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Connecticut Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Yonkers. Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems's recent work requests in Yonkers and nearby areas!

Learn more about Connecticut Basement Systems' recent work requests in Yonkers, NY
Vicinity of Ball Ave in Yonkers
Water in dirt basement
Vicinity of Sherman Ave in Yonkers
Looking to do a legal full apartment in our unfinished basement
Vicinity of Ashford Place in Yonkers
Moisture within recently remodeled basement. Odor of dampness and mild mildew or mold in certain areas
Vicinity of Midland Avenue in Yonkers
Need advice on making my crawl space more efficient.
Vicinity of Chase Avenue in Yonkers
I'd like to put a French drain and pump in my basement. Also curios to know cost of finishing the basement. Thank you
Vicinity of Hoover Road in Yonkers
Wet and damp basement with mold/mildew problem. We would like to finish and make livable without concern for health.
Vicinity of Vredenburgh Ave in Yonkers
I would like to get an estimate on waterproofing the basement and renovating.
Vicinity of Catskill Ave in Yonkers
Finishing a space
Vicinity of VINEYARD AVE in Yonkers
I have concrete steps where there is a large void underneath due to erosion over the years. Animals are starting to get into the basement so I would like to see if this is a situation that can be remedied by slab, mud, or foam jacking or if I have a larger issue.
Vicinity of Byron AVE in Yonkers
We have 3 bedrooms but need a sleep area inmate basement for visitors. we need work in the basement to make it habitable.
Vicinity of May Street in Yonkers
Fixing water leaking in both basement and garage
Vicinity of Linn Ave in Yonkers
Unfinished crawl space, poor insulation and not properly sealed so floors during the winter very cold.
Vicinity of Remsen Road in Yonkers
We have an older basement from the the 1960s. I want to gut it and make it brighter. Need to remove old basement, 1/2 bath and kitchen. Want to demolish completely, check for issues and go from there. We have a budget in mind and are looking for the best offer, contract, payment and deadlines. This job is a breeze for qualified contractors and workers. Additional information: How Would You Like To Be Contacted?: Phone
Vicinity of Odell Ave in Yonkers
Interested in doing a water guard French drain in my basement. It is a unfinished basement. I'm a plumber myself and just don't have the time to do it myself. Was wondering on how much I would be looking at spending and a time line
Vicinity of Hudson Terrace in Yonkers
Need to finish a basement
Vicinity of Storey Lane in Yonkers
Need a free estimate on replacing four basement windows. Current windows are original steel cast. Also a free extimate of what it will entail and cost to renovate a part of the basement.
Vicinity of Cliff Street in Yonkers
Rock floor basement has need for better sump situation. Minor water amounts involved but unsanitary under store.
Vicinity of Wickes Ave in Yonkers
We have an unfinished basement with no mold or leak issues. The floor is concrete and the walls are the stone foundation of the house. I'm interested in getting a quote to finish our basement with living and storage space. Thanks
Vicinity of Shoreview Drive in Yonkers
Buying a house and intend to finish the basement... would love to get a quote/overview of what this project would cost, timeline, and potential design for the space.
Vicinity of Abbey Place in Yonkers
Water entering one basement wall thru cracks.
Vicinity of Orchard Street in Yonkers
I have 2300 feet that need finishing
Vicinity of Bolmer Ave in Yonkers
Water seeps into the basement after heavy rainfall or snow melting from one side of wall.
Vicinity of Halcyon Pl in Yonkers
Vicinity of Kingston Avenue in Yonkers
We have water getting into basement and cannot detect where it is coming from....need advice
Vicinity of Bretton Rd. in Yonkers
Looking to have someone assess the structual integrety of the house for putting in a grand piano in the living room and to install supporting beams in the basement.
Vicinity of Courter Ave in Yonkers
Crack inside my wall not sure if ts due to water sipping in from gutter.
Vicinity of Midland Ave., in Yonkers
Hello. I am interested in purchasing a home however it is settling and is very uneven. Prior to making an offer, I would like to know how much it will cost to repair this problem, how long it will take to repair, how stable this repair will be in the future prior to making an offer. Thanks so much
Vicinity of Surrey Lane in Yonkers
Undermined retaining wall and foundation movement. Limited space.
Vicinity of Hudson Terrace in Yonkers
Planning a basement finish project. Could use some design input .
Vicinity of Valley View Dr in Yonkers
Mold & Musty odor/crawl space repair.
Vicinity of Jervis Road in Yonkers
Damp area in the basement running dehumidifier all the time
Vicinity of Marquand Ave in Yonkers
I have concrete slab basement that was epoxy painted and is looking old. I'd like someone to put new flooring down rather than repainting. Do you folks do the install too? I think I am talking about 680 square feet of flooring in the finished part of the basement. And I think I'd leave the utility room concrete. I'd like to do this in the least expensive way possible while making the basement look inviting.
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave, in Yonkers
I'm looking for an estimate in waterproofing my unit. I live in a condo unit, half of it is at street level(LR,DR) the other half is at underground level(BR and Bath). My bedroom has some moisture problems on the wall facing the outside, and I would like to repair it and prevent future water damage.
Vicinity of Maple Pl in Yonkers
I have a current structural issue with basement foundation. I would like an estimate on repairs
Vicinity of Howe Place in Yonkers
Our basement was flooded in the April storms, and I am interested in installing a sump pump, as well as the possibility of some remedial work (new floor, whether tile or otherwise) and other considerations.
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