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Erik Dobrzycki

Connecticut Basement Systems

Title: Foreman

Erik Dobrzycki from Connecticut Basement Systems

I have been with Connecticut Basement System’s Total Basement Finishing division since 2010. Each week, I get extensive training from the most experienced basement finishing professionals in the country right in Seymour, CT at our International Dealer Network Headquarters. In this time, I have worked with hundreds of homeowners just like you to create more usable living space in their homes. My team and I work extremely well together and trust each other to achieve the highest quality results. I live in Shelton and enjoy fishing, gardening and spending time with family and friends. 

I will be responsible for getting the job installed in your home and taking care of any questions or concerns that you may have. We will have “check-ins” at the beginning, middle and end of each day of the job. Please express any of your concerns directly to me so I can make you happy! 

I will take responsibility for the job, but if you should have to call her, my manger’s name is Julie Marra and she can be reached at 1-855-200-7133 x 19530. 

from customers I've helped!
  • "Nadja T. had a wet and unusable basement in Middletown, CT..." Read Full Testimonial

    Nadja T. of Middletown, CT

    Customer Testimonial

              Nadja T. had a wet and unusable basement in Middletown, CT. When the area flooded, she decided enough was enough. She wanted a dry and usable space that would add value to her home. Once she got in touch with Connecticut Basement Systems, the experts of All Things Basementy, she instantly knew she was in good hands. "This down stairs space was not usable, it use to be a struggle just to do laundry. Now, we use this space all the time, we play games, have a decent laundry room and added a small bedroom." -Nadja T.
    Nadja T.
    Middletown, CT

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Basement Transformation in Yonkers, NY
    Basement Transformation in Yonkers, NY

    Basement Transformation in Yonkers, NY

    This Yonkers, NY basement was cold, dark, and cluttered. With unfinished floors and walls, the homeowner rarely used the space, and felt that it was being wasted as a storage area. He wanted to get more out of his basement, so he called the experts at Total Basement Finishing to learn more about his options. 

    Soon after, Sales Representative Ralph Cioffi traveled to the home to assess the basement. He quickly inspected it and devised a plan transform the basement into a beautiful living space. He then spoke to the homeowner, and together they discussed how the basement would be finished. Pleased with Ralph and the plan for his new basement, the homeowner decided to move forward with the project. 

    On the first day of production, Basement Finishing Foreman Erik Dobrzycki  arrived to begin the transformation. He installed ThermalDry Elite Planking, which snaps in place right on top of the existing concrete floors. ThermalDry is impervious to water damage and mold growth, and comes with a built in thermal break that keeps floor temperatures up to ten degrees warmer than the concrete below. Then he installed EverLast walls, which helped to brighten the room dramatically, and come with built-in rigid foam insulation that helps to keep the basement warm and energy efficient. 

    When Erik's work was done, the homeowner was thrilled with the results. He could hardly believe how his basement had been transformed into a beautiful new part of his home, and knew that he would be able to enjoy this new space for years to come. 

  • Total Basement Finishing Transformation in Oxford, CT
    Total Basement Finishing Transformation in Oxford, CT

    Total Basement Finishing Transformation in Oxford, CT

    Before our Total Basement Finishing team came in, this basement was mainly used as a storage area, as seen in the first picture. The homeowners, however, wanted to make use of this space as a home gym and media center. Ron Marra, a basemet expert, came in and helped the family decide what to do.

    After Justin Vizard waterproofed the basement, Eric Dobrzycki worked on transforming the basement into a beautiful living space. He installed our Drop Ceiling Tiles, which are specifically made for basement environments and have a 30 year warranty against mold and sagging. The new basement also has EverLast wall panels, which are engineered to never get moldy or rot, unlike the traditional drywall.

    The owners of this home were very happy with their new basement living space, which will last for years to come.

  • ThermalDry Flooring and EverLast Wall Restoration in Old Saybrook, CT
    ThermalDry Flooring and EverLast Wall Restoration in Old Saybrook, CT

    ThermalDry Flooring and EverLast Wall Restoration in Old Saybrook, CT

    Before, this Old Saybrook basement was filled with moisture that was affecting the walls and floors of the area. The bottom of the walls had to be removed as it was too damaged by the moisture and they did not want to risk a problem of mold. The floors were too unpleasant and uncomfortable for anyone to enjoy. The homeowners decided that an upgrade was needed and trusted the experts at Connecticut Basement Systems. 

    The solution for this basement was to install EverLast wall restoration and ThermalDry flooring. The wall restoration is designed to prevent any damage caused by moisture including the growth of mold. They are also strong and durable while looking great as an accent to any basement. Light Pecan ThermalDry flooring was installed with benefits including a thermal break from the cold slab allowing the surface to be up to 10 degrees warmer than the concrete foundation and a grid design to stop water vapor preventing mold and odor. The transformation was incredible and the homeowners were happy with the results.