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Work Requests in North Haven

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Haven. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in North Haven and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in North Haven, CT
Vicinity of Ridge Road in North Haven
Our unfinished basement was flooded from the recent rains with about 2 inches of water. I'm wondering about getting help for cleanup of the water damage, inspection for any mold, damage, etc and prevention for future flooding, etc.
Vicinity of Musket Drive in North Haven
Carpet, dry wall possible crack in the foundation
Vicinity of Hartford Tnpk in North Haven
When it rains water comes in through the floor of the basement
Vicinity of Katie Lane in North Haven
Foundation is that of a raised ranch. There is a wall crack running from water meter to floor (about four feet in length).
Vicinity of Katie Lane in North Haven
Foundation is that of a raised ranch. There is a wall crack running from water meter to floor (about four feet in length).
Vicinity of Sugar Hill Rd in North Haven
Looking to have a drop ceiling installed in the basement.
Vicinity of Ridge Road in North Haven
Humidity control
Vicinity of Highland Dr in North Haven
After heavy rain, we can get water in our basement which appears to enter via floor cracks. We may have an aging sump pump that may need service.
Vicinity of Lexington Gardens in North Haven
I'm interested in a quote for simple basement finish. I'm aiming to make the space feel a bit less raw. The space is about 700 sf.
Vicinity of Todd Dr S in North Haven
Flooding coming in from under wall in finished basement.
Vicinity of in North Haven
Hi I would Like to finish my Basement space with one Bedroom instead of 2 Bedroom as of now.
Vicinity of Patten Road in North Haven
We are getting a little water in our basement and more in our garage (attached to basement). We would like to finish the basement and therefore want to ensure that the basement is completely waterproof.
Vicinity of Half Mile Road in North Haven
We are getting water in our basement and we want to find the source
Vicinity of Saint John Street, in North Haven
Looking to finish a small basement in a condo for storage and to create a home gym
Vicinity of Edgewater Road in North Haven
Water in basement
Vicinity of Ezra Street in North Haven
We would like to refinish our basement we cannot put anything down stairs due to the moisture. Basement windows, crawl space door, replacement columns, etc. We also would like to ensure our existing pumps have a backup system to not ruin a finished basement. Cost is a big concern we may not be able to do it at this time depending on the cost.
Vicinity of Beach Lane in North Haven
Turf flooring and a re-done roof of the basement. And if possible sink
Vicinity of Hartford Tpke. in North Haven
Looking for two things- waterproof of basement as is - it is partially finished and used for storage and also an estimate for a complete refinish for additional living space
Vicinity of Sheffield Rd in North Haven
Cement around pool sinking
Vicinity of South Ave in North Haven
I have an in-ground pool with cracks and heaving in the concreate deck surround. I would like a quote to polyLEVEL the deck.
Vicinity of Ridge Road in North Haven
I have an open crawl space under my kitchen floor that opens into oyr garage. The floor is very cold and my kitchen is drafty. I am investigating options for unsulating. I am available after 3:00 daily.
Vicinity of Potter Road in North Haven
We are interested in getting our basement finished and would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of North Hill Road in North Haven
Changes to a partially finished basement for esthetic purposes
Vicinity of Carriage Dr in North Haven
Vicinity of Hilltop Terrace in North Haven
I need a finished basement and I think I like the basement to beautiful wall panels. Would like a quote on my house
Vicinity of Cottontail Ln in North Haven
I'm moving into a new home on 9/22. i would like to put a full bath in the basement, have the drop ceiling replaced and maybe put a bedroom down there as well. i would like to make an apt for an estimate. if you work saturdays i would like 9/24 if that day is available. thank you.
Vicinity of Marlborough Rd in North Haven
Need structural engineer to inspect crack at foundation and recommend necessary repair. Pending sale of home
Vicinity of Frost Dr in North Haven
Possible moisture issue and would like entire basement to be turned in to living space. Thank you
Vicinity of North Hill Rd in North Haven
Large concrete deck, sinking with one end sinking a good 4-6 inches and the other end 2 inches.the deck runs along 2 sides of the house in the back yard.
Vicinity of Homewood Avenue in North Haven
Occasional Basement water entry
Vicinity of Woodmere Circle in North Haven
Crack in foundation wall
Vicinity of Ridgewood Terrace in North Haven
Would like a design consultation/estimate for finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Forest Ave in North Haven
Need a new basement window installed
Vicinity of BLAKESLEE AVE in North Haven
We have a wet basement that we want to get fixed & if possible finishing for an extra family room
Vicinity of Highland Park Road in North Haven
My problem concerns my front porch concrete stairs- There is a gap around both sides of the stairs connecting to the front door, and a gap at the landing where the stair meets the front door. Can you please give me a quote, and also a time frame when you could do the work if I gave you the job? Thank You!
Vicinity of Colonial Drive in North Haven
Need a complete remodel. Would like to transform the open space into possibly two bedrooms and a full bathroom. And make a new entry way to the basement
Vicinity of Pool Road in North Haven
Wet basement from pipe leak.. still smells badly of mold.
Vicinity of Allendale Dr. N in North Haven
Looking for a drainage system for basement and garage/driveway.
Vicinity of Greenfield Lane in North Haven
Looking for layout ideas and an estimate for a ranch style home basement finishing project.
Vicinity of Kingshighway in North Haven
I have water along the perimeter of my basement
Vicinity of Roarke Rd in North Haven
1) home number one has water in unfinished basement when it rains. we have a sump pump. 2) home number two, id like to have water ring around hot water heater
Vicinity of in North Haven
Every time it rains water comes in the cellar by the driveway. It's worse now the rug is wet,mushrooms are growing we need to redo room,it's a mess. I think we used to have some water on other side of cellar both in front.
Vicinity of Manor Drive in North Haven
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Ridgewood Terrace in North Haven
I am seeing water marks on the walls of my basement after heavy rainfall.
Vicinity of Fitch Street in North Haven
Selling house. Need sump pump for hole in basement floor.
Vicinity of Orient Lane in North Haven
Estimate on crawl space repair. Also a new pump.
Vicinity of Sentinel Hill Rd in North Haven
The basement leaks water every time it rains hard. I have resealed some parts of the foundation already but can not find out were the water is still coming in from. The house is a raised ranch with a finish basement. A family room bed room bathroom and a big wash/storage room.
Vicinity of Mountain Brook Rd. in North Haven
Have approx 900 sq ft basement, looking to finish approx 600 sq ft. We have a value dry 2 sump pump system installed which work fine. Considering finishing basement for extra TV / entertainment space. Not looking for anything fancy - simple, clean design.
Vicinity of Tokeneke Drive in North Haven
We have a sump pump in our basement located in a sump pit. The pump runs daily year round, but fails every so often and must be replaced or repaired. We would like to upgrade to a more reliable system that includes service calls.
Vicinity of Bayard Avenue in North Haven
We have a basement that requires a sump pump and still gets water the house was built in 1936 we would like to waterproof it looking for an estimate
Vicinity of Whitney Ridge Terrace in North Haven
Very Damp Basement
Vicinity of MARALDENE DRIVE in North Haven
We have french drains under our house, the drain pipe that goes from the basement out to the brook beside our home gets clogged with roots and has to be cleaned out three times a year or the water backs up and comes up thru the floor and floods the basement. We have owned the house for 15 years and over that time the drain has begun to collapse due to the continued use of the auger type cleaner. We would like to change to a sump type system and eliminate the pipe that is giving us trouble. At this time it seems to be at a point that it can no longer be cleaned. Thanks.
Vicinity of Monroe St in North Haven
Complete Basement renovation.
Vicinity of Van Rose Drive in North Haven
I am a realtor and would like to have someone contact me regarding a house I am selling that appears to have a damp basement.
Vicinity of Northeast DR in North Haven
We have a cinder block foundation and there is one corner that is getting water every heavy rain fall. We are looking to find solutions to this problem. Thanks
Vicinity of Summer Lane in North Haven
I have a crack in the basement wall that need repair.
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