienced water in my basement and would like to install a sump pump to prevent it from happening again!
Vicinity of Granite Dr in Norwalk
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Highland Ave in Norwalk
Sump pump is overflowing
Vicinity of Autumn Street in Norwalk
Looking into buying this home. I noticed some water damage and slight accumulation in some areas of the basement. If available today or tomorrow (04/02/17) to look around for an estimate, it would be greatly appreciated and help make a final decision if I will proceed to buy the house.
Vicinity of Glover Ave in Norwalk
Replacement deumidifier
Vicinity of Raymond Terrace in Norwalk
Need a professional to assess concrete foundation for lalli column in basement. Lalli column may need to be reset too as it seems slanted. Thank you.
Vicinity of Woodward Avenue in Norwalk
Buyer wants an inspection of basement.
Vicinity of Marlin Drive in Norwalk
I am in the process of purchasing this house at the address mentioned above. But there is a foundation issue with the property. I would like to have a free estimate on the cost of fixing it or repair it. I will inform my agent about any findings. Please let me know as soon as a technician can inspect it . Thank you!
Vicinity of FLAX HILL RD in Norwalk
Crawl space walls leaks, water in crawl space
Vicinity of North Taylor Avenue in Norwalk
Water enters when it rains heavily.
Vicinity of Country Club Rd in Norwalk
I'm looking for a quote and more information about concrete lifting
Vicinity of Harbor View Avenue in Norwalk
Insulate a crawl space with dirt floor in a flood prone area. Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Linden Heights in Norwalk
Water sometimes seeps into the basement along foundation wall for about 15 feet? Need to resolve.
Vicinity of Madison St in Norwalk
Vicinity of Singing Woods Road in Norwalk
Half of my garage floor sank. I would like to see if it is possible to lift it back up.
Vicinity of Appletree Lane in Norwalk
I have a high water table have French drains and sum pumps but still getting water in the basement im the new owner need to not have water coming into the basement
Vicinity of Elmwood Ave in Norwalk
880 sq ft Field Stone walls ..need water proofing then section off to Rooms a nd Bath room with Shower
Vicinity of ENGLEWOOD Rd in Norwalk
Basement floor was wet underneath vinyl tiles. Some baseboards have mold.
Vicinity of in Norwalk
Wet basement
Vicinity of Willow St in Norwalk
Water sepage
Vicinity of Belden Hill Road in Norwalk
Mold concerns in finished basement area
Vicinity of Ledgewood Drive in Norwalk
Basement leaks after rain storm. concrete block foundation.
Vicinity of Ledge Road in Norwalk
Raised Ranch...not a true basement, but needs update to find wall space, deal with support pole in middle of room, remove wainscot, paint, non-working fireplace issues, make small office into home gym/ storage/dog room.
Vicinity of Buttonball Trail in Norwalk
Crawl space, basement floor
Vicinity of Princes Pine Rd in Norwalk
Flooding in basement when it rains. Had to pull up carpet.
Vicinity of Broadview Terrace in Norwalk
Basement floor is wet. first noticed it after rain Monday. It's near the washer but I haven't done laundry in two days. Can't figure out the source.
Vicinity of Rowayton Ave in Norwalk
Considering finishing basement.
Vicinity of King St in Norwalk
We would like to get a free estimate on waterproofing our basement
Vicinity of Ridge Farm Road in Norwalk
Interested in a quote to waterproof a basement in an older cape home. Dimensions are 36x17.
Vicinity of Wolfpit Avenue in Norwalk
Water coming up through the garage floor. I live in a condo. Some cracks in the floor and source of water could be natural springs or not. Does not impact the units on either side of my unit. It is not constant, but during heavy rains and heavy thaws after snow.
Vicinity of County St in Norwalk
Water is coming into the Basement and I would like a quote to see how much it would cost to get it repaired.
Vicinity of Winfield St in Norwalk
On-going water seeping into basement
Vicinity of Burchard Lane in Norwalk
We would like to explore options for finishing our basement, including adding a bathroom and possibly a guest suite.
Vicinity of Fawn Ridge Lane in Norwalk
Very damp finished basement with ack storage area. Old (over 10 yrs) dehumidifier sucking electricity but not much moisture. Would like to see what options there are besides buying another dehumidifier at an appliance store
Vicinity of Cobblers Lane in Norwalk
Basement finishing quote required. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Lockwood Lane in Norwalk
The basement has ac and heat vent going to it. The room is about 25 x 30 and about 8ft ceilings. There are three small windows in great condition. I would like to finish the floor, walls, ceiling, and enclose our ac and hot water heat as well as our sump pump. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Harbor View Ave in Norwalk
No concern, just need another vent opening in my basement, as per flood insurance request.needs to be done asap for a flood fee reduction.
Vicinity of Westmere Ave in Norwalk
Residential helical pile on coast in Norwalk, CT Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Scribner Ave. in Norwalk
Water filtering through concrete walls.
Vicinity of Chipmunk Lane in Norwalk
Crack in foundation
Vicinity of Burchard Lane in Norwalk
Water is getting into our basement, especially when it is a soaking rain
Vicinity of FLAX HILL RD in Norwalk
Vicinity of Cranbury Road in Norwalk
Water comes through garage walls that are half underground, and through basement floor. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of West Norwalk Rd in Norwalk
We have a crawl space that is wet Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Lakeview Dr in Norwalk
I would like a free estimate on waterproofing the foundation of my home Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Fullin Court in Norwalk
I am looking to get basement windows replaced. If the price and work is exceptional, i will be sure to use your services to remodel my whole basement later this year. I have 4 basement windows that need replacing.
Vicinity of Saranac Street in Norwalk
Bulkhead door leaks during storms. In severe weather water enters through concrete floor and walls. No sump pump. Would like to refinish basement if problems can be solved.
Vicinity of Eagle Road in Norwalk
My basement gets water when it rains
Vicinity of Overbrook Rd in Norwalk
Craw space repair - encapsulation.
Vicinity of Buckingham Place in Norwalk
Would like to get a quote on waterproofing/finishing basement
Vicinity of Roland Avenue in Norwalk
A quote for basement waterproofing of cinderblock foundation.
Vicinity of Melrose Ave in Norwalk
I have a concrete walkway in which a few panels have sunken. One in particular causes pooling of water during even minor rain, and becomes a sheet of ice during the winter. I would like to see if leveling & lifting would be appropriate for my situation. Thanks! If helpful, I have pictures I can provide.
Vicinity of Fourth St in Norwalk
Leaking basement wall
Vicinity of Rockmeadow Rd in Norwalk
Waterproof the basement
Vicinity of Powder Horn in Norwalk
Low ceiling basement - starting to think of building an office and storage areas and maybe a media room.
Vicinity of Flintlock Rd in Norwalk
Water leak from crack in basement.
Vicinity of Lycett Ct in Norwalk
We are having water leaking into our basement (utility room) when it rains. This is not happening every time it rains but during the bigger storms we find water.
Vicinity of Maurice Street in Norwalk
Would like to get estimate on waterproofing basement.
Vicinity of Pheasant Lane in Norwalk
Water seeping through floor and walls where floor meets walls. Basement is unfinished
Vicinity of Twin Ledge Rd in Norwalk
Wet spot on floor in corner of my basement leaching into my sheet rock.
Vicinity of Channel Avenue in Norwalk
Small basement (10x10), not finished ... has small amount of standing water (about 1 inch) from time to time, have a sump pump, but doesn't seem to work!
Vicinity of Marlin Dr in Norwalk
I am in the process of purchasing this house at the address mentioned above. But there is a foundation issue with the property. I would like to have a free estimate on the cost of fixing it or repair it. I will inform my agent about any findings. Please let me know as soon as a technician can inspect it . Thank you!
Vicinity of Arbor Drive in Norwalk
We would like to finish our basement which needs water proffing. We would like to finish as a inlaw suit/guest suite.
Vicinity of Raymond Terrace in Norwalk
Leaking in one corner of the basement near sewage drain and water intake. municipal water.
Vicinity of Noahs Lane Ext in Norwalk
I have a finished basement with an open staircase going up to the main level of the house. Water is somehow getting into our furnace room behind the staircase. I don't know how long it's been happening. But, it just became noticeable with Saturday's rain. It's seeped under the stairs into the rug of the finished portion.
Vicinity of Toilsome Ave in Norwalk
I need a knowledgeable, experienced, professional to come look at my basement/gutter situation. I just recently starting getting water in the basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill RD in Norwalk
Property has water filtration in basement. Basement is unfinished. Trying to install dry basement system around basement walls.
Vicinity of Richards Ave in Norwalk
Basement ceiling, plumbing,electrical work
Vicinity of Guild Drive in Norwalk
Crawl space waterproofing and insulation. Already have a sump pump and a floor drain, but the cement floor stays wet.
Vicinity of in Norwalk
We have some water seepage in one corner of the basement. I believe it might have something to do with the roof gutter drainage. Would like someone to come and take a look. Thanks
Vicinity of W Cedar in Norwalk
We are in need of an exterior drain solution to alleviate bulge to the foundation. We are trying to sell our house and a concern was raised about a horizontal crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of Indian Spring Rd in Norwalk
Basement and garage have hydrostatic leeching through cinderblock foundation. Need to understand possible solutions.
Vicinity of Crooked Trail in Norwalk
Walkout basement is about 700sf. I am mainly looking to have 1 or more egress windows installed, just enough to meet code. There are currently 32" wide regular cellar windows and a block foundation.
Vicinity of Splitrock Road in Norwalk
Looking to finish my basement
Vicinity of Folwell Rd in Norwalk
I would love to have someone look at our foundation and price out a sump pump and partial basement finishing.
Vicinity of Singing Woods Road in Norwalk
Basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Benedict St in Norwalk
Quote to finishing basement
Vicinity of Englewood Rd in Norwalk
We just finished a renovation on an old house where we added a new basement onto the old. We could use some advice on controlling dampness, shoring up the old basement walls, etc.
Vicinity of W. Norwalk Rd. in Norwalk
I a looking to finish my basement and add a bathroom in the basement. Basement is roughly 900 square feet.
Vicinity of Leann Dr. in Norwalk
After a few years in our home, we've noticed an increase in seepage in our basement after a rain. When we first moved in, it was not an issue unless rains were very heavy. Lately, we get water after most rains. Hoping for an assessment. Thank you, Sean
Vicinity of Murray Streey in Norwalk
Have a family room around 670 square feet that I need to install a dehumidifier that drains to the outside.
Vicinity of Byrd Rd in Norwalk
Looking for a quote on finishing basement.
Vicinity of Emerson Street in Norwalk
Hello, I am interested in buying a house at the address above and it has seepage and mold in a corner of the basement foundation, and sinking floors above the crawlspace. The gutters are not set up to drain properly. I would like to get an estimate of repair/mold mitigation asap. Thank you
Vicinity of William St in Norwalk
I am looking to redo my office area in the basement. The area is aprox 27ft X 20ft
Vicinity of Colonial Place in Norwalk
I am interested in an estimate on a water remediation system for my basement.
Vicinity of Crooked Trail in Norwalk
Possible odor coming from rock ledge in basement. Would like you to take a look and estimate on sealing.
Vicinity of Camelot Drive in Norwalk
Just moved in Feb. Basement is finished with carpet. Noticed a wet spot the other day and took up that area of carpet to expose slab. Not sure where the water is coming from but it is significant
Vicinity of Holiday Drive in Norwalk
Leaking basement in a house that's 50 years old. Would like an estimate to prevent any future leaking.
Vicinity of West North Street in Norwalk
Quote for basement renovation thanks
Vicinity of Neptune Ave in Norwalk
My wife and I are looking to waterproof and finish a portion of our basement. In 2008 you installed a radon system in our basement. We are looking to get an inspection and estimate to how much it would cost to do this work. Chris & Brooke
Vicinity of Elliott St in Norwalk
Basement is generally dry but had about 2.5' of water in recent storm. Discarded most contents so basement is empty and clean. Figured this would be good time to get estimate on repairing and painting spauled concrete walls/floor.
Vicinity of Olmstead Place in Norwalk
Vicinity of Burwell ST in Norwalk
Interested in quote on basement waterproofing, upgraded sump pump system. New basement outer and inner doors, two new basement windows. Have flood insurance and am ready to get started.
Vicinity of Buckingham Place in Norwalk
Old tile floor under carpet uneven, cold in winter, laundry drain into sink has resulted in multiple overflows and wet carpet, laundry walls flaking
Vicinity of Stuart Ave in Norwalk
I simply would like to casually reconstruct my present basement.
Vicinity of Birch in Norwalk
Damp Basement
Vicinity of West Norwalk Rd. in Norwalk
Clean basement air of mold, bacteria and moisture.
Vicinity of Baxter Drive in Norwalk
My basement floods occasionally when there is heavy rain. I have two sumo holes but neither one is large enough to be effective. The basement is damp and sometimes smells so I worry about mold. I would like to make the basement as dry as possible.
Vicinity of Pogany St in Norwalk
Getting water in my basement need you to come out and look , Its a long story.
Vicinity of Muriel St in Norwalk
Hi, When is rains heavily, my Bilco door leaks onto concrete steps that lead into the basement. Would your company be able to evaluate the leaks and fix? Contact me any time. Dave
Vicinity of Swale Rd. in Norwalk
My basement was flooded. More rain to come. So I will need it dried up Monday morning because more rain coming late tonight. How much will it cost?
Vicinity of Barbara Drive in Norwalk
I just bought an older home, and with all the rain we have had, I have some water coming in the basement. I will need to waterproof to put in a family room downstairs.
Vicinity of Chatham Drive in Norwalk
Looking for an estimate on installing a back up water pump system for basement.
Vicinity of West Norwalk Road in Norwalk
We would like to get a quote to finish our basement.
Vicinity of Steeple Top in Norwalk
Want someone to look at basement room to see what kind of mold remediation may be needed to be done. We had a water heater burst and while we cleaned and dried the place out there is some residual mold on the back of the sheetrock. Can someone come out today, this weekend, or by Monday at the latest? We also need to install a radon mitigation system as the reading came in just over 5. CJ
Vicinity of Roton Ave in Norwalk
Hi. I'm hoping you guys can help with our damp garage (which doubles as our basement), but I'm doubtful. The "foundation" is stone/rock ledge (built in 1910), so I think no matter what drainage system we install, water will still leak through the walls of the basement/garage? I'd love to talk to you about it and get an idea of costs. Thanks! Jessica
Vicinity of in Norwalk
Looking to schedule radon mitigation for my clients who are selling a house. The radon came up high after the buyer's inspection. Please let me know when the next available appointment can be. Thanks, Alex
Vicinity of Victory Court in Norwalk
We are considering finishing our basement and would love to know more about our options and the potential cost.
Vicinity of Highland Ave. in Norwalk
I'm trying to find someone to sell me and/or install custom window well covers (approx 7' x 2'). Do you do this or could you recommend someone who does? Thanks
Vicinity of Willow Street in Norwalk
We have an unfinished basement and are interested in finishing part of all of it. We would like to meet with someone to get an estimate. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jarvis Street in Norwalk
Small leak in basement for first time ever this week. Interested in foundation repair, waterproofing, and potential changes to improve basement
Vicinity of Juhasz Road in Norwalk
Planning on finishing our basement--would like both a livable space as well as storage.
Vicinity of Penny Lane in Norwalk
Have some water coming up from basement floor(hydrostatic) and only during the heavy rains in March/April. Some weak spots on floor which is where water is coming up. Wondered how long to have someone come take a look and give some guidance on a course of action.. Thank you
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