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Work Requests in Hamden

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hamden. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Hamden and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Hamden, CT
Vicinity of Todd St in Hamden
Had a burst heating pipe in our crawl space. ServPro removed much of the vapor barrier and insulation. We need this repaired. The space has an uneven stone foundation and dirt floor. We also have a leaky small stone basement with drainage problems.
Vicinity of Gillies Rd in Hamden
Floor, walls gutted after water leaked from pipe. insurance paid for repairs so need estimate for refinishing. Thank you.
Vicinity of Killdeer Rd in Hamden
Leaky basement
Vicinity of Ursini Drive in Hamden
I have water coming into the basement through the foundation in the backyard.
Vicinity of Briar Lane in Hamden
We have one room that is getting water repeatedly. We have another room that has moisture issues on the wall.
Vicinity of Morse St in Hamden
I Have a small basement and will like to get some design ideas that'll best maximize the square footage
Vicinity of Davis St in Hamden
Need finishing
Vicinity of Jennifer Rd in Hamden
We just purchased this home and it has a leak in the basement. we would really like to get this basement dry locked asap. Hope to hear from you soon.
Vicinity of Yura Crespo in Hamden
Injection pump repair, Instalation of sump pum, crack repairs ect...
Vicinity of Mix Ave in Hamden
I may need basement refinishing and waterproofing as well as foundation repair. Had a new gutter installed 7-2018 and I don't believe the leader was far enough away from my condo...and I got water in my furnace room and small unfinished room.
Vicinity of Murlyn Road in Hamden
We are looking to waterproof a basement in one of our rental homes.
Vicinity of Brown St. in Hamden
After torrential rain a couple days ago, found water in basement a puddle of about 3/4" covering about 1/3 of the floor and wet spots in other areas.
Vicinity of Wintergreen in Hamden
Redesign Basement
Vicinity of FOREST STREET in Hamden
Vicinity of Whitney Avenue in Hamden
I have a horribly humid basement, mainly in the summer but that's just when it's noticeable. For years I thought about that Wave system but I hear it's not all it's cracked up to be
Vicinity of Meadowbrook in Hamden
Quote on backup sump pump
Vicinity of Elmer Ave in Hamden
Waterproofing basement. Its not flooding its just water coming in through corners and floors are damp and cold
Vicinity of Thornton St in Hamden
I would like to get an estimate on finishing my basement. I recently emptied it and want to make it a finished bedroom.
Vicinity of Sanford Street in Hamden
Groundwater seeping through the foundation after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Allene Drive in Hamden
While I have a basement system installed it looks like I need a French drain installed outside of the house in order to prevent water coming into the basement at all. Do you install outdoor French drains?
Vicinity of Treadwell St in Hamden
We had mild flooding in our basement when we received 3 inches of rain in a few hours earlier this year. We're interested in getting an assessment/quote for what's needed before we recarpet the finished area of the basement (sump pump? French drain?).
Vicinity of Tanglewood Drive South in Hamden
Corner of our finished basement started to leak when we had lots of rain. started to grow mold on wall near carpet.
Vicinity of Wakefield St in Hamden
Old house, old basement. Would like someone to evaluate the floor.
Vicinity of Spring Glen Terrace in Hamden
I have a 4-5 year old dehumidifier in my basement that needs to be repaired or replaced. It's possible that your company installed this system, but honestly I'm not sure. Look forward to speaking with you. Matt Broder
Vicinity of London Drive in Hamden
When rains, water leaks in finished basement area in certain locations. Therefore, not sure if the basement just needs to be waterproof or some foundation repairs.
Vicinity of Maple St in Hamden
I would like to finish my basement. I want the basement to feel like another room rather than a basement.
Vicinity of Paradise Ave in Hamden
Quote on finishing my basement
Vicinity of Braeside in Hamden
Poured concrete foundation wall thin crack
Vicinity of Westminster Street in Hamden
We have standing water in the basement often, rain comes in at foundation/slab on all sides each storm. We have mildew issues and mold growth no matter how many times we clean it. All our stuff gets damaged and you can hardly breathe with the smell and humidity and our 70 pt dehumidifier can not keep up.
Vicinity of Vineyard Rd in Hamden
We have the CBS french-drain-style basement drainage system and sump, but want to add a battery backup in case of power outage.
Vicinity of Davis Street in Hamden
Water proof the basement.
Vicinity of Shepard Hills in Hamden
Need estimate to install a perimeter system and sump pump in a condo
Vicinity of Spring Garden Street in Hamden
Looking to have my crawl space repaired and my basement made waterproof.
Vicinity of White Drive in Hamden
Would like a estimate on my basement
Vicinity of Armory St in Hamden
We have water in our basement. We'd like to get an analysis and to discuss possible strategies for an upgrade.
Vicinity of Wright Lane in Hamden
Water leaking mostly in crawl space. Want to know if it is causing foundation settling and if we need to fix from outside or inside.
Vicinity of Dorrance St in Hamden
Unfinished, previous water flooding issues "resolved" with a French drain, but poor humidity conditions, partially handled by a dehumidifier/sump pump. 1934 cinder block foundation, coated several times with Drylok type material, but remains very effervescent/moldy. 39 y/o gas boiler also about ready.
Vicinity of Vineyard Rd in Hamden
Musty/damp basement; already have your basement drainage system
Vicinity of Broadfield Rd in Hamden
Our basement has flooded. We need an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Deer Hill Road in Hamden
We have some foundation cracks in the garage area and possibly other small cracks in main house foundation that we want to get repaired.
Vicinity of Woodin St in Hamden
Water leaking from a pipe spout.....water leaking at the base of the floor in certain spots Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: Other
Vicinity of Tom Swamp Hamden in Hamden
I have frontdoor steps that have settled and become unlevel. I am interested in an estimate on using polylevel to correct this.
Vicinity of Glemby Street in Hamden
Vicinity of Hartford Turnpike in Hamden
Getting water into the basement during heavy rain
Vicinity of North Sheffield in Hamden
The sump pump liner needs repair. It is super old and falling apart.
Vicinity of Belmont in Hamden
We have a basement that has water and is a mess. We were wondering if it would be possible and how much it would be to get it semi furnished.
Vicinity of in Hamden
Cracked foundation leaks in basement
Vicinity of Davis St in Hamden
We have a leak through one basement window every time it rains. Thank you for your time!
Vicinity of Shepard Ave in Hamden
I have a leaking basement and believe I need a curtain drain installed. When would be the soonest appointment for a quote?
Vicinity of Manor St in Hamden
I would like to put flooring and drywall in my basement but it gets water sometimes.
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in Hamden
Finishing basement to also build in walls for a bedroom and small bathroom, it is a condominium that we do own
Vicinity of Vantage Road in Hamden
Would like to take my basement and turn it into a living room/bedroom. Would need to have it sealed for waterproofing, framed off laundry room and bathroom put in.
Vicinity of Russell Street in Hamden
Need to waterproof and paint the basement.
Vicinity of Chatterton Way in Hamden
Water leaking into garage after heavy rain fall.
Vicinity of Santa Fe Ave in Hamden
We would like to finish our basement. We have a sump pump. Basement has been dry for 1 year since we moved in. We would like an estimate on finishing the basement Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Jackson Rd in Hamden
I'd like to see what my options are for reducing humidity in my basement. We typically don't get flooding but the floor is damp, especially during the summer.
Vicinity of Gate Way in Hamden
I have front steps that are cement. They have sunken a little and are pulling away from the foundation. Looking to get some estimates to repair this
Vicinity of Maple Wood Tereace in Hamden
Crawl space repair
Vicinity of Tom Swamp Road in Hamden
Front steps have settled away from house, would like to level this.
Vicinity of Gaylord Mt Rd in Hamden
Water seepage from basement floor along back right corner of home. We have an in-law apt. and this is my mom's bedroom.
Vicinity of Lynmot Rd in Hamden
Basement is Enclosed, no access from the out side. Financing is a must.
Vicinity of Vineyard Rd in Hamden
Water seeping through small cracks in concrete floor
Vicinity of Hampshire Drive in Hamden
Seepage from crack in basement wall near "old" sewer line hole. Looks like the line was moved and not filled correctly. Need a quote to repair.
Vicinity of Colony Street in Hamden
We have water coming in in 1 corner. we want to waterproof and finish the basement.
Vicinity of Pearl Avenue in Hamden
I am requesting information on getting my basement refinished
Vicinity of Hartford Tpke in Hamden
To repair a water leaking wall in basement
Vicinity of Deerfield Drive in Hamden
Refinish basement and dehumidify.
Vicinity of Side Hill Road in Hamden
I used your company to waterproof my basement. Ten years later, it is still dry. I would like to finish the space now. Starting budget = $10,000 and I am in the quote gathering phase of the project.
Vicinity of Waite in Hamden
Heavy rainfall is creating puddles in my basement.
Vicinity of Circular Ave in Hamden
Half the basement is finished and the other half is in rough shape. I want to get a price on a total remodel.
Vicinity of Lancelot Way in Hamden
Water in spots from unfinished basement. Water under the furnace from the floor.
Vicinity of Knob Hill Drive in Hamden
Looking to finish basement.
Vicinity of Ingram Street in Hamden
I am interested in finishing my basement and would like a quote on how to waterproof it. My Bilco doors, in particular, are leaking. I am not sure whether this is something you address or if that would need to be fixed separately.
Vicinity of LONDON DR in Hamden
Vicinity of Cobblestone Drive in Hamden
Wet basement, leaky walls.
Vicinity of Biehl Road in Hamden
Requesting a free quote for basement laundry room.
Vicinity of Dessa Drive in Hamden
Excessive dampness in basement-pools of water collating-walls very wet- very concerned about mold-(two very young children) this is a new home-did not see any issues during inspection- please help
Vicinity of Filbert St. in Hamden
I bought a new home and removed the carpet on the basement cement floor. Recently the floor looks like it is wet? I am interested in three things. 1) the cost of a "basement to outside" door (bilco). 2) An analysis of how to manage the humidity- best floor options, 3) the cost to put a window in our basement below grade. Thank you.
Vicinity of Shepard Ave in Hamden
Finished basement now with new moisture and mold.
Vicinity of Lakeview Av in Hamden
Water come to the basement through the foundation Looking for price on French drain Thank you
Vicinity of Davis St. in Hamden
We have a dry basement that we would like to finish to use as an office/playroom.
Vicinity of Woodin in Hamden
I wanted to know how much it will cost for you guys to finish a 50' by 30' basement i have plans for it so please call i will send pics if mandatory
Vicinity of Allene Drive in Hamden
Hi, I'm looking for a quote to fix water that keeps leaking into my basement. It's going to require some demolition. I'm looking to move on the project pretty quickly so I'd appreciate a call so we can set up a time for you to stop by to give me a quote. Thanks.
Vicinity of Funaro Road in Hamden
Estimate to finish basement.
Vicinity of Fenway Dr in Hamden
Cracks in drywall, door frames separating from wall, external crack at back of house.
Vicinity of Vantage Road in Hamden
I had a sump pump installed by your company in January of this year. I want to know the cost to install a battery backup.
Vicinity of Beaver Street in Hamden
We want to refinish our basement and add a bathroom / laundry room. The basement was previously finished, we demolished most of it. There is old tile that we want to enclose, and we hate drop ceilings.
Vicinity of Foote Street in Hamden
Our basement floods when we get heavy rains.
Vicinity of Fans Rock Road in Hamden
Flooding in my back yard from the storm on 8/3/12 caused a basement window to break and basement was flooded.
Vicinity of Dessa Dr in Hamden
During today's storm, we had water seeping up through the floor in our basement. This is the only time that we have had water in 20 years that we have been in the house. We would like an estimate as to how to remediate the problem and prevent it from happening again.
Vicinity of Mix Ave in Hamden
I have a finished basement in a two-bedroom townhouse condo and an old, small, probably inefficient dehumidifier tht drains to the sanitary line. I'd like your replacement proposal.
Vicinity of Woodbine Street in Hamden
I get water in my basement during heavy rains. I would like an estimate for a basic basement finishing as well. Thanks.
Vicinity of Charlton Hill Rd. in Hamden
Need dehumidification system in basement.
Vicinity of Larkspur Lane in Hamden
I would like to set up an appt. to have a quote done on a leaky basement.
Vicinity of Gillies Road in Hamden
Hello, we were hoping you could stop by our home sometime to provide a free estimate for installing a sump pump. We occasionally have minor leaking issues during periods of heavy rain. It occurs near the cracks between the basement floor and wall. We could also discuss other drainage designs. Thanks for your time, Jesse
Vicinity of Smith Drive in Hamden
I have a crawl space under the den of my house. It currently has a dirt floor. I would like to make it a concrete floor so I can use it for storrage
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