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Work Requests in Naugatuck

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Naugatuck. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Naugatuck and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Naugatuck, CT
Vicinity of Country Hill Rd in Naugatuck
Have a little room off the garage was looking to get redone
Vicinity of Feen St in Naugatuck
Water seeps through basement walls as well as Floors.
Vicinity of Lewis in Naugatuck
Water comes up after it rains have sump hole but comes up in floor
Vicinity of Goodyear Ave in Naugatuck
My basement keeps flooding during long periods of rain. Would like to know what some options are in rectifying the problem and the cost !!!
Vicinity of Linda Ct in Naugatuck
Selling home and inspector found crack in garage foundation wall, about 3 feet. this needs to be fixed to sell home.
Vicinity of Spruce Dr in Naugatuck
Foundation repair
Vicinity of May St in Naugatuck
Basement flooding, active ground water under cement floor
Vicinity of Quinn Street in Naugatuck
My basement flooded Sunday night. My bedroom is down there.
Vicinity of Fawn Meadow Dr in Naugatuck
Vicinity of Village Circle in Naugatuck
I have a garage floor that has settled around 6 six inches.
Vicinity of Hickory Rd in Naugatuck
Fix basement
Vicinity of Hickory Rd in Naugatuck
Fixing basement
Vicinity of Fawn Meadow Drive in Naugatuck
We have been getting water into our basement after the last few bad rain storms and it is seeping through the untreated floor.
Vicinity of Hunters Mountain Rd. in Naugatuck
Slab jacking
Vicinity of Quinn in Naugatuck
I'm in the process of buying a house with a cracked foundation from settling. I would like a quote and get a contractor lined up so once I close, work can begin immediately.
Vicinity of Warm Earth Road in Naugatuck
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Golden Hill St in Naugatuck
Sagging floor on kitchen
Vicinity of Millville Ave in Naugatuck
Issues with musty smell, mold and a water leak. Also maybe some refinishing
Vicinity of Vincent Place in Naugatuck
Our house has settled unevenly and we would like to have the floor of our downstairs evened out. We also have a small structural crack that we would like looked at.
Vicinity of Farmstead Lane in Naugatuck
Looking to have our basement finished. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of in Naugatuck
Water leaking in my apartment basement. It may cause exterior foundation problem. Any thing you can help to fix this problem. So We want to use this basement as office.
Vicinity of Beacon Valley Rd in Naugatuck
Foundation and crawl space
Vicinity of Margaret Circle in Naugatuck
I have a unfinished basement and I need to make a bedroom and a bathroom for now so I'd like to get an estimate price
Vicinity of Millville Ave in Naugatuck
Foundation repair in basement and outside stairs
Vicinity of Andrew Ave in Naugatuck
I am looking to buy a house that is in the family. However I am concerned about the structure of the garage, as it has a step crack along the wall. Is that something you could come take a look at and give me a quote as to how much it would cost to fix? Thanks
Vicinity of Homestead Ave in Naugatuck
My current sump pump is no longer working and I believe I need to have a new one installed.
Vicinity of Spring Street in Naugatuck
Our basement has flooded two times when there was really heavy rainfall. We have had to rip out carpet from the basement twice. We are looking to find out how we can prevent the basement from flooding in the future.
Vicinity of Bluebird Drive in Naugatuck
Leak from crack in foundation
Vicinity of New Street in Naugatuck
Looking for estimate for leaky basement.
Vicinity of Myrtle Avenue in Naugatuck
Would like a space to workout. And a separate space to relax(couch,tv,sofa,etc...) Please contact me by phone after 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Thank you, Chris.
Vicinity of Longwood Drive in Naugatuck
Small area getting water after rain
Vicinity of Moonlight Circle in Naugatuck
Foundation cracked in two spots causing corner of house to sink six inches. basement floor cracked exposing earth below. House is a raised ranch 38 years old. Yard has many sink holes from rotting stumps. Builder long since out of business.
Vicinity of Hoadley Street in Naugatuck
Basement is very wet and getting worse.
Vicinity of Field St in Naugatuck
Old basement with mild dampness and spiders. I currently have no storage as this is an older home. Looking to solve those issues
Vicinity of Cotton Hollow Ct. in Naugatuck
Vicinity of Coen Street in Naugatuck
Waterproofing the basement to avoid future flooding
Vicinity of Walnut Ter in Naugatuck
Need new flooring quote for basement,We removed old carpet
Vicinity of Hillside Ave in Naugatuck
Wet floor in the basement
Vicinity of Fairchild St in Naugatuck
Would like an estimate on basement sealing. We had water coming through the foundation walls during this past tropical storm.
Vicinity of Maple Hill Road in Naugatuck
We are interested in getting an estimate to finish our basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Auburn Street in Naugatuck
Looking for a quote on a sump pump installation. Basement is partially finished and not sure about french drain option around the walls, would very much like to have someone take a look and give me options on installation types and price. Thank you very much for your time.
Vicinity of Hillside Ave in Naugatuck
I will be moving into a home in Bristol in mid-June. I want to finish the basement and would like some estimates.
Vicinity of Briarwood Rd in Naugatuck
I have a partially finished basement and after some of our recent rainstorms I found my carpet was soaked. I have been pulling up the carpet to get it out of my house but I need to have someone take a look and get an estimate on both resolving the problem and fixing the damage.
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