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John Gromotskie

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Electrician

John Gromotskie from Connecticut Basement Systems
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  • "When we checked the condition of the crawl space in the early summer, we discovered that the insulation was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Liz N. of Glastonbury, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              A crawl space under our first-floor bedroom was created when the original owners of the house put on an addition. The space had a dirt floor and vents to the outdoors. A number of years ago, we hired someone to insulate the crawl space. He installed insulation on all of the surfaces and covered it with plastic. When we checked the condition of the crawl space in the early summer, we discovered that the insulation was moldy and falling down, the vents were rotted (allowing access to the house by critters of all sizes), and the space had very high humidity. We couldn't call Connecticut Basement Systems fast enough! Just a few days after calling Connecticut Basement Systems, Stephen Machnicz came to the house, donned a hazmat suit, and crawled in to assess the situation. He explained what Connecticut Basement Systems would do and put us on their schedule. Foreman Jony and helper Cristian Fernandez took it from there. Protected by hazmat suits and respirators, Jony and Cristian hauled out loads of damp insulation, nuts stored by the critters, fur, and heaven knows what else. Once they cleared the space, they sealed off the vents and installed multiple barriers on the floor and up the walls. Part of this basement system is a heavy-duty dehumidifier. Jony and Cristian also installed an alarm that will notify us if water begins collecting as a result of something such as a broken pipe. The final step for Jony and Cristian was to spray foam insulation along the top edge of the basement system abutting the floor of the bedroom above. Thanks to Jony, Cristian, and electrician John Gromotskie, who wired the dehumidifier, we have a clean, dry, critter-free space under our bedroom. We can even use it for storage now!
    Liz N.
    Glastonbury, CT
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