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Work Requests in Madison

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Madison. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Madison and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Madison, CT
Vicinity of Inwood Rd in Madison
We can get a small amount of water through a foundation crack. Not usually much but with a recent rainstorm it was a lot. Looking to repair.
Vicinity of Jannas Lane in Madison
Need to get humidity in basement under control
Vicinity of Ridge Rd in Madison
We have some water (not very much, but enough to damage the floor) seep in under an exterior door stoop (water entering there from the floor and spills throughout). This occurs only when it rains very heavily.
Vicinity of Overbrook Rd in Madison
Our basement floor has small cracks in it and water came up through the cracks and seemed to be coming in along the walls as well during the heavy rain two weeks ago. We have a sump pump but it didn't seem to be able to keep up with the amount of water flowing under the house.
Vicinity of Horse Pond Rd in Madison
Unfinished basement, no insulation, exposed dirt floors, moisture, bugs, etc. and as of today, flooding.
Vicinity of Colonial Road in Madison
Water in basement - need help
Vicinity of Bartlett Drive in Madison
We would like to finish part of our basement. We do have a small water drip down one of the walls when it rains heavily.
Vicinity of Kimberly Lane in Madison
Poor drainage outside leads to basement flooding?
Vicinity of Linden Lane in Madison
House has no crawl space insulation, no vabor barrier and can get storm surge water up to a foor regularly...Sandy filled it to the top. We just bought the home
Vicinity of Hamilton Drive in Madison
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: insulation. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Bartlett Dr in Madison
Wet corner in basement
Vicinity of Wellsweep Drive in Madison
Our current drop ceiling is old and stained
Vicinity of Horse Pond Road in Madison
You have installed and serviced our submersible sump pump. After basement flood from last storm and power outage, we know now that we need battery/ backup systems. Available for in home visit and installment this Thursday and Friday all day. Thank you!
Vicinity of Warpas Rd in Madison
Garage getting water in it from walls
Vicinity of Hamilton Drive in Madison
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Beach Avenue in Madison
We have a small crawl space under a portion of our home. It houses the heating oii tank, and obvious access to some plumbing. We've been experiencing a foul smell in the house, and it seems like it's coming up from the crawl space. Wondering if sealing it and perhaps re-insulating is a good idea. Would like to have someone take a look and provide options. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hickory Lane in Madison
Would like an estimate on SaniDry system
Vicinity of Campus Drive in Madison
Rebuilding a town baseball field and need to lift the dugouts up to allow for raising the field playing surface for proper drainage.
Vicinity of Strathmore Lane in Madison
What is the cost to install your least expensive dehumidifier in our crawl space?
Vicinity of Rustic Lane in Madison
Vicinity of Cherry Lane in Madison
I would like an estimate on a sump pump and a dehumidifier in a 4 foot crawl space basement, concrete floor approx 1000 square feet.
Vicinity of in Madison
Overall crawl space options to eliminate odor, moisture and pest control. The home is a year round cottage with limited access to the crawl space (exterior only is prime access, other than a cut out in a closet).
Vicinity of Railroad Ave in Madison
Please call
Vicinity of Robin Ridge Dr in Madison
Finished basement, wasn't properly waterproofed before. I can explain more later.
Vicinity of in Madison
We are in the process of purchasing home and our inspector Alan from the Tiger group recommended you to give us options on the addressing some crawl space concerns. He mentioned a dehumidifier option or spraying with foam. We are in a tight time fame with the seller so at minimum we are looking for a ball park cost. Thank you
Vicinity of Walnut Hill Rd in Madison
Basement is damp and smelly, some water on heavy rains and would like to use this space for storage but cannot today
Vicinity of Fairview Drive in Madison
During a home inspection for a home we are purchasing, it was suggested that we have someone look at and suggest solutions to repair/stabilize cracks in the walls of the basement
Vicinity of Sperry Road in Madison
We have a crawl space that needs attention. There is a sagging beam that needs to be repaired and we probably need a new pump.
Vicinity of Wildcat Road in Madison
I would like to reduce moisture and protect recent insulation of floor joist. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Concord Drive in Madison
I have water seeping into the unfinished half of my basement through what looks like a probable crack in the wall. I would also like to price out the option of repairing (or replacing) a broken sump pump. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Boston Post Rd in Madison
We get water leaks in 1 corner of our basement when it rains. It is the corner with the bilco door. I believe the water is seeping in around the steps that lead out the bilco. Is this something you can address?
Vicinity of Durham Rd in Madison
Mold in basement?? Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Wildwood Ave in Madison
Long concrete driveway needs a few spots leveled, and sidewalk around the back of the house. Would like a quote
Vicinity of Shorelands Drive in Madison
We live near the water and we just bought a home that has a moisture problem in the basement, crawl spaces and attic. It's an older home and we are looking to update.
Vicinity of Yankee Peddler Path in Madison
I have recently remodeled an older ranch home and need to replace/raise/repair the bulkhead. I am also interested in cleaning/sealing a crawl space.
Vicinity of Amber Trail in Madison
Estimate in waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of Madison Springs Drive in Madison
Small cracks in floor, would like it refinished in basement
Vicinity of Old Toll Road in Madison
We would like to get a price quote for basement refinishing.
Vicinity of Cornfield Lane in Madison
Looking for a quote to finish the basement.
Vicinity of Devonshire Lane in Madison
Looking to finish our basement within our budget and would like to meet for an estimate.
Vicinity of Milestone Ln in Madison
I'm interested in insulating and dehumidifying my crawl space.
Vicinity of Middle Each West in Madison
Looking to seal cracks in floor and seal basement foundation.
Vicinity of Boston Post Rd in Madison
Would like to get an estimate for waterproofing basement.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave in Madison
Our basement is partially a dirt floor basement. We get minimal water through the bulk head but would like an estimate on how to address the dirt foundation for the least cost as the property is currently on the market. Thank you
Vicinity of Johnspath in Madison
Water accumulation
Vicinity of Hull Road in Madison
Second time in a year to have water in the basement. Walkout basement is 49 years old and has never had water before. Need an estimate as what needs repairing and cost.
Vicinity of Manzoni Farm Drive in Madison
Need a dehumidifier
Vicinity of Christopher Lane in Madison
Humidity, mold, mildew, musty odors Also, water management/well equipment Thanks!
Vicinity of Ridge Road in Madison
We recently closed on a new house, January 31, 2013. We have not yet moved in, but have been checking on the place regularly. On Tuesday, we discovered an estimated 2000+ gal of water in the basement. The water appears to be seeping in around the perimeter and also percolating up through some small hairline cracks in the floor (and bubbling up floor paint). The major concern is the obvious one, we would prefer to have a dry basement and would like to obtain a proposed solution and estimate.
Vicinity of Silo Hill Road in Madison
When we have very heavy rain (2+ inches), usually with frozen ground, we get water up from under the basement slab floor through cracks and the joint with the basement walls. I have piping carry away water from gutter down spouts but house built in ledge area so likely need under-floor drainage to carry off water.
Vicinity of Field Brook Rd. in Madison
Hello. We are in the process of buying a home in CT. They had 4-6 inches in the basement in 2010. We are interested in getting an estimate to waterproof the basement. Whether it requires installation of sump pumps or a different system is up to you. We will be doing a home inspection soon and would like to have a representative give us a quote. The house does have a radon mitigation system already in place. House is about 3,400 sf. Thanks
Vicinity of Genesee Ln in Madison
Finish basement
Vicinity of Bartlett Dr in Madison
Thinking of future basement project and would like to waterproof maybe before changing heating system
Vicinity of Legend Hill RO in Madison
Large basement area needs to. Be finished for Grandchildren. Would welcome suggestions.
Vicinity of Michele Lane in Madison
Seepage into basement from under front stoop, and minor groundwater leakage at times of very heavy rain.
Vicinity of Dorset Lane in Madison
We need to have a water drainage system around the perimeter of our house foundation, to stop the basement from flooding and water pooling under the foundation.
Vicinity of Twin Bridge Rd in Madison
Is there a charge for coming out to look?
Vicinity of OLD TOLL ROAD in Madison
Vicinity of Colonial Road in Madison
I have water coming from one side of the house....
Vicinity of Jenda Way in Madison
Flooding in basement during really heavy rain storms.
Vicinity of Boston Post Road in Madison
We have a 100+ year old house that has had an incresing worsening water problem in the basement. There may be problems outside and inside contributing to the problem such as blocked dry wells. I would appreciate an evaluation of the problem and possible solutions.
Vicinity of Lawson Drive in Madison
A previous owner filled the basement with about 3' of sand to remedy a wet basement problem. I'm interested in removing the sand and installing a basement waterproofing system.
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