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Work Requests in Newington

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Newington. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Newington and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Newington, CT
Vicinity of Marlborough Street in Newington
We have a basement wall crack from the basement window down to the floor that has been there since we have owned the house. It used to leak a lot but now that we regarded the outside and inserted a drainage pipe outside it is much better with only a little water coming in and only after a soaking rain suggesting the leaking segment is down lower in the foundation. Anyway, I thought I would try one of the newer crack sealing kits and did in the spring but the results were not fantastic. I was interested in a professional's attempt at fixing the leak and sealing the crack.
Vicinity of Orchard Ave in Newington
I have rising water from outside that is not sustainable enough for 3 sump pumps that I currently have in my basement. In need of alternate solutions.
Vicinity of Colby Circle in Newington
Concrete on my back yard patio area is about (35ft2) was stained by oil by contractors working on my home remodel. We would like to fix this concrete.
Vicinity of Miami Ave in Newington
I would like to have an estimate for waterproofing and finishing of my basement in my new home.
Vicinity of Pickens Dr in Newington
I need estimate for cracked wall in the basement. After last storm my basement got water.
Vicinity of Church St in Newington
We just moved into a new house and noticed a little water gets into the basement when it rains heavy. This is an issue since we want to be able to use it for more than just storage. We would like to get a quote from your company on fixing it up, making it waterproof and finishing it.
Vicinity of Walnut Street in Newington
Basement has water damage and mold. Looking for recommendations on how you would fix the leaking and what the cost would be.
Vicinity of Forest Drive in Newington
Would like an opinion if basement floor crack is concerning and/or needs repai.
Vicinity of Briarwood Rd in Newington
We are interested in buying a house and on the inspection it stated that there is water coming in from the basement. We would like an estimate on that repair.
Vicinity of Woodmere Rd in Newington
Would like an estimate on a sump pump install with a dehumidifier as well
Vicinity of Sunrise Circle in Newington
I am very close to starting a job where I can work out of my house. So I was looking for estimates as to how to convert at least part of the basement into a home office.
Vicinity of Willard Ave in Newington
Foundation wall repair
Vicinity of Camp Ave, in Newington
Every time we get heavy rain, I get water in the basement. It's not a finished basement, concrete walls aND floors, I want to waterproof it but need an estimate
Vicinity of Webster Court in Newington
Water coming through the foundation
Vicinity of Culver Street in Newington
Musty smell. leakage concerns
Vicinity of Culver St in Newington
Vicinity of Coronado Drive in Newington
Would like to get a free quote on having my basement finished. Thank you.
Vicinity of Woods Way in Newington
Want a quote on raising a sunken concrete walkway
Vicinity of Fisk Dr in Newington
We would like an estimate on waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of Willard Ave. in Newington
Laundry area wet. Already checked washer and exterior gutter. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Barkledge Dr in Newington
Basement refinishing
Vicinity of Old Farm Drive in Newington
We want to refinish our basement. We currently have wood on the walls and a bar that needs to be taken down.
Vicinity of Walnut St. in Newington
I am interested in installing an egress window in my basement. I am looking for estimates.
Vicinity of Chapman Street in Newington
I am looking for a quote on finishing my whole basement or half basement. Will likely need water proofing.
Vicinity of Bayberry Road in Newington
Leaks in the cellar cracks where water is coming from the foundation hatchway and cellar window
Vicinity of Cobblestone Court in Newington
I need a free quote on vertical basement wall cracks whee water is seeping in through drilled holes, a long vertical major crack is located behind an electrical box, which had a wood plywood board nearly 2 inches thick between the box ad the concrete
Vicinity of WHITESIDE ST in Newington
Roughly 600 sq ft partially finished basement that we want to complete. Hatchway that leaks during heavy rain/storms. Replace sump pump.
Vicinity of Bayberry Rd in Newington
Water entering basement through floor and or wall in small area.
Vicinity of Chaplin in Newington
I have an unfinished basement in a 7 year old condo. Looking for finishing ideas, dehumidification, etc.
Vicinity of Welles Dr North in Newington
I would like to get a quote on finishing the basement. Thank you!
Vicinity of Adrian Ave. in Newington
Hello, We are having some water issues in our basement in the winter and spring months. We are getting random puddles of water on the floor. We waterproofed/sealed our basement a year or two ago and we are still having some water issues. We think it could be from water building up in the fire place ash pit, but we aren't 100% sure. We would like to finish our basement one day, but we need to get the water issue fixed first.
Vicinity of Bogart Lane in Newington
Finished basement to include bedroom and half bath.
Vicinity of Back Lane in Newington
I am the President of a condominium association of 7 buildings that encompass 28 units. 2 of the buildings have crawl spaces. These buildings will be 40 years old and to date nothing has been done to these crawl space areas. The insulation is mostly off and what isn't is deplorable. I would like to have an expert look at the spaces and quote a price to remove/install new insulation plus render any other suggestions that would improve these areas if ever needed for storage for the units w/o basements. Thank you.
Vicinity of Gilbert Rd in Newington
Would like a quote on a compact basement egress window install. We park a trailer right near the window. Well kit installed.
Vicinity of Old Farm Drive in Newington
Would like to get an estimate to waterproof our basement
Vicinity of Pfister Drive in Newington
Water seeping under hatchway steps into basement when we have heavy rain. Looking for an estimate to correct the issue - perhaps installing an inside drain along the foundation wall from in front of the hatchway steps into the existing sump pump system.
Vicinity of Adrian Avenue in Newington
Leak in basement.
Vicinity of Piper Brook Ave in Newington
We would like a free estimate on how much it would cost to finish our basement along with waterproofing the basement because it gets soaked during the rain. Please feel free too call me at any time. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with a representative soon.
Vicinity of Cambria Ave in Newington
I am looking for an estimate to waterproof and finish our basement
Vicinity of Foster Street in Newington
I would like free estimate for bathroom in basement
Vicinity of FENN RD in Newington
My old sump pump switch doesn't work anymore and I had to put tape on just so it would work in the meantime. Please email me so I can have a new pump put in the basement!
Vicinity of Spring Street in Newington
Need an estimate on install of a sump pump.
Vicinity of Pheasant Run in Newington
There is a corner wall of my basement that has a slight leak when it rains or snow melts. I put cement sealer on about 10 months ago, but that only lasted a few months. I keep towels down to soak up the small water problem.
Vicinity of Flagler Street in Newington
My home was built on wetlands, and it sits at the bottom of the street. I have always had ground water issues in the basement. Spring rains are always a problem, but this year, with the snow pack, I'm afraid my house may float away!
Vicinity of Glibert Road in Newington
I would like an estimate to fix a bit of water damage and finish a portion of the basement in a cape cod style home.
Vicinity of Audubon Ave. in Newington
Foundation is sinking on one side of the house.
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