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Work Requests in Darien

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Darien. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Darien and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Darien, CT
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Rd in Darien
We moved to a house with a sump pump and are looking to either upgrade or at least fix up the basement room/drains.
Vicinity of Old Kings Hwy N in Darien
Water is simming around the wall in the basement
Vicinity of Denhurst Pl in Darien
Looking for pricing on waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Greenwood Ave in Darien
Potential mold or lime coming through one basement wall, as well as potential permanent solutions.
Vicinity of Great Hill Rd in Darien
Closing on a new house 7/22 in Darien, will be looking to have the crawl space a clean space, sealed all around and a vapor barrier installed. Can we get an appt for an estimate 7/23 or 7/24?
Vicinity of Walmsley Road in Darien
We just noticed some water in our basement (dampness around one part of the foundation).
Vicinity of Pine Brook Ln in Darien
Smell in basement / utility closet
Vicinity of Laurel Lane in Darien
Water when it rains in our crawl space in basement
Vicinity of Locust Hill Road in Darien
My basement is extremely old and inefficient. I would like a quote to re insulating, cleaning and putting in new casement windows. Thank you
Vicinity of Cedar Gate Rd in Darien
Small craw space where furnace is. I want to make a clean space
Vicinity of Pleasant Street in Darien
1. Want an evaluation of possible mold and plan to fix, if necessary. 2. Want recommendations for installing a dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Leeds Lane in Darien
Basement floor buckling, finishing portion of basement to make bedroom bathroom, little water in basement/cracks in house
Vicinity of Hoyt Street in Darien
We get water in our semi-finished basement each time there is a major storm. We would like to fix it in order to fully finish it.
Vicinity of Lillian Terrace in Darien
Water pools in the crawl space and mold like substance seen in the crawl space during inspection of a house we are looking to purchase.
Vicinity of Fitch Ave in Darien
Looking to install a french drain and sump pump
Vicinity of Gardiner Street in Darien
I have a sump pump and a battery backup sump pump (to be installed). They both failed at the same time! The water is cleaned up but the walls are weeping (old fieldstone foundation). The walls were drylok-ed at some time in the past, but the drylok is peeling off now. Also the sump outlet is buried underground and has cracked, so the water does not make it to the outside drain. I need a better solution. Also, I have a property in Cos Cob, over the years the concrete front sidewalk has sunk and heaved in places. would like a quote to lift/level the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Dubois St in Darien
Found water in basement
Vicinity of Camp Avenue in Darien
This is for my mother's house in Darien. She has been flooded twice in the last week. Not sure what's going on but we have to solve it.
Vicinity of Sunnyside Ave in Darien
Water is seeping in through foundation walls and flooding unfinished area of the basement.
Vicinity of Noroton Avenue in Darien
We have a very old home. Our basement often gets water in it when it rains heavily. We currently have sump pumps, but in heavy storms, they don't keep up. We are interested in considering whether we can waterproof it to prevent this in the future.
Vicinity of FITCH AVE in Darien
We need the rug in our basement pulled out and some sort of waterproof vinyl or other flooring material installed. Thank you.
Vicinity of Phillips Lane in Darien
Crawl space is musty and has a smell that is passed on to the finished basement. Would like for someone to come and evaluate the issue and help resolve.
Vicinity of Relihan Road in Darien
Water seeping into the basement. Crawl space. Would like it fixed.
Vicinity of Hillside Ave in Darien
We had some water in our basement after all the recent rain. We have a sump pump, which is working, and recently had gutters cleaned etc. Looks like everything is draining properly but this is obviously a concern.
Vicinity of Winding Lane in Darien
Our crawl space needs work. Insulation is hanging down, there is evidence of mice. Please make a recommendation of work that should be done/
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Road in Darien
I have an unfinished basement with lots of exposed pipes and equipment (laundry, water heater, boiler, etc.) and I'm not sure the basement is large enough to add walls but would like an opinion. Thanks
Vicinity of Sunset Road in Darien
We moved into a new home in June and have had several instances of water in the basement. It appears to be seepage from the wall or adjacent crawl space. Our initial hope was to finish the space for kids play area but we have had to put that on hold to fix any water issues. We would also be interest in a assessment of the condition of the crawl space/foundation generally.
Vicinity of West Ave in Darien
We have pooling of water against the foundation of our house that is causing seepage in the basement.
Vicinity of West Ave in Darien
Remedy occasional water in basement
Vicinity of Rocaton Road in Darien
Need to dehumidify the basement.
Vicinity of Dickinson Road in Darien
Seepage during significant rain events
Vicinity of Noroton in Darien
Just bought a new house. Looks like there is mold in the basement. Need to remediate the mold and pull up carpet and put in new flooring.
Vicinity of Park Place in Darien
Need to fix water leak from basement bilco door area and address musty smell in basement.
Vicinity of Dorchester Rd in Darien
Flooding after a new sump pump today by you guys
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Road in Darien
We are interested in waterproofing our basement and installing rubber tile flooring in the finished part of the basement
Vicinity of Maple Street in Darien
Create trentch from one end of basement to other for water coming into basement to travel to sump pump (you would install) and then blow cement and skim on two - three walls
Vicinity of Nearwater Lane in Darien
Seeking ans estimate for cleaning out and reinsullating the crawl space at my home.
Vicinity of Mansfield Avenue in Darien
Installation of sump pump in basement
Vicinity of Mansfield Avenue in Darien
Installation of sump pump in basement
Vicinity of Pear Tree Point Road in Darien
We have cracked in the concrete and need it to be looked at... Thank you! Patty
Vicinity of Richmond Drive in Darien
I am a previous customer, had a bunch of work done and a SaniDry XP installed in basement. Recent sump pump failure has resulted in broken dehumidifyer. Need to source a replacement ASAP.
Vicinity of Briar Brae Rd in Darien
I got smaller amount of water in my basement. The leak was through two walls of the basement (two adjacent rooms). I will need approx 70 ft of French drain system including a sump pump. Looking for a total price including service. Thank you
Vicinity of Noroton Ave in Darien
We would like to have someone insulate craw space.
Vicinity of Elm Street in Darien
I purchased a home that had a sump pump installed and maintained by your company. I am interested in the following: 1) Learn the cost of and schedule regular maintenance of the sump pump; 2) Learn the cost of installing a battery backup; 3) Discuss finishing the basement given ceiling heights and local codes.
Vicinity of Locust Hill Road in Darien
Waterproofing and finishing a small basement.
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Road in Darien
Sump pump is old and not installed solidly. Have a new sump pump to install. Thank you. Matt
Vicinity of Searles Rd in Darien
Three working sump pumps in basement. Backup system powered by drag out generator. Looking to add battery powered for backup and redundant pumps to all three. Would also like a more comprehensive evaluation of system.
Vicinity of Littlebrook Road North in Darien
We had a flagstone patio put in last October. Now we have water coming into the basement level garage after a rain.
Vicinity of West Avenue in Darien
I am building new space and my builder built the slab below the water table with a French drain and a sump pum, but it runs 24/7 because it is below the water table. It is a mess. I have received some opinions on how to fix it, but I am looking for another opinion, quickly as the project has halted because of this.
Vicinity of Long Neck Point Road in Darien
We have some groundwater in our basement crawlspace. We also need to have the full basement looked at.
Vicinity of Heather Lane in Darien
Hello. We just purchased a new home and since we have moved in we are noticing puddles of water in the basement. Not sure where they are coming from. Assuming ground up. We need someone to come and take a look. Thank You.
Vicinity of Dellwood Road in Darien
We have a thin crack in our basement wall that just started leaking today during the heavy rain. Would like to have someone take a look and see what needs to be done to fix it. Thank you!
Vicinity of Fitch Ave in Darien
High water table / damp basement.
Vicinity of Stanley Road in Darien
Would like a quote on a vapor barrier system in a crawl space for a 800 sq foot cottage home.
Vicinity of Lantern Lane in Darien
Our basement sometimes gets water in the corner of it when there are long, heavy rainfalls. would like an estimate on fixing it. thanks Rick
Vicinity of Deepwood Road in Darien
We are getting a musty/damp smell from our crawl space. Currently, the crawl space floor is covered in a plastic tarp, but we are looking for a better more permanent solution. Thanks, Chris
Vicinity of Contentment Island in Darien
Need a dehumidifier for my crawl space
Vicinity of Coachlamp Lane in Darien
Just bought a house that may have had water issues in the basement in the past. It has an existing sump pump but no battery back up.
Vicinity of Locust Hill Rd in Darien
We currently have an unfinished basement that we're looking to finish and would like a professional opinion / solution for doing so.
Vicinity of Libby Ln in Darien
Water in one corener of the basement periodically.
Vicinity of Gardiner Street in Darien
My basement/crawlspace have water spots along the foundation walls on certain side.
Vicinity of Devon Rd in Darien
Basment refinish
Vicinity of Woodland Drive in Darien
With lots of rain/snow when ground is saturated water seeps thru basement floor and one wall. Sump pumps do work, but not when water table is saturated.
Vicinity of Brookside Road in Darien
There is water that accumulates on one side of the garage.
Vicinity of SUNSET RD in Darien
Dirt crawl space trapping moisture with evidence of mold; Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Stanton Rd in Darien
Portion of patio is sinking. Surface is blue stone on top of concrete slab. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of West Ave in Darien
We need our basement windows replaced and then an estimate on basement finishing. many thanks, Beth
Vicinity of Patton Drive in Darien
Im looking for an estimate to finish part of the basement and update sump pump well.
Vicinity of Hillcrestr Avenue in Darien
I would like to have someone come to assess cracks in the foundation of my home.
Vicinity of Old Kings Highway North in Darien
Flooding in our basement. Not sure where water is entering from. Thought we had fixed this problem three years ago when we had outside of one wall foundation re cemented and tarred. Could be coming up through cement and tile floor? Pumping water out now with small portable pump a few times a day but this is not long term soluition. Water gets to about half an inch in portions of area. Basement serves as laundry room and access to our garage. Would like to have someone come as soon as possible to investigate. Can someone call please. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Rd in Darien
Looking for estimate for a SIMPLE, minimal gym space in our basement
Vicinity of Brush Island Road in Darien
Wet basement
Vicinity of Colony Rd in Darien
I am sourcing sump pump installation and quotes for my residence in CT and your firm was recommended as a potential service provider.
Vicinity of West Ave in Darien
Partially finished basement in an old home getting wet
Vicinity of Leroy Ave in Darien
Unfinished basement. Fieldstone foundation needs repointing. Small leaks. Need dehumidification for benefit of first floor hardwood floors.
Vicinity of Edgerton St. in Darien
Looking to finish a basement at my home in Darien.
Vicinity of Walmsley Road in Darien
I have a partially finished basement but the storage area and laundry room are unfinished. I'd like to finish up the laundry room. The plumbing is there but I want to cover all the pipes and electricals so I can have an inviting, more usuable laundry space.
Vicinity of Patton Dr in Darien
Considering finishing our basement and trying to get an estimate
Vicinity of Old Stone Road in Darien
Would like to finish 3/4 of a basement for playroom area.
Vicinity of Red Rose Circle in Darien
Our house is settling, especially over a crawl space. Doors won't close, floors are slating, etc. Can you come out for evaluation and recommend a course of action?
Vicinity of Fitch Avenue in Darien
I would like an estimate for sealing my finished basement floor, also sealing the unfinished portion of my basement, installing a permanent dehumidifier, replacing basement windows, and drying out unheated/unfinished "potting room" portion of basement.
Vicinity of Fitch Avenue in Darien
Some water Leakage. Floor not level around edges. Oil fuel line runs on top of floor across the room. Some hairline cracks in foundation. Proper ventilation. Up to code for a basement apartment (windows and doors for exits). Turn garage door into permanent door and enlarge windows.
Vicinity of Briar Brae Rd. in Darien
We want to make sure the basement is water free / mold free / smell free.
Vicinity of Boston Post Rd in Darien
Re-curring problem of leaky basement with heavy rain. Can this be covered by insurance ?
Vicinity of Dubois St in Darien
I noticed a small dripping from one side of my basement during the last strong storm.
Vicinity of West Ave in Darien
I would like a quote to finish two rooms of the basement.
Vicinity of Post Road in Darien
We need to find a way to protect the basement from occasional flooding. There is much ledge rock which makes it more difficult to determine whatever has to be done.
Vicinity of Noroton Avenue in Darien
Need a free estimate to install dehumidifier in the unfinished basement. Thank You, Bhavesh
Vicinity of Charles Street in Darien
We have water coming into the basement that we believe is coming from a faulty job on our small deck. We would love to see what the fix would be. Would love to have a quote on waterproofing the basement and putting in a dehumidifier. We would also like to have a quote on finishing part of the basement - maybe 2 rooms. Thanks.
Vicinity of Homewood Lane in Darien
My basement leaks when it rains.
Vicinity of Stephanie Lane in Darien
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Midbrook Lane in Darien
I need to get a quote of getting a battery backup for the sump pump
Vicinity of Hazel St in Darien
We are looking for the right flooring for our basement
Vicinity of Country Club Rd. in Darien
I have multiple sump pumps that need to be replaced with a better system. Current drain water is discolored (rusty brown) and clogging pumps. I think this is from decaying drain tiles. I am looking to get a complete solution.
Vicinity of Richmond Drive in Darien
Install basement dehumidifyer in basement, hook into sump pump for moisture control.
Vicinity of Hollow Tree Ridge Road in Darien
We had 5 inches of water come in over the last storm. I would like someone to come out to give an estimate on fixing the drywall, installing a sump pump, and any other potential water entry points.
Vicinity of Wakeman Rd. in Darien
I would like an estimate to waterproof my basement. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fairfield Ave. in Darien
Need basement waterproofing / sump pump.
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