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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Manchester. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Manchester and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Manchester, CT
Vicinity of LINNMORE DR in Manchester
Our basement walls are crumbling/flaking and appear to have a moisture issue causing it. We've been working to resolve moisture issue from the outside, but are unsure how to fix the inside basement walls in the unfinished portions. Looking forward to speaking with you.
Vicinity of Munro Street in Manchester
Like to patch up leaks on basement walls
Vicinity of Boulder Road in Manchester
Wife & I bought a new house and were told by previous owners that the basement leaks during catastrophic rain storms. Had to deal with a flooded basement 3 times already. Wanted to know what our options were to have it taken care of and fixed.
Vicinity of Gianna Dr. in Manchester
Small leak somewhere in a finished basement creating wet carpet.
Vicinity of Foley St in Manchester
Water seepage in the basement concrete floor
Vicinity of Keeney St in Manchester
Water comes into basement along a section of the rear wall, where wall meets floor. Leaves large puddle, maybe a 1/2 inch deep. Land in the rear declines toward the house. 15 feet off the house, rear there is a 4 inch, 25 foot lateral drain to a 2000 gallon concrete dry well.
Vicinity of Baldwin Rd in Manchester
Just bought a house it has a crack in the foundation which is allowing water in the basement and I also have a crack in a wall in the house in a a seperate location
Vicinity of Middle Turnpike West in Manchester
House has flaking from old paint; layer of concrete about 1/4" flaking. House is built in 1942. I am interested in refinishing - scraping off / repair of the outer layer and waterproofing. couple areas which need added repair where indentation of the flaked concrete was a bit deeper, maybe an 1 to 1 1/2 inch.
Vicinity of Fir Grove Road in Manchester
Where my well water and electrical line comes through wall from well. Water is leaking in. 4 feet under grade.
Vicinity of Strong St in Manchester
Want to fix foundation cracks in next 6 months
Vicinity of North Main Street in Manchester
I have recently moved into a new home and the Basement/foundation is Field Stone. As a result whenever it rains the basement floods and leaks. I Need this fixed and the basement sealed, and would like an estimate in regards to the cost before moving forward with repair.
Vicinity of Ludlow Road in Manchester
Flooding problems in basement. part of the problem is landscaping, but basement issues also (and would like the old french drain system checked out as well. would like a quote at this point (not sure whether I can do it now or delay longer...)
Vicinity of Parker St in Manchester
Im in the process of buying a home. The inspector found no trace of a leak in the basement. However, when we went to do the wall through, we discover a crack on the wall where a piece of furniture was blocking it. There was evidence of water on the ground under the crack. I need to close on this property asap but will like a professional to evaluate the crack.
Vicinity of Kerry Street in Manchester
1. I have 1 sinking outdoor patio slab and need a price for poly injection to raise it. 2. Secondly, I have a stone foundation built circa 1900. The mortar is falling out and need a solution - either re-pointing or some other solution.
Vicinity of PRINCETON ST in Manchester
Basement flooded. Water proofing. Possible refinish..
Vicinity of Durant Street in Manchester
I have a basement crawl space that was recently discovered that isn't supported properly. It holds up the back edition to my home. There are no support beams or futters. Is this something you guys do?
Vicinity of Dennison Ridge in Manchester
Crack in cemen of front porch that needs to be fixed since house is listed for sale.
Vicinity of Summit St in Manchester
We're selling our home, the buyer's inspector has concerns about cracks in our foundation. Looking for an evaluation and estimate if repairs are necessary.
Vicinity of Amherst Drive in Manchester
This is for the house I"m looking to purchase. It has multiple cracks in basement wall. Horizontal and vertical.. mapped out cracks. I need to estimate the cost to fix it.
Vicinity of Ludlow Road in Manchester
We have a "wine celler in our basement which is made of stone bedrock or actuallly part of our home and foundation and water comes through this area as well as in the front right corner of our basement withere there is a huge bedrock bolder which is part of our foundation. WE want to stop the water from coming into the house and clean up some mold that has now appeared.
Vicinity of Park Street in Manchester
This is a home over 100 years old and I just need to have estimates on issues with the basement and/or the foundation.
Vicinity of Woodland St in Manchester
We are purchasing a home and our inspector recommends a more detailed look at the foundation. We have pictures to forward.
Vicinity of Washington St in Manchester
Recently purchased a new home a discovered that the basement hatch leaks. Also the paint on the floor very easily peels. I'm also interested in insulating and closing the ceiling to make the space more usable.
Vicinity of Richmond Drive in Manchester
I have water leaking in my basement around the fireplace chimney, it is soaking into carpet. Appears recent within last month, and now visible water with recent snow & rain. No signs of mold, would like an inspection and quote to repair.
Vicinity of Bretton Rd in Manchester
I would like an estimate on finishing our basement to use as an entertainment room
Vicinity of Bentley Dr in Manchester
I have 2 slabs52"by 48" and 67" by 48" that have sunk where they connect that collect water.They have sunk 2 to 4 inches.
Vicinity of Oak Grove in Manchester
Two sets of front concrete steps have settled.
Vicinity of Alton St in Manchester
Estimate to finish basement
Vicinity of Spring St in Manchester
Moisture in finished basement creating a musty smell. Never had this problem in four years and have had a dry summer so very concerned what might happen once we get a lot of rain...had carpets cleaned and dried but odor is back. Also possible leak coming in inlaw? Unsure. ..
Vicinity of Vernon Street in Manchester
We have just finished tearing down our finished basement to the studs and concrete floor and need a new design to include finished walls, ceiling, and flooring. But, having a hard time visualizing what it might look like. We would like to combine a space for teens to watch tv or work on craft table and space for mom and dad to relax. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Ludlow Road in Manchester
I have noticed a crack in the basement of my home which appears to go through to the exterior of the house. There has been no water leaking and no visible light through the wall so I don't think it is too serious, however, it worries me enough to get it looked at at least for a quote in case it is serious. There are some other cracks in the exterior which may also need an opinion.
Vicinity of Brookfield St in Manchester
Waterproof basement and finishing the rest basement. Had it finish at one point and ended up with water damage.
Vicinity of Clyde Road in Manchester
Would like to finish my partial basement. Roughly around 365sqft. Also need it to be waterproofed.
Vicinity of Hillstown Road in Manchester
Hi - I am looking for ideas, suggestions, quotes to finish basement of my house. The house is a traditional colonial built in 2006. Thanks.
Vicinity of Henry Street in Manchester
Foundation is flaking and has some top to bottom cracks. House built in 1930.
Vicinity of Redwood Rd in Manchester
Looking for a quote to refinish my basement and a few different layout options.
Vicinity of Clover Lane in Manchester
Have water penetration through the wall and wishing to finish basement. Currently has sheetrock.
Vicinity of Finley St in Manchester
Crawl space problems
Vicinity of Hillstown Rd in Manchester
Would like to refinish our basement.
Vicinity of Spruce Street in Manchester
Basement finishing estimate
Vicinity of Spruce St in Manchester
Interested in free estimate of my basrment looking to finish it
Vicinity of Braeside Crescent in Manchester
We are looking for a quote proposal on a finshed basement.
Vicinity of Lydall in Manchester
We want to finish the basement our cape. There are some walls already set up from the previous owner, which we are open to working around or removing completely. Washer/dryer is set up in the basement. Natural gas boiler has enough power to support heating elements for the basement. Basement windows and door to hatchway need replacing.
Vicinity of McKee Street in Manchester
Please contact me via email not phone. My basement is just ridiculous - if it even thinks about raining, we end up with loads of water that sticks around for weeks. We have two sump pits with working pumps that run pretty much constantly. Please contact me.
Vicinity of Timer Trail in Manchester
Basement has been framed and some drywall up, however time has not allowed us to finish and we need someone to pull through the rest of the work.
Vicinity of Lenox St in Manchester
Request estimate concerning water in basement
Vicinity of South Farms Dr in Manchester
Damp basement with mold concerns. Unfinished.
Vicinity of Trevor Ct in Manchester
Just looking to get a Basement finishing quote.
Vicinity of Henry Street in Manchester
Flaking basement foundation, minor leaking in one corner, some cracks in the exterior especially around basement windows.
Vicinity of Columbia Dr. in Manchester
I having water problems do a cracked foundation walls. Also my main entrance front step moved.
Vicinity of Gardner Street, West in Manchester
Would like the crawl space area under of kitchen and the foundation finished
Vicinity of Center Street in Manchester
My husband and I are looking to refinish our basement to include a rec room area, workshop, storage, pantry, and half or full bath with laundry area. We're seeking quotes from several entities and would like to arrange a time for you to take a look at the space and price out our options.
Vicinity of Fairfield St in Manchester
We like to transform my basement into a family room .
Vicinity of Ridge St in Manchester
I am looking to get a free estimate to furnish 1/2 of my basement. Are there certain requirments that my basement needs to meet or can your furnish any basement?
Vicinity of Glenwood St in Manchester
Rear corner of an existing house in need of helical piles to prevent further collapse.
Vicinity of Linnmore Dr in Manchester
We bought our home about 1 1/2 years ago and have not had any problems until now. Recently we've had a decent amount of moisture appear on the floor around the edges of the basement as well as the walls, mostly towards the bottom of the walls. All four corners seem to be of most concern, as there is actual standing water. One of the owners before us had coated all of the walls with some sort of plaster, so it is difficult to see any damage to the foundation itself. The house is around 70 years old, so I'm sure foundation has seen better days. I'm hoping we can schedule an assessment soon and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
Vicinity of Coop Sawmill Rd in Manchester
Request estimate for basement sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Knollwood Rd in Manchester
Water running in all sides of house. Tiles lifting as water seeps in from the floor. Noticable fine cracks in unfinished part of the basement. Hatchway sealed up and covered up by deck in the backyard but water seeping in there also.
Vicinity of Louise Lane in Manchester
I am tired of emptying the dehumidifier every day and there is no drain for me to run the hose to? What is the cost to install a better dehumidifier? Thanks, Steve
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