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Work Requests in Brookfield

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Brookfield. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Brookfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Brookfield, CT
Vicinity of Alexander Dr in Brookfield
3' x 9' slabs in front of my garage.
Vicinity of Overlook Drive in Brookfield
Part of the concrete around the pool has sunk and needs to be lifted!
Vicinity of in Brookfield
Foundation walls have developed cracks (no water inside basement yet) and floor slab cracking as well.
Vicinity of Powder Horn Hl Rd in Brookfield
I would like for a sump pump in basement. thank you
Vicinity of Merwin Brook Rd in Brookfield
Room and bathroom in basement.
Vicinity of Farview Rd in Brookfield
We have a basement egress bulkhead that's rusted and pulling away from the foundation. Repair or replace as recommended. If you do foundation settling estimates, we also have questions about how some of the rooms in the house have settled. The wallpaper is ripped, so it could be fairly recent. The house was built in 1850.
Vicinity of Barnview Ter in Brookfield
Need estimate to waterproof and finish part of basement.
Vicinity of Pleasant Rise in Brookfield
I would like to have an estimate on waterproofing my basement
Vicinity of Ridge Road in Brookfield
Foundation repair, plan to sell house and it needs to be repaired. Ralph
Vicinity of Evergreens Drive in Brookfield
Hi, I bought this house earlier this year, and the previous owner had CT basement using waterguard and installed supersump. I was wondering if we can now get a quote to refinish the basement. We're not planning on doing this anytime soon, but would like to know the cost for budgeting purposes. Best, Steve
Vicinity of Deer Trail Drive in Brookfield
Stale air in finished basement
Vicinity of Trailing Ridge Rd in Brookfield
Seepage in basement from Hydrostatic pressure . No infiltration through poured concrete walls
Vicinity of Blackwood Road in Brookfield
We have had a flooded basement a couple of times after either heavy rain or snow melt.
Vicinity of Hillside Circle in Brookfield
We have a problem at our fire house the rear wall leaks water some times when we get heavey rain,the fire house is built into a hillside.It's not a basement do you think you can help us? You did a basement for my son and he is very pleased with what your company did.We are a Volunteer Fire Dept.
Vicinity of Lilac Lane in Brookfield
Our basement floods from a gap around the toilet waste pipe in the basement where we failed to place hydraulic cement around it when we had the new bathroom installed. I attempted to fill this gap with urethane caulk and the basement flooded worse than ever this past week. Water also comes in from other places too. Need your help guys!
Vicinity of Mist Hill Drive in Brookfield
Well, it's obvious what I'm asking. Our basement leaks when there are massive downpours. E.g., Hurricanes and tropical storms.
Vicinity of in Brookfield
Foundation Wall crack leaks during heavy rains.
Vicinity of North Lakeshore Drive in Brookfield
I am interested in approximate price of sump pumps and installation, perhaps two --one in finished basement and one in garage. Thanks
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