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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Greenwich. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Greenwich and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Greenwich, CT
Vicinity of Orchard Hill Lane in Greenwich
We have a small amount of water in our garage which appears to be coming in under the floor of our laundry area from the outside.
Vicinity of Huckleberry Lane in Greenwich
Crawl Space
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Greenwich
Would like to get a flooring quote for a basement we are about to finish. Would love to see carpet and tile samples, too.
Vicinity of Fairway Lane in Greenwich
I am looking to replace flooring in basement which is currently carpeted, occasionally spots of water come from the bottom up ( condensation or more??? would like to have whole basement inspected.
Vicinity of Georgetown North in Greenwich
Seal foundation from water
Vicinity of Konittekock Road in Greenwich
Need waterproofing and possible remodel.
Vicinity of COPPER BEECH ROAD in Greenwich
I am having water come into our unfinished basement when it rains a lot. We need some sort of an exterior drainage system. Please come and give quote as soon as possible. Thanks
Vicinity of Stanwich Rd in Greenwich
I have a lot of ground water. I have a finished basement and a small ejector pump in the basement that ejects sewage from my basement bathrooms to septic. The pipe in the ejector pump is leaking ground water into the pump chamber which is flooding my septic. I don't know how to fix and neither does my plumber.
Vicinity of Lake Avenue in Greenwich
Commercial medical condo building. Office renovation on sub level with evidence of water coming in, possibly at expansion joint.
Vicinity of Mayfair Lane in Greenwich
It's not my basement but my garage, which was built into the side of a two-story rock ledge. Mold grows on the wall. Please help! Thank you!
Vicinity of King St in Greenwich
Sent home phone on previous please use my cell. 203-550-1213. Ranch house is for sale, small. All buyers want to expand into basement but it's damp and a turn off. Need a proposal to show buyers what approximate cost would be. Obviously would use your name.
Vicinity of King St in Greenwich
Ranch house is for sale, small. All buyers want to expand into basement but it's damp and a turn off. Need a proposal to show buyers what approximate cost would be. Obviously would use your name.
Vicinity of North St. in Greenwich
I already have a sump pump in my basement. However, in certain situation, my basement still gets flooded. I am thinking of adding an additional sump pump...if that would solve the problem.
Vicinity of Heather Lane in Greenwich
I believe hydrostatic pressure is forcing water up through my unfinished basement floor & would like to have someone take a look at it.
Vicinity of Peepers Hollow in Greenwich
Have an old crawlspace to repair.
Vicinity of Bush Ave in Greenwich
Small section of our basement is set lower than the rest of the house and collects water when the water table rises. Need to waterproof the section
Vicinity of WALKER COURT in Greenwich
Would like to know how much to install the floor. Basement is 1000 Square Feet
Vicinity of Riversville Road in Greenwich
Need an estimate on waterproofing a cement block wall in my basement.
Vicinity of View Street in Greenwich
I need a drainage system for a basement project
Vicinity of Byram Shore Road in Greenwich
When it rains very hard we are getting water in our basement but from only two spots
Vicinity of Red Coat Lane in Greenwich
Waterproofing basement/garage
Vicinity of Red Coat Lanne in Greenwich
I have a 1960's home with a concrete block basement, on occasion it has had some brief water seepage, it is now painted inside with water proof paint. I would like to know about radon testing and how to improve basement stability and dryness.
Vicinity of The Ave in Greenwich
Would like a home inspection asap. Thank you
Vicinity of Husted Lane in Greenwich
I would like to schedule an appointment to get a mold remediation estimate from you.
Vicinity of Byram Terrace Drive in Greenwich
I would like an estimate for waterproofing a home I will purchase.
Vicinity of Rincard Terrace in Greenwich
Crawl space has block walls showing seepage from water...not bad but I would like to address it....I have a large dehumidifier in there now draining into my sump...need a vapor barrier...would love a consultation & price....thank you 😀
Vicinity of Hickory Drive in Greenwich
Looking for a perimeter basement drainage system with a sump pump battery back up
Vicinity of Tod Lane in Greenwich
During very heavy rainfalls, a puddle forms in the utility portion of our basement area
Vicinity of E Elm Street in Greenwich
Crawl space is damp and mold developed in the flexible duct work, which is being replaced. There is a sump pump. It has a concrete floor with stone foundation. I would like to have it stay dry with vapor barriers if that will solve the problem
Vicinity of Halock Drive in Greenwich
I'd like to have my basement evaluated for finishing or semi-finishing , I'd like to discuss what my options are . At the very least I want to make sure it's waterproofed and sealed up to keep pests out.
Vicinity of Buena Vista Drive in Greenwich
Foundation in garage
Vicinity of Stanwich Road in Greenwich
Just moved into new home last month and now have discovered water in the business after recent rain and snow melt. Would appreciate a consultation at my home. thank you
Vicinity of Highland Farm Road in Greenwich
Have a water issue in an existing basement. Poured concrete walls and slab. Water is making it's way up through the slab expansion joint at the wall in one location only. Have a picture I can submit but wanted to set up an appointment to meet someone at the client's home to review, discuss options and price repair.
Vicinity of Bruce Park Ave in Greenwich
Need additional/repair of sump pump for basement, recurrent flooding issue.
Vicinity of Farley St in Greenwich
Vicinity of Stanwich Road in Greenwich
Water in basement
Vicinity of Annjim Dr in Greenwich
Crawl space insulation - walls and floor
Vicinity of Bedford Rd. in Greenwich
Whole basement water proofing.
Vicinity of A Moshier Streer in Greenwich
We want to finish our basement but first we want to get rid of the dampness.
Vicinity of Porchuck Road in Greenwich
Wet basement. Also waste line has a small leak need to repair in conjunction with plumber. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Referral
Vicinity of Wynn Lane in Greenwich
We have a wet basement and water comes in when it rains.
Vicinity of Stanwich Road in Greenwich
We have a large root cellar that we would like to use for storage, but it is very damp and musty. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and weatherproofed.
Vicinity of Josephine Evaristo Ave. in Greenwich
Water in basement.
Vicinity of Sumner Rd in Greenwich
Repair and repour concrete slab. FIx basement
Vicinity of Bowman Drive in Greenwich
We have some sinking concrete slabs which are part of our pool deck. Would like to see if they can be raised.
Vicinity of in Greenwich
Getting water down 2 walks in heavy rains. New problem.
Vicinity of Burning Tree Road in Greenwich
Very light and sporadic damp patches along several cracks/seams in the basement floor as well as some damp patches where the wall meets the floor
Vicinity of Simmons Lane Lane in Greenwich
There is a leak in the basement. we want to get it looked at to make sure it is minor
Vicinity of Field Point Rd in Greenwich
Thinking about selling home. want to have small leaks checked prior.
Vicinity of DOUBLING RD in Greenwich
We have a large unfinished basement and want to create a finished space for our teenaged children for pool, video games, storage, etc.
Vicinity of Rapids Lane in Greenwich
We bought our house 2 yrs ago. Recently, hairline cracks in the basement foundation were discovered when we removed plastic tiles that were glued to the basement floor. We also observed hairline cracks in the retaining wall when we removed wood paneling.
Vicinity of Baldwin Farms South in Greenwich
I want to refinish basement into functional family area
Vicinity of Fletcher Ave in Greenwich
Complete finished basement ......heating and water pipes must be raised within berms to give more ceiling height. Call me after 7pm
Vicinity of North Maple Avenue in Greenwich
We have a crawl space basement. I would like to have it cleaned and inspected for any problems such as water.
Vicinity of Thornhill Road in Greenwich
Damp and leaking crawl space Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Burying Hill Rd in Greenwich
Flooding in my basement
Vicinity of Prospect St in Greenwich
Hi, I need flood vents installed ..enough to cover approximately 500-650 sqft in the basement. (I'll have exact sqft before the quote). Thanks
Vicinity of Hillside Dr in Greenwich
We have a 1947 house with a basement that simply doesn't stay dry. Cement floors, cinder block walls...a true basement. Think the water seeps in through the foundation. Would like to get an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Field Pt Rd in Greenwich
Musty smell in finished basement. some buckling of wood floor in the space
Vicinity of Bush Avenue in Greenwich
Interested in keeping our basement dry and finishing it
Vicinity of The Avenue in Greenwich
I would like to get an estimate on filling some foundation cracks and other info
Vicinity of Lake Avenue in Greenwich
Getting water in the basement and would like someone to come out to assess the cause and suggest a solution.
Vicinity of Clapboard Ridge Rd in Greenwich
I would like to finish my basement and want to discuss design and estimate
Vicinity of Idlewild Manor in Greenwich
The building is on a raised foundation. The foundation is starting to crack and leaks are developing in the ceiling of the carport.
Vicinity of Byram Shore Road in Greenwich
Currently remodeling the home above and the client would like a price to eliminate water issues in basement.
Vicinity of Indian Pass in Greenwich
Installation of a sump pump
Vicinity of Windrose Way in Greenwich
Flooding in basement, need to waterproof asap, then mold protection and finishing later
Vicinity of Londonderry Drive in Greenwich
In an unfinished area of the basement there is water accumulation at the low point and we suspect it could be a leak in the foundation.
Vicinity of Soundview Court in Greenwich
I have water in a part of my basement
Vicinity of Prospect Street in Greenwich
We live in a flood zone and i want to assess where our problem areas are in the basement and if its possible to waterproof our basement so we can renovate it!
Vicinity of Glenridge Road in Greenwich
Leak in seldom used basement ----along wall of fireplace
Vicinity of Glenville Rd in Greenwich
I am in contract on a home that needs repairs to the basement and I would like you to provide a quote. The basement needs, repairs to termite damaged floor joists in the front and the back of the house, waterproofing system, fix windows/window wells, fix gutters and sloping of property to keep water away from foundation. Please contact me as soon as possible about coming in to provide a quote.
Vicinity of Indian Knoll Place in Greenwich
Basement wall is leaking. Water is coming from outside. Urgent need.
Vicinity of Andrews Farm Road in Greenwich
We are under contract to build the pool pavilion building for this residence. The pool contractor had to dig down 14-0 to get to virgin soil for the pool construction because the area was all fill material. The piers and back wall foundation were originally bid at 3-6 below grade. Instead of all the additional excavation, backfill and 10-6 of additional foundation wall we would like to see what the cost of helical piles would be. Please let me know if you can provide a proposal.
Vicinity of in Greenwich
We are looking for someone to look at our basement and give us some ideas & help us to deside if we would be able to redo it and turn it into an apartment & or bedroom. Thanks! We will be able to meet with someone in about 2 weeks if that works well. Please email me back. Thank you!
Vicinity of Laurel Lane in Greenwich
Bad smells from basement, also some water. Would like to seal floor in crawl space, do some finishing work in small area that is full height. Am also interested in concrete lifting where my garage floor has cracked and tilted. (House was built in 1951.)
Vicinity of Annjim Dr in Greenwich
The cinderblock wall in our garage leaks every time it rains, and everything in the garage is damp and moldy. Need to see cost to fix. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cherry Hill Road in Greenwich
Basement fills with water during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Winding Lane in Greenwich
Waterproof basement
Vicinity of Hettiefred Road in Greenwich
Foundation leak with water in garage.
Vicinity of Conyers Farm Dr in Greenwich
Water coming into basement as snow melts, I am assuming is the issue- worried about mold growth etc. Need help remedying asap
Vicinity of Elskip LN in Greenwich
Would like to proof my livable basement area. I have estimate from few years back but scope of job is smaller. Would like to start next week if possible?
Vicinity of Perkins Road in Greenwich
Insufficient drainage around family room.
Vicinity of Carrington Drive in Greenwich
Occasionally I see a small amount of water in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Bedford Rd in Greenwich
Approximately a 500 sq ft unfinished basement needs a complete transformation.
Vicinity of Fox's Ln in Greenwich
Basement Finishing.
Vicinity of Chapel Street in Greenwich
Dirt floor crawl space
Vicinity of Josephine Evaristo Ave in Greenwich
Hello, I would like to get an estimate to install a sump pump in my basement. Thank you Michael
Vicinity of Almira Drive in Greenwich
Would like to have ~400 sq. ft basement water proofed and remodelled.
Vicinity of Riversville Road in Greenwich
Would like a quote on finishing an unfinished basement. Area is roughly 600 square feet and right now has exposed rock and dirt.
Vicinity of Edgewood Ave in Greenwich
Looking to buy a house in Fairfield that had some water issues in the basement during the inspection. Would like an estimate to have it correctly fixed because we would like to finish it off for extra living space.
Vicinity of Hurlingham Road in Greenwich
Conduits leaking into basement
Vicinity of Round Hill Rd in Greenwich
Basement smells
Vicinity of Oak Ridge Street in Greenwich
We are in the process of buying a house. We need a quote for the crawlspace repair in order to plan the remodeling. We are in a hurry as the cost of the work might influence the price at the closing.
Vicinity of Bruce Park Ave in Greenwich
Would like to get an estimate on installing a sump pump for a problem area with water in our basement/crawlspace.
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