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Vicinity of Edstrom Road in Marlborough
Looking to have an estimate to refinish our basement.
Vicinity of S Buckboard Ln in Marlborough
Looking for a comple basement refinishing Looking forward to discussing the project
Vicinity of Roberts Road in Marlborough
Poured concrete basement from late 60's early 70's leaks through a crack in the floor. Only occurs in the spring when there is a large snow melt combined with heavy rains. Basement was finish but looking to waterproof and refinish.
Vicinity of Jones Hollow Rd in Marlborough
I have always had a damp basement and wet at times, however it seems to be wet all the time now. It is not finished space, nor do I need it to be. I constantly run a dehumidifier, but I'd like to decrease the amount of water that seems to be coming in after rain.
Vicinity of Stage Harbor Rd in Marlborough
Also, possible floor resurfacing (now rug over concrete)
Vicinity of Roberts Rd in Marlborough
Looking at waterproofing or sump pump.. want to know what my options are.
Vicinity of Chapman Rd in Marlborough
Walkout Basement was partially finished by previous owners, some water damaged this summer. Needs to be updated for possible family room and storage.
Vicinity of Hebron Rd. in Marlborough
I have one big crack I want repaired and an area near the chimney that rain water sometimes comes into the basement.
Vicinity of Jerry Daniels Road in Marlborough
Just would like new flooring.
Vicinity of South Main Street in Marlborough
I am entered into a purchase contract for a 1750 sq ft ranch in Salem, CT. The inspection revealed small amounts of water leakage in the corners of the unfinished basement. There does not appear to be any cracks in the foundation (house built in 1950's). However, we would just like an estimate on some sort of waterproofing possibility, and/or curtain drain system?? We would like to pursue a credit from the seller of the property to have the work done for this repair. Please advise.
Vicinity of South Rd in Marlborough
I have a basement, obviously, and it smells! It is a 2 year old house, had to blast a lot of ledge at the basement floor level. I have a sub-pump hole in which water is in it often. I don't know if water proofing is the answer, or dehumidifying is the answer??? Can you help?
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