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Work Requests in Bridgeport

Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bridgeport. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Bridgeport and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Bridgeport, CT
Vicinity of in Bridgeport
Poor drainage system
Vicinity of Hickory Street in Bridgeport
Small crawl space needs to be insulated to keep out mice and prevent pipes below floor of bathroom from feezing
Vicinity of High Ridge Drive in Bridgeport
I need to replace the waterproofing barrier in my crawlspace basement.
Vicinity of Frank Street in Bridgeport
Water leaking into the basement
Vicinity of Quinsey Drive in Bridgeport
Well I patched up my wall and when it rains it still leaks water. I am considering tiling the basement and I need to fix the problem of water leaking into this area of the basement.
Vicinity of Union Ave. in Bridgeport
I believe the foundation settling is cause cracks around doors and windows. Also settling may be causing uneven floor with door the bottom scraping the floor. The ceiling beams are separating 1/4 inch or more from joists and taping and putting fillers in cracks is only a temporary fix.
Vicinity of Breyer Ave in Bridgeport
I would like to get pricing on water proofing my basement.
Vicinity of Sampson St in Bridgeport
Flooded basement now and get water after big rains.
Vicinity of Lealand Street in Bridgeport
Our basement was just flooded during the heavy rains that hit us on Tuesday 10/2. We had finished basement walls, which needed to be stripped as part of the water mitigation efforts. We also would get some water in the basement sometimes when it rained, and we don't know where it would come from, jsut that it would come from around the back wall. Since the rising water pushed in the door to our basement in the rear of the house, we're also looking for someone to install a flood door as well. So we're looking to sit down with someone so that we can discuss an action plan, and get a few ideas as to what we can do and get a quote for service. thanks, Dominick
Vicinity of Old Town Rd in Bridgeport
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Parrott Avenue in Bridgeport
I am sure we need window replacements
Vicinity of Butler Ave in Bridgeport
I have a fairly damp, old basement and would like to turn it into rental space.
Vicinity of Greenwood Street in Bridgeport
My basement flooded
Vicinity of C Edgemoor Road in Bridgeport
We have had a flood in our condominium basement. We are in the process of getting flooring and dry wall removed. Looking for an expert opinion and estimate of costs for water proofing, sump pump, and next steps.
Vicinity of Marion St in Bridgeport
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of Jilijam Place in Bridgeport
Would like to remodel basement, including bathroom and laundry room - maybe garage.
Vicinity of Clark Street in Bridgeport
A portion of my mother's sidewalk is starting to dip. As opposed to having it ripped up and replaced, I was wondering if it could be lifted with foam. It is not bad and is a small area.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave Ext in Bridgeport
I have a finished basement but floor is cracking and pump is broken
Vicinity of Ruth St. in Bridgeport
We have what I've heard called a 1/2 basement - not a crawl space but you also can't stand up. A few times a year we get water and it always smells musty limiting what and how we can store items down there.
Vicinity of Linda Drive in Bridgeport
Cracks in foundation need to be repaired
Vicinity of Beachview Ave, in Bridgeport
I just need the crawlspace dehumidifier because of musty odors. This is for our Condo. We have the larger size one in the basement in our House and it works very well.
Vicinity of in Bridgeport
I wanted an estimate I want to be able to make my basement livable and finish my basement off. No water in basement. Basement gets humidity and I would like that gone. Also, finish the walls, the floors, and the ceiling.
Vicinity of EAST AVENUE in Bridgeport
I need an estimate on waterproofing and finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Village Lane in Bridgeport
Would like to get estimate on refinishing basement.
Vicinity of Huntington Road in Bridgeport
I have an old house build back in 1933, i have a unfinished basement, I think i have a mortared-rock foundation wall and the mortar is crumbling, i would like to get it checked out and fix if I can. I am able to stand up straight in my basement but have old thick water pipes that run across the basement making a ceiling hard to put up. can you help.
Vicinity of Pleasantview Ave in Bridgeport
Water coming into basement. This is recent. Probably need to repoint or rebuild bulkhead entry Plus other issues to be discussed
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Bridgeport
Basement has water coming in when it rains from the floor
Vicinity of Flint Street in Bridgeport
Comment: Service Basement Waterproofing Source Facebook/Instagram Homeowner? Yes
Vicinity of Grovers Ave in Bridgeport
During periods of heavy rain some seepage occurs in the basement. We have had 3 incidents in the previous 7 months. (less than 1.5 gallon each time) The house was built in 1929 and has a stone foundation. It is being sold and the prospective owner is requiring the water be abated as a condition of the sale.
Vicinity of Madison Avenue in Bridgeport
Leaky basement, and looking for estimate to renovate basement.
Vicinity of Jilijam Place in Bridgeport
Whenever it rains we have water seeping through, may have mold in basement and attached garage. Would also like an estimate on refinishing basement.
Vicinity of Gilman Street in Bridgeport
House is under contract for sale. Inspection report indicates current vapor barrier is too small. Requesting second barrier in other crawl space. I'd like your opinion on if these are necessary.
Vicinity of Memory Lane in Bridgeport
Just recently started entering my basement on one side. I don't know where or how. the basement is finished.
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in Bridgeport
On a rainy day, water is coming inside my basement from the bottom on my basement walls.
Vicinity of Crestview Dr. in Bridgeport
Need to waterproof basement wall (cinder block) which has a small crack. Water sips through during heavy rain. Basement is semi finished Thanks, Mabel
Vicinity of Truman St in Bridgeport
My basement is being wet for a week now. I need to fix it as soon as possible
Vicinity of Wood Ave in Bridgeport
I want to turn my basement into a two bedroom apartment. I know the basement can flood at times.
Vicinity of North Ave in Bridgeport
Retaining wall leaning and has crack. Looking for support so it doesn't collapse and get proper draining.
Vicinity of Louisiana Ave in Bridgeport
Water problems in the basement need some drain system around the basement .
Vicinity of Alfred St. in Bridgeport
Water coming in the basement
Vicinity of Pennsylvan Ave in Bridgeport
I have a pump in the basement that is not workiing. when it rains hard the basement floods
Vicinity of Wade Terrace in Bridgeport
I have a fieldstone basement that I'm interested in partially refinishing. Before I have someone come out for an estimate, I want to make sure that this type of basement is eligible. Thanks.
Vicinity of Main Street in Bridgeport
We may have some water that leaked into the basement and we have a few cracks in the floor,and ceiling.
Vicinity of Louisiana Ave in Bridgeport
After rain I have water in the basement
Vicinity of Denver Ave in Bridgeport
I want my basement to be live in
Vicinity of Lafayette Street in Bridgeport
Moisture getting in under floor. Need to replace floor, but first want to resolve moisture issue
Vicinity of Wood Ave in Bridgeport
Duty water is coming from the pipe
Vicinity of Martha Place in Bridgeport
I want to finish my basement rooms but I have water coming into two of the rooms.
Vicinity of Glendale Ave. in Bridgeport
I manage a condominium complex and many of the concrete stairs are sinking and pulling away from the buildings. The Board of Directors has asked me to get a few quotes on repairing the situation.
Vicinity of Midland in Bridgeport
I bought a house less than a year ago. I have had small water issues during heavy rain, but this past week was the first time I had a standing water issue.
Vicinity of Roger Williams Road in Bridgeport
Need an estimate regarding water getting into my basement.
Vicinity of Manhattan Avenue in Bridgeport
Install vapor barrier in crawlspace,price?
Vicinity of Pearl Harbor Street in Bridgeport
Strong odors in house
Vicinity of Bell St. in Bridgeport
Need someone to come and give me free estimate, plus financing available... Additional information: What prompted you to contact us today?: TV
Vicinity of East Avenue in Bridgeport
Constant water leaks in the basement noticeably after rain showers
Vicinity of Elmwood Pl in Bridgeport
Vicinity of Dexter Drive in Bridgeport
Every time it rains lately my basement is getting wet. It seems to be coming from around the hatchway leading from outside to the basement.
Vicinity of Rennell St in Bridgeport
How are you recently moved into my father house and the basement is in a wreck when ever it rains the walls it starts to smell constantly humid even with the humidifier and needs a tremendous face lift
Vicinity of Harlem Ave in Bridgeport
Need a quote to finish my basement
Vicinity of Judson Place in Bridgeport
My basement foundation walls are exhibiting signs of moisture and the paint is bubbling on these same walls.
Vicinity of Boston Ace in Bridgeport
Water in basement
Vicinity of Lindley St. in Bridgeport
Need estimated to remodel my basement
Vicinity of French in Bridgeport
Would like to get a quote to do a finished basement .
Vicinity of Nautilus Road in Bridgeport
I have a half finished basement that I would like to complete as an in law suite. There is also a concern about possible mold? Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Email
Vicinity of Old Town Road in Bridgeport
Going to do some work in basement, but we've had a lot of flooding over the years and I want the basement to be waterproof before I invest any money into it. I'm looking for an estimate right now. I am definitely going to have the work done, that's for sure. But I want to know what I am looking at pricewise. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Perth Street in Bridgeport
My pump in basement isn't working and I would like to have it replaced. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Newfield Ave in Bridgeport
Out of space in our home. Would like to finish the basement and make it our Master bedroom and bathroom, plus a place for work out equipment.
Vicinity of Robin St in Bridgeport
About a 1/16" to 1/8" foundation crack on right side of home
Vicinity of Summit Street in Bridgeport
Damp basement
Vicinity of Kossuth St in Bridgeport
I am interested in starting to some what waterproofing and finishing my basement in the summer but would like a quote of what it would cost me
Vicinity of Frenchtown Rd in Bridgeport
Basement ceiling and recessed lighting
Vicinity of Cleveland Avenue in Bridgeport
The house is approx. 100 years old. The brick & mortor on the left side basement leaks water when it rains. It also caused water damage to the staircase. We would need sealant on the outside of the foundation to prevent continual water leakage. We are also considering finishing the basement as a family recreation area-economically and durable. Thank you
Vicinity of Ralph St in Bridgeport
In occasions i get water in basement floor
Vicinity of Norman in Bridgeport
I would like to create a living place in the basement to acomidate storage, laundry, and a sleep area for guests. Currently basement is unfinshed. We have no mold and no flooding and the house was built 2014.
Vicinity of Davidson St in Bridgeport
Basement floods, looking to hopefully go with a perimeter sump system.
Vicinity of Voight Ave in Bridgeport
Hello.. I am having a problem with my leaking water in my basement during heavy rain storms. The water is leaking from the ceiling and also water seeping through the cracks of the concrete wall where it meets the concrete floor. Water also fills in the basement window well, causing a leak in the window also. May I have an estimate to fix these issues? Thank you for your time
Vicinity of Cleveland Ave in Bridgeport
Cracks in basement floor. Water is beginning to seep through.
Vicinity of Lawn St in Bridgeport
My house was build in 1952 and has cement block foundation but I want to point out basement smell moister all the time. In heavy rain water come out through, from bottom of some part of foot foundation . and in specially in very heavy rain I have flood in my basement
Vicinity of Jewett Ave in Bridgeport
Finishing basement
Vicinity of Louisiana Ave in Bridgeport
I need waterproofing in the unfinished part of my basement
Vicinity of Reservoir Ave in Bridgeport
My tenants are complaining about a moisture problem, and a mildewy smell in the basement. I need the foundation to be checked to insure there are no leaks or cracks. If so, I need a quote as tohow much it is going to cost to fix.
Vicinity of Dobson St in Bridgeport
Water in basement and slab wet
Vicinity of Deacon Street in Bridgeport
Wet basement
Vicinity of Thorme Street in Bridgeport
Need estimate to correct water issue under basement cement floor.
Vicinity of Reservoir Ave in Bridgeport
Water leaks into basement at various areas after hard rain or thaw
Vicinity of MANHATTAN AVE in Bridgeport
Vicinity of Colorado Ave in Bridgeport
When it rains water seeps into my basement. I would like to get an estimate for installation of a sump pump. Thanks
Vicinity of Isaac in Bridgeport
Do you also put bathrooms in when you finish a basement?
Vicinity of Westfield Avenue in Bridgeport
My house was built in 1926 and is in a flood plain, but I have a sump pump and my basement has always been dry, but tonight I found 3 small puddles and can't find the source.
Vicinity of Connecticut Avenue in Bridgeport
Water leakage in our church basement as well as the parsonage. Need info for an estimate and on financing.
Vicinity of Courtland Avenue in Bridgeport
Sunhouse domed window well replacement cover and sani-dry replacement filter required. Please quote and provide availability.
Vicinity of Seaview Terrace in Bridgeport
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Pearsall Place in Bridgeport
Leak in corner of basement; general evidence of prior water infiltration.
Vicinity of Bell Street in Bridgeport
I would like to get my basement finish into a den/play room and laundry room. so i can get the kids out of my living room.
Vicinity of High Ridge Road in Bridgeport
I would like to get an estimate for finishing part of my basement.
Vicinity of William St. in Bridgeport
Wants to fix my basement
Vicinity of Rosewood Pl. in Bridgeport
Basement finishing
Vicinity of East Ave in Bridgeport
I have an unfinished basement that has mildew all over it. I've never had a flood in the basement so I don't understand how it's so much mildew down there. It's becoming hard for me to stay in my home because I have allergies.
Vicinity of Richfield Road in Bridgeport
Basement flooding. Have two sum pumps. Need to also insulate basement
Vicinity of Platt St in Bridgeport
I want to finish my basement.
Vicinity of Hilltop Road in Bridgeport
Just moved in & the basement definitely needs work. Would like an estimate on waterproofing and dehumidifying. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cityview in Bridgeport
Interested in finishing my basement. I would like a quote. Please contact me for any questions
Vicinity of Dekalb Ave in Bridgeport
Last night we sprung a leak in our basement. Please help.
Vicinity of Wilson Street in Bridgeport
Crawl space has a dirty and wet area that has rotten wood, bugs that needs to be cleaned up and needs a system to keep it dry. Please help.
Vicinity of Priscilla St in Bridgeport
I have water in my crawl space..
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Bridgeport
I live with my mother in a one family house in which my father remodeled the basement so I can have my own privacy, but he never finished it. There are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and half of a kitchen. I want to remodel the entire basement where I can have just one bedroom, a small livingroom, keeping the bathroom and the kitchen. The basement is small but quite comfortable. I would like to see if someone can come out and do an estimate on what I would like down. I have a few ideas in mind on how I would like my basement to look.
Vicinity of Beacon View Drive in Bridgeport
Foundation is sinking - floor is buckling. Dirt crawl space.
Vicinity of Madison Terrace in Bridgeport
NEed price on waterproofing and finishing a basement in bridgeport, CT. Can we set up an estimate? Do you do free estimates?
Vicinity of Jennings Avenue in Bridgeport
Hi, I would like information on receiving an inspection on a home I am looking to purchase. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if this is something that you can do
Vicinity of Old Town Rd in Bridgeport
I would like to get an estimate on sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Quinsey Drive in Bridgeport
I'm interested in getting a quote.
Vicinity of Alexander Drive in Bridgeport
A lot of cold air comes up from the floor. Would like a estimate to correct this and any other problems. E-mail is the best way to contact me but if you leave a message on my home phone and a time I can call back I can arrange to do so.
Vicinity of Douglas ST in Bridgeport
How can i water prove my bassment
Vicinity of Alba Avenue in Bridgeport
I would like to finish my base,emt
Vicinity of Laurel Pl. in Bridgeport
Mold test positive, dampness and mustyness.
Vicinity of Bear Paw Rd in Bridgeport
We need a sump pump installed in a slab foundation. The foundation has heating duct molded in and watyer gets in them during heavy rain. Can we please get a quote on what this will cost? Thanks
Vicinity of Wayne Street in Bridgeport
I currently live in my mother's basement. It has been known to get a few puddles by the side of my room. From time to time, we would temporarily fix the issue. However, these past few days of non stop precipitation has caused the entire basement to flood. The water level was up to my ankle. I could not believe it and I was and am in complete distress. I need this issue resolved ASAP but for a reasonable price. I also know we need a sump pump to assist with this issue.
Vicinity of Sterling Pl in Bridgeport
I would like to get a quote on waterproofing a basement.
Vicinity of Infield St. in Bridgeport
We would like an estimate on finishing our basement.we will be home this week so this is the best time for us.
Vicinity of Courtland Avenue in Bridgeport
Basement just waterproofed by Basement Systems. Would like quote to finish basement to include a bathroom/utility room/laundry room.
Vicinity of Keeler Ave in Bridgeport
Recently our outdoor hose clogged up somehow causing the indoor pipe to burst. Basement became flooded. We think there maybe a leak somewhere in the basement and were wondering if you guys can do anything.
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