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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Fairfield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Fairfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Fairfield County, CT
Vicinity of Grasmere Ave in Fairfield
I own half a brick duplex built in 1919. If you divided the house into four quadrants the left rear quadrant has noticeable sagging towards the inside center where all four quadrants meet. The right rear quadrant also sags towards the inside center but not as pronounced. There is sagging in the front quadrants towards the center point but it is negligible. The pronounced settling does not transfer to the second floor. I see nothing wrong with the foundation. I would like to get an estimate for fixing the floor.
Vicinity of South St in Fairfield
Going thru a renovation that includes a finished basement - I would like to explore flooring options with you
Vicinity of Sedan Terrace in Fairfield
We had water seepage in our basement. We removed the carpet, and now need to waterproof basement.
Vicinity of Glen Ridge Road in Fairfield
Vicinity of Wilson Street in Fairfield
No concerns! Just want an estimation of a waterguard drainage system for my basement. I have an 1114 sq ft house.
Vicinity of Bel Air Lane in Fairfield
I have some seeping occuring in my basement. I'd like some one to come take a look at it.
Vicinity of Carroll Road in Fairfield
I am looking for a quote to refinish my basement.
Vicinity of Turney Road in Fairfield
Need a dehumidifier system for damp basement. Want to build a cedar type closet to store clothes.
Vicinity of Morehouse Hwy in Fairfield
I would like a dehumidifier installed in my basement.
Vicinity of S. Pine Creek Road in Fairfield
I just bought a home with a vented crawl and dirt floor. I would like to get an estimate for having a vapor barrier and sump installed.
Vicinity of Bullard in Fairfield
We have lived in Fairfield for six years and never had water. New construction on a home next store last month. This past we we have had 4 to six inches of water in our basement. We need help!
Vicinity of North Benson Rd in Fairfield
Water seeps in through the walls, puddling, sometimes substancial amount of water. Have a sump pump that elimates 70% and previously painted the floor and walls which worked for a couple of years. Looking to correct the problem.
Vicinity of South Pine Creek Road in Fairfield
You were recommended to me by the man who did my house inspection when I bought my house last October. I need a vapor barrier for the crawl space under (just) the master bedroom of my house in the rear. This was an addtion some years ago, and the only section which has a crawl space. Thanks. Lynn
Vicinity of Park Avenue in Fairfield
Need a quote fr basement finishing - plan to move with this immediately.
Vicinity of Paulding Street in Fairfield
Need to repair foundation below bay windows where it connects with home foundation. This is where water came into basement during Sandy flooding.
Vicinity of Bailey Road in Fairfield
Water comes in garage and one corner of the basement. Lots of mold.
Vicinity of Wilson Street in Fairfield
Flooding in basement from wall keys and from cracks in floor.
Vicinity of Benedict AVe in Fairfield
My unfinished basement usually leaks (from the floor/wall joints) arount this time of year with excessive rain. This last few weeks is no exception. I'd like to have you come out and propose a solution for our basement.
Vicinity of Unquowa Rd in Fairfield
Basement floor/walls weep with heavy precip, snow melt, etc, possible perimeter drain candidate? Thanks
Vicinity of Sasco Hill Rd in Fairfield
My cellar window cover is broken and need it rplaced
Vicinity of Cummings Ave in Fairfield
I need help keep getting seepage and the flood did some damage
Vicinity of Shrub Oak Lane in Fairfield
Water accumulating around and possibly under foundation slab due to failing foundation/curtain drains (I think). Evidence is moisture and white powdery mineral deposits on unfinished parts of slab floor.
Vicinity of Primrose Lane in Fairfield
Mold/Mildew in basement with apparent water coming in.
Vicinity of Riverview Circle in Fairfield
We have water damage in the corner of our finished basement.
Vicinity of Riverside Drive in Fairfield
Hello, we are interested in finishing our basement to make room for a live in au pair. Can someone please contact me to arrange for a quote? Thank you, Meghann
Vicinity of Cherry Lane in Fairfield
Low ceiling - how to disguise pipes and air conditioning ducts
Vicinity of Ermine Street in Fairfield
We have a 3 year old house and a large concrete basement(floor etc). The stud height is around 9" and we are looking to have it fit out to include Gym, Guest Bed/bath, half bath and an open area for kids/entertainment etc...built-ins likely in open area. Looking at having work done sometime over next 6/8 months
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