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Basement Waterproofing in New Haven Connecticut

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The right type of home solutions comes from choosing the right company. Connecticut Basement Systems utilizes top of the line products with unmatched customer service to help you with any services you may need. Take a look at the information below detailing our previous work in New Haven, CT and see what other happy customers have to say about our expert services provided.

Work Requests From New Haven
Vicinity of Chatham St. in New Haven
I need a foundation repair I've called and left a message
Sondi J. New Haven, CT
Vicinity of Oak Ridge in New Haven
Condo Basement, i want to turn it into a living place and a bathroom
Vicinity of Oak Ridge in New Haven
Condo Basement, i want to turn it into a living place and a bathroom
Vicinity of Oak Ridge in New Haven
Condo Basement, i want to turn it into a living place and a bathroom
Vicinity of Stimson Rd in New Haven
Need egress windows installed
Vicinity of High St in New Haven
Our basement is in terrible shape from years of misuse. We are trying to make it habitable again, but as students are on a bit of a budget. Ideally we would add a waterproof resin floor, fix the wall panelling, and check for mold.
Vicinity of Kneeland Rd in New Haven
Iam getting water in the basement during heavy rain storms.
Vicinity of Russell St in New Haven
Need a crawl space under the house insulated
Vicinity of Huntington Ave in New Haven
Basement flooding
Vicinity of in New Haven
I'm looking to have a basement ceiling sheetrocked.
Vicinity of Livingston Street in New Haven
Looking for help with crawl space and occasional water in basement.
Vicinity of Ward Street in New Haven
Foundation repairs needed.
Vicinity of Yale Ave in New Haven
Foundation evaluation and repair needed; basement door (BILCO-style) in need of repair/replacement
Vicinity of Parker Place in New Haven
Groundwater pooling in basement after rain. Concerned that basement requires waterproofing. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Central Ave in New Haven
Sagging basement floor joists in center of older home causing main floor and upper floor to sag. Would like to repair the issue.
Vicinity of Quinnipiac Avenue in New Haven
The basement is a major's a wet mess!!
Vicinity of Pearl Street in New Haven
Water seems to be leaching up through the concrete floor throughout the basement of this house. I am unfamiliar with an issue like this. My mother says the addition of a sump pump may help. I have no idea. The basement is TOO wet to take no action. Please advise - my home inspection is this Thursday at 1pm if that would be a possible time for a site visit.
Vicinity of in New Haven
Hi! I live in a 13000 sq. foot two floor townhouse in New Haven and am considering finishing either half or all of the basement. I'm hoping for an estimate for finishing the walls, floors, and ceiling. We're not looking to do anything elaborate, just to make it a more useable space in our home. Are you able to communicate via email? It's difficult for me to get to a phone during business hours, but I'm interested in knowing an approximate range for pricing for this kind of project. Thank you!
Vicinity of McKinley Avenue in New Haven
1910 house in Westville, New Haven, water infiltration at basement slab at the base of the interior wall.
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