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Work Requests in Hartford

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hartford. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Hartford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Hartford, CT
Vicinity of in Hartford
Holes and gaps. Rain water coming into basement on rainy days
Vicinity of Somers Street in Hartford
Small hairline crack in foundation that water seeps in after major rain
Vicinity of If U Dont Know Then U Call Me And Ill Tell U ! in Hartford
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of Jackson Blvd in Hartford
Basement concrete want a finished and polish look to spend time down there
Vicinity of Montowese St in Hartford
I hv front 3 step stair and path the is uneven
Vicinity of Branford St in Hartford
Basement leaks whenever it rains
Vicinity of Westbourne Pkwy in Hartford
Would like an estimate to both waterproof and finish the basement.
Vicinity of Cornwall St in Hartford
About once a year I get water in my basement.. I would like a sump pump system..
Vicinity of Waterford St in Hartford
I need a estimate for finish basement.
Vicinity of Terry Rd in Hartford
Water seeps into basement via floor and walls. Water damage to old wood cabinets and panels.
Vicinity of Hamilton St in Hartford
I would like to know what sump pump system I need if any. Additionally I would like to know more about basement finishing. Thank you
Vicinity of Cowles St in Hartford
Have water leaking through my foundation. Need to have the cause and damage assesed and find a solution
Vicinity of Plainfield Street in Hartford
Damp basement, need waterproofing
Vicinity of Harbison Avenue in Hartford
Foundation issues raising home- cracks in walls, uneven foundation
Vicinity of Main Street in Hartford
Stairs and sidewalks need leveling
Vicinity of Lebanon Street in Hartford
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Woodside Circle in Hartford
We have a semi finished basement and we are getting water. I don't want to finish it, but I want it to be dry.
Vicinity of Ashley Street in Hartford
I have water get into my basement. I want to know is there anything that can stop it. all the basement wall are wet and water on the floor.
Vicinity of Kenyon in Hartford
Looking for estimate to level concrete basement floor; seal and paint interior stone foundation and build drywall walls for a basement wood shop.
Vicinity of New Britain Ave in Hartford
My basement has water leaking
Vicinity of West Morningside St in Hartford
Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Other
Vicinity of Salisbury St in Hartford
Want to get a quote
Vicinity of Stanwood Street in Hartford
Would like to get the floor and walk completed after some flooding
Vicinity of Weston Park Rd in Hartford
New construction 53 locations needed. Helical piers.
Vicinity of Hillside Avenue in Hartford
I have an unfinished basement that I would like to make a family room with a 1/2 bath and an egress window.
Vicinity of Bolton St in Hartford
We had a leak in our basement which left the carpet wet, but was fairly localized. Believe it is coming from a leak in the basement siding towards the bottom. Wanted to make sure it is sealed for future heavy storms.
Vicinity of Princeton St. in Hartford
Basement finishing as an extra room.
Vicinity of Scarborough Street in Hartford
I have a basement with some water issues. I would like to convert some of the space to a finished basement for a family room. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Plainfield St in Hartford
My basement is very cold, has very old windows and is damp.
Vicinity of STERLING ST in Hartford
Vicinity of Dart St in Hartford
Entrance sidewalk to house has a tripping hazard. Walk needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of Beacon St in Hartford
Crack in foundation in basement.
Vicinity of Warrenton Ave. in Hartford
Looking to renovate a previously finished basement space -- upgrade electrical, flooring, laundry, etc.
Vicinity of Coolidge Street in Hartford
Interested In getting a quote to Finish my basement. Would like to have more living space and add a bathroom.
Vicinity of Albany Ave in Hartford
Our lower level (basement) is taking on water between an expansions joint. This is where two sections of the building comes together. This level has support departments located within.
Vicinity of Campfield Ave. in Hartford
Some leaks when it rains.
Vicinity of Collins Street in Hartford
Window leaks
Vicinity of Holcomb Street in Hartford
We are looking to buy this house, and it has water leakage in the basement from an old bulkhead and through one of the walls. We need to get a quote on fixing this issue. We would like to get someone to look at it Wednesday morning (4/2) Thank you.
Vicinity of Nepaug St in Hartford
Slight flooding...need to have a trench put in. Need an area closed in as well
Vicinity of Warner St in Hartford
Musty smell in basement/ wet basement. Please reply asap. Thank you
Vicinity of Palm ST in Hartford
Good day, I would Like to get a free estimate to finish my basement, I can be reached at the above ph# to schedule an appointment, please.
Vicinity of Terry Road in Hartford
I am interested in the free estimate and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
Vicinity of Brainard Road in Hartford
Lower portion of basement wall - flaking and crumbling
Vicinity of Wilbur Street in Hartford
I have a outdated sumppump system and my basement gets wet
Vicinity of Victoria Rd. in Hartford
I have a 2 family home for the past twenty years recently the rental home has had humidity in the basement to the point of rotting some of the wood flooring. I have a finished basement in my unit and during last nights rain it flooded with around four inches of water. I went to my rental unit and it also has been flooded with around four inches of water.
Vicinity of Princeton Street in Hartford
We would like an estimate on how much it would cost to waterproof and finish our basement.
Vicinity of Burnham St in Hartford
I would like the basement finished with flooring, walls and split into 4 rooms
Vicinity of Dart St in Hartford
Free quote to finish the basement
Vicinity of in Hartford
Basement leaks water after it rains. It needs to be waterproofed.
Vicinity of Campfield Ave in Hartford
Need free estimate for basement finishing.
Vicinity of Tower Avenue in Hartford
Water seems to be seaping from the perimeter and gravity drain. Walls dry.
Vicinity of Allendale Rd. in Hartford
I would like to schedule an estimate/inspection. Please, contact to discuss date & time.
Vicinity of Bloomfield Ave in Hartford
Would like info on waterprofing basement
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