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Work Requests in Clinton

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Clinton. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Clinton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Clinton, CT
Vicinity of Groveway in Clinton
Looking to put a bid on a house that has a wet/damp crawl space. I have another showing Sat morning and would like someone to meet me there and give me an estimate. I need it as part of my bid.
Vicinity of Carriage Drive in Clinton
Sump pump replacement system
Vicinity of Glenwood Road in Clinton
Concrete patio around our pool needs leveling. We would like a quote. Patrick
Vicinity of Ben Merrill Rd in Clinton
Quote for basement dehumidification and possible waterproofing.
Vicinity of Brickyard Road in Clinton
Cracks in the foundation
Vicinity of Colonial Court in Clinton
We have flooding in our unfinished basement during heavy rain and snow melt. It's coming up through cracks in the basement floor. We do not have a drainage system. So far, we've only been using two dehumidifiers but they cannot keep up with the moisture in the basement. Now the Sheetrock in some parts is growing mold. We are interested in getting a quote on the different options for our home (drains or dehumidifier systems or finishing the basement, etc). As a young couple, we bought the house 2 years ago and plan to stay for a very long time. Thank you for your help.
Vicinity of Stone Wall Lane in Clinton
Would like an estimate to fix chronic leaking of water into the basement. Thank you
Vicinity of James Vincent Drive in Clinton
Finish the basement with walls, floor, ceiling, electric, heat, ac.
Vicinity of Wildwood Park Road in Clinton
Our basement was damaged in the floods a few months ago. Pretty much stripped down to the studs (3 rooms, about 700 square feet) but can't keep the dampness out. Already have a foundation waterproofing system, we just need some waterproof refinishing. Flooring, walls and ceilings.
Vicinity of Groveway in Clinton
This property is a beach house with a crawl space that takes on water with heavy rain. There is no sump pump or drainage mechanism in place. Please provide recs as how to correct this problem.
Vicinity of Carter Hill Rd in Clinton
I have one of your systems and it rocks, thank you. My Question is one of my co-workers is looking to buy a sump-pump basin, would you sell one of yours or tell us where to get one of equal quality? Also how much?
Vicinity of Pepperbush Drive in Clinton
The last two rain storms I got water in my basement - about an inch or two - not sure where it is coming in. I used to get water from a door - but had a paved driveway put in that slopes away from the house. Have not gotten water since the new driveway, until the last two storms.
Vicinity of Carriage Drive in Clinton
I need an opinion as to whether a crack that is all the way through the foundation wall, small in width, is waterproof and OK for the winter season. Need a visit ASAP.
Vicinity of Neck Rd in Clinton
Estimate for sump pump
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