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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Colchester. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Colchester and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Colchester, CT
Vicinity of Brookstone Drive in Colchester
My basement has a few rooms framed out with a subfloor in the majority of it. I'm looking for an estimate to price out finishing into a wet bar with half bathroom.
Vicinity of Lebanon Ave in Colchester
We have a stone foundation that is being undermined by some recent construction behind the property. We need to evaluate and stabilize and correct the issues
Vicinity of Westchester Rd. in Colchester
Finish basement
Vicinity of White Oak Dr in Colchester
We have a number of cracks that are vertical in our foundation walls. Original owners, home built in 2005, no water infultrates the cracks, cracks are flat, but would like price to repair (if needed) Thanks
Vicinity of New London Rd in Colchester
I have a crack in the foundation that runs from the top to the footing. it's about a quarter inch in it's worst spot.
Vicinity of Westchester Rd in Colchester
Recently purchased a restored farm house. 6 weeks ago after the initial thaw and snow melt, we experience 3-4 inches of water in the basement and it has continued. Sump pump installed goes constantly. Leaks are coming from several areas mostly corners of stone foundation wall, but recently noticed water leaching up from under the concrete foundation floor.
Vicinity of Deerfield Ter in Colchester
After a heavy rainfall the basement has water leak in. This is causing the bottom of the furnace to rust. It appears to be coming in from the front of the house.
Vicinity of Piekarz Rd in Colchester
We are looking to do a partial finish of our basement. No idea the cost, and looking to get some estimates.
Vicinity of in Colchester
Hello - I'm looking to finish my basement but I see some basement wall cracks. Looks like the previous owner did minor repairs, but before we pursue finishing the basement, I want to ensure it is ether good or get the repair it needs. Thanks Dave
Vicinity of Ventura Dr. in Colchester
Sump pump installation quote please.
Vicinity of Old HJartford Rd in Colchester
Bsaement seems to take on water. Can't find the source. Volume is small. Humidifier seems to take care of most of the problem, but when it rains, there can be puddles on the floor.
Vicinity of Robin Rd in Colchester
1000 ft crawl space under house complete foam insultation
Vicinity of Coco Drive in Colchester
Excessive amount of rain has flooded our basement and might need to have a sump pump installed. Will like someone to come out to take a look.
Vicinity of Bull Hill Road in Colchester
Crawl space way to cold pipes freezing need quote
Vicinity of Chestnut Drive in Colchester
Hi, We would like to get an estimate to get portion of our basement finished. The basement has no issues with moisture whatsoever. Best Regards, Richard
Vicinity of Starr Rd in Colchester
Want to have basement refinished for a playroom for kids
Vicinity of Fox Ridge Drive in Colchester
I had a quote for a finished dry wall basement a couple years ago of $20,000. This for basically floor, walls and ceiling. No additional plumbing or bathroom, etc. I am wondering how your system compares to this pricing. Please no high pressure sales call. Thank you
Vicinity of Rudden Lane in Colchester
1870's farmhouse with stone foundation - half concrete, half dirt floor basement. Get water leakage during heavy rain and spring thaw at one end of foundation. Need solution as well as moisture barrier for dirt floor section. I am at home all next week if somebody can make it out that soon to discuss possible solutions.
Vicinity of Kelci in Colchester
Please call me at your convenience to quote dry basement system
Vicinity of Alexander Drive in Colchester
We recently discovered mold on some of our things stored in the basement. We are alsonin the process of finishing it off to usenas livable space. We would like someone to take a lookout a crack in the foundation to see if that is the source of the problem.
Vicinity of Goldberg Road in Colchester
In addition to a gaming/entertainment area, we'd also like to include a wet bar, guest bedroom and possibly a fourth bathroom, so plumbing may be an issue.
Vicinity of School Road in Colchester
I have a basement that is approximately 24 x 24 that I would like to have finished. The stairs would have to be redone and have a closet under the stairs. I would like to have this done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Clark Lane in Colchester
I have water that seeps through the foundation and when we get excessive rain it seeps through the walls. It was never this bad - has damaged the finish portion of the basement. I was hoping that a sump pump would do the trick but with the problems Iím having now I think a drainage system is necessary. What would be ballpark cost / can I set up an estimate?
Vicinity of Dorset Rd. in Colchester
Would appreciate and estimate on waterproofing our basement. Thanks!
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