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Work Requests in Meriden

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Meriden. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Meriden and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Meriden, CT
Vicinity of Oxbow Drive in Meriden
Just bought a house this month that showed water soaking finished basement rug in several areas for 1st time today. need to make an appt this week during my vacation time to get a quote on how to fix it.
Vicinity of Conwell Rd in Meriden
Unfinished basement in need of finishing for additional living space
Vicinity of Peacock Drive in Meriden
After rain water has been seeping in.
Vicinity of Newton Street in Meriden
Looking to get a quote for a sump pump installation
Vicinity of Tumblebrook Road in Meriden
My house was sealed with some kind of waterproof paint 11 years ago before I bought it. It stayed dry until last spring. Now I get water in some places when we have heavy downpours. I'm talking about maybe 1/4 inch puddles in two areas on the floor. The paint is wrinkling and peeling. Walls remain dry. My husband just died and I need to sell the house. I am looking for a short term, inexpensive solution.
Vicinity of Ann St in Meriden
Looking for preliminary quotes. I experience fairly localized water after heavy rains. Tough to say where it originates from as the previous owners began a refinishing project.
Vicinity of Woodmere Knoll in Meriden
1957 split-level. Needs work on walls, ceiling, floors.
Vicinity of Gale Avenue in Meriden
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of Mildred Rd. in Meriden
My basement has a moldy, musty and damp smell in the air and dust problems. I looked at the Sanidry XP dehumidifier on youtube and it seems like it can take care of my problem.
Vicinity of Pinehurst Drive in Meriden
We are looking to purchase our first home. We had the inspection yesterday and were made aware of a few concerns, one of them being that water gets into the basement...... the sellers did a horrible "easy fix" themselves. We would like to have a professional come out and give us a free quote that we can send back to the sellers to either have fixed or take money off so that we can get it done because it needs to be done ASAP by a professional. It needs new belcor doors, and a sump pump. There also happens to be a "wet bar" in the basement who's pipe leads to an open whole that goes nowhere. We love this home and feel that if we can get a professional to come out and let us know what needs to be done and at what cost it would ease our concerns a bit.....
Vicinity of Morse St in Meriden
Are you able to solve wet basement problems
Vicinity of Gravel St in Meriden
Water in basement
Vicinity of Colony Street in Meriden
Moisture and water infiltration at a church basement
Vicinity of Cottage St in Meriden
I'm shopping around prices, just need to know how much will cost to finish my basement and the financing, thank you
Vicinity of Willow Street in Meriden
Water in basement
Vicinity of Walt Dr in Meriden
My front door concrete stairs are attached to my house. They have settled forward. What is my best, economical option?
Vicinity of Milici Circle in Meriden
When heavy rain occurs, we get water in the basement thru the foundation. it has come to the point where it is coming to the rug as well. Wanted to get a quote on what needs to be done as well as waterproffing the basement so we can think about finishing the basement, as of now it is half finished.
Vicinity of Newton Street in Meriden
Water coming into basement, looking at waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Welles Terrace in Meriden
Want to finish basement and put in a egress window
Vicinity of Cariati Blvd in Meriden
Looking to get another quote on finishing our basement the area is about 900 square feet that we are looking to get done
Vicinity of Brownstone Ridge in Meriden
Need a sump installation quote
Vicinity of Rockledge Drive in Meriden
My basement has been flooding recently and I am looking to sell my house. I need to find out where the water is coming from and have it fixed otherwise it'll be very hard to sell.
Vicinity of Swain Ave in Meriden
Cracked foundation from top of footing to top of wall in basement I am the 2nd owner 1st owner tried to patch it and then finished the basement so I ripped down the wall already to find where the water was coming in, looking for a estimate to fix. thank you
Vicinity of Oak St. in Meriden
I have a crawl space that needs new insolation as our bedroom come to find out not insulated...which makes our bedroom 20 degrees colder thank anything and looking energy cost in the house.. :( being new home owners this is NOT good for our first winter.. We would like someone to come by and give an estimate of how much it might cost and or steps to get the basics done ourselves... Thanks. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018!
Vicinity of Columbus Avenue in Meriden
I have previously received a quote about 9 months ago, but we weren't ready to proceed. Now we are looking to go forward with our basement refinishing.
Vicinity of Oxbow Drive in Meriden
When big rainstorms hit, we get water in our basement, we would love to have someone out to let us know what they thing about it!
Vicinity of Brownstone Ridge in Meriden
Minor flooding in basement. Appears to be seeping through unfinished wall.
Vicinity of Ann View Terrace in Meriden
The little crawl space in the basement fills with water when it rains heavily. I have noticed lately that the wall in that area is crumbling a bit, as well.
Vicinity of North Pearl Street in Meriden
Had an estimate about 3 years ago, and need a new one. Leaky, damp basement.
Vicinity of Newton Street in Meriden
Re finish basement
Vicinity of Johnson Ave in Meriden
Bowing fieldstone foundation wall
Vicinity of Glen Hills Rd in Meriden
I'm trying to sell my home and have a buyer. However there is an issue with the back porch and addition. The porch was there for over 20 yrs. but the town now wants more piers poured. The porch is only about 6 inches off the ground.
Vicinity of Alanby Dr in Meriden
I currently have a sump pump and would like to upgrade with battery back up.
Vicinity of Ione Drive in Meriden
Seeping at foundation afloor
Vicinity of Elmwood in Meriden
Looking to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Fairway Drive in Meriden
The front of the house where the stairs are have sunk Thank you
Vicinity of Buckingham St. in Meriden
I just purchased my home. It has a DIY refinished basement w/ diverted sewer lines & pumps. I need an estimate to correct these issues.
Vicinity of Columbus Avenue in Meriden
Looking to add bedroom & bathroom
Vicinity of Dryden Drive in Meriden
During heavy rains, water pours down the drive way and leaks into the basement.
Vicinity of Harness Drive in Meriden
I have a crack in the cement base beneath an addition to my home. It doesn't appear significant as to be a major fault, but we are selling so I want to make sure this is taken care of so we don't run into a jam during an inspection. Thanks and Semper Fi, Jay
Vicinity of Hollis Drive in Meriden
We need a quote for a sump pump installation. Thanks
Vicinity of North Colony Rd in Meriden
Structural issues in the house. Floors are no level, slight cracking in some walls. sinking in some areas.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Ave in Meriden
Wet basement on back side of house
Vicinity of Cricket Drive in Meriden
Our basement gets water in it. we want to build a room down there but would like to have the basement waterproofed before we can do this. We are also thinking of basement windows not sure if you do that as well.
Vicinity of Horton Avenue in Meriden
Looks like water is coming from the outside, but not from the walls from what we can see. The basement floor is very wet, but not flooded with inches of water.
Vicinity of Parker Ave in Meriden
Basement leaks, would like to finish basement
Vicinity of Heather Heights in Meriden
I need someone to come by my home, I had a small flood and everything has been gutted. Please let me know when someone can pass by mu home.
Vicinity of Saratoga Way in Meriden
I want an estimate for finishing a basement. Thank you
Vicinity of Paddock Ave in Meriden
We had a house inspection and there are things that need repair and we need a quote
Vicinity of Byron Rd in Meriden
Previous owners added on to house but base,but leaks when it rains Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Hanover Avenue in Meriden
Vicinity of Brian Court in Meriden
Need to finish a portion of basement for a living area - simple and nothing elaborate. Concrete floors will need to be covered and an area for bathroom shower created .
Vicinity of Skyline Drive in Meriden
I have a five year old in ground pool and one side of the sidewalk around it has sunken approximately two inches and has now caused the pool liner to tear. I dojt want to repair ir replace the liner until the issue with the sidewalk is permanently fixed.
Vicinity of Tumblebrook Road in Meriden
Front stoop sloping down about 8 inches on one side
Vicinity of Old Farm Rd in Meriden
Basement finishing. Looking for someone to look at our space and give us an estimate on basic finish. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Home Avenue in Meriden
I have a leak in my basement and while it is currently patched, I want to make sure it does not get worse. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Carpenter Avenue in Meriden
Uneven slab on walkway. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Corrigan Ave in Meriden
Basement remodeling Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of North Colony Road in Meriden
My three step pre-cast front step is sinking. Looking for an estimate to raise it. My guess would be 1 to 2 inches. There is a two pillared portico. Thank you. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Farm Hill Rd in Meriden
Getting water in basement. We live on a hill do the grade of the backyard is working against us. Most of the water comes in near the basement hatchway. We already have a curtain drain installed from last year, but that didn't solve the whole problem.
Vicinity of Budding Ridge in Meriden
Basement leak
Vicinity of Pearl Street in Meriden
When there is heavy rainfall water is coming through the basement wall into the basement.
Vicinity of Peacock Dr in Meriden
Looking to get a small half room finished in a semi damp basement.
Vicinity of Yale Acres Rd in Meriden
Waterproofing insulation
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Meriden
Small vertical crack in the foundation in the basement, slightly damped after lot of rain, also small amount of wetness on the concrete in the garage.
Vicinity of Monroe Street in Meriden
Waterproof basement walls and floors. Fix cracks
Vicinity of Hanover Road in Meriden
Already have a finished basement but looking to turn the finished basement into a master bedroom Suite
Vicinity of Sidney Ave. in Meriden
Our basement is approx. 1000 sq. ft. would love to have a 1/2 bath, laundry room, possibly an office put in. Other than that, just open space to live in and plenty of storage space. Please contact me through email as I work night shift. Thank you.
Vicinity of Harvard Avenue in Meriden
Basement waterproofing needed. Currently we have a sump pump, however we still get water when it rains 2 inches or more. Looking to correct the issue and looking for a quote
Vicinity of Highland Ave in Meriden
Every time it rains hard about an inch of water accumulates in my basement. Trying to figure out whether to do a curtain drain or sump pump
Vicinity of Gracey Ave in Meriden
Possible crack in foundation. I have leaky basement.
Vicinity of Fairfax Ave in Meriden
I have water coming from behind the outside stairs to the basement.
Vicinity of Carey Avenue in Meriden
My basement has been leaking since the hurricane
Vicinity of Eaton Avenue in Meriden
Vicinity of Carpenter Heights in Meriden
I am building an addition and currently have the old school open sump pump. I plan on creating living space in the new basement and history shows that I will need to mitigate some type of ground water. So I would like to know if your perimeter drain system can be installed prior to pouring the new basement floor.
Vicinity of Marshall Rd. in Meriden
There is debris in the basement with water sepage. There is some damage to the support beam as well. There is a sump pump but im not sure how useful it is. I would like an estimate if possible.
Vicinity of Cedar Hills Ed in Meriden
Hi we are looking to move and need to factor in the cost of partially finishing the basement in our new house. We would be looking to finish half of the basement of aprox 1500 sq ft house. We assume the area we would need to finish would be about 400 sq feet. Just looking to make a playroom area for our kids. Thanks
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Meriden
Just purchased home with unfinished basement. 975 sq ft. Looking to make office, bathroom, laundry rm. & rec. room.
Vicinity of North Ave. in Meriden
My basement leaks everytime there is heavy rain fall.
Vicinity of Cobblestone Ln in Meriden
I only want the consultation and free estimate.
Vicinity of Murdock Ave in Meriden
I am looking for a quote on a repairing a foundation crack.
Vicinity of Parker Avenue South in Meriden
Front corner of foundation is bowed, cracked and has a hole in it. Side of the the foundation is cracked and pushed out and the house does not seem to be sitting on the foundation at all in the front.
Vicinity of Newton St in Meriden
Hi, I have a home built in 1885 with an unfinished basement that appears to be made of brownstone block. It floods annually and is constantly moist which creates a mold and mildew issue as well. I'd be interested in what steps could be taken to dry it out and to stop the moisture/ flooding problem. Regards, Jamie
Vicinity of Tulip Dr in Meriden
Crack in foundation wall, raised ranch, crack also covered by landscape of 3' to 5' of dirt, inside is a finished, sheetrock and paneled wall
Vicinity of Preston Drive in Meriden
In heavy rains, I get water coming in thru the base of a window and down the foundation. Would like to find a resolution to this leak. Thank you
Vicinity of Old Colony Road in Meriden
I have a raised ranch. Our basement is finished. The back wall seems to have mold that you can visably see on the paint. It's only on that wall but that is also the back of the house that has a very steep hill that runs towards the house. I would like to knowif there's water coming in behind that wall and what the mold situation is. I am 5 months pregent witha baby on the way and want to ensure our home is safe. Thank you.
Vicinity of Newton Street in Meriden
I have a basement that leaks and i would like to have an estimate to waterproof the basement.
Vicinity of Whitney Drive in Meriden
Would like an estimate ASAP to waterproof and finish basement.
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